A Quail Grove Update

Quail Grove Update from the Shed View

It’s been awhile since sharing the happenings at Quail Grove, there’s been a lot and the progress is moving so let’s dive in.  The plat is recorded with the State of Texas and the tiny shed was moved in December inside the new property line.

We’re officially fenced in and Dixie can no longer chase cars… This is a great thing!

We moved the Tiny Shed

The Shed our Tiny Home

The shed is our future Tiny home and I can hardly wait. We’re slowly finishing the interior which began earlier this month and in the meantime, we live in the RV which is parked right behind.

RV living has been a humbling experience bringing forward a whole new meaning of living with less.  I think back to when that decision was made and I don’t regret it one little bit.  With that being said, I look forward to a little more space nestled inside that little shed, we hope to have it finished by the end of Summer.

Take a Quail Grove Tiny House walk through here.

My favorite place on the bridge

My Favorite Place by the Creek

Our space is a work in progress and we’ve done a lot because we want this property to be an example for others.  A place where people can learn and get ideas for their own homestead.

Robert and I finished the fencing together and he added a bridge over the creek a few months ago; I love this area especially when the creek is filled with water.  A mulch walk path was also incorporated; this goes by my Startle Garden and the bridge takes us to the quail area.

All of this will be visible from the private road.

More Clearing so we can get goats

We Keep Clearing

To the left of the shed is an area we haven’t had much time to clear.  We slowly work on this space when time allows and Robert has suggested getting goats to eat down the brush; come spring that may be a good idea.

I’m still debating; once the temperatures rise I may have to give in because I do realize they’d be excellent to help clear brush and weeds. The natural fertilizer would be nice too…

The Culvert has arrived

Robert Got the Culvert

The real progress takes us to the rest of the land and we’re super excited.  Robert cleared the rest of the trees for the private road, a culvert was placed in the creek a few weeks ago and will be covered with dirt and gravel this month.

That gravel walk path has been a blessing because walking on raw land can be uncomfortable, especially after 6 or 8 hours of working outside. To see this area before we marched through with the chain saw and machete click here. 

Clearing the Fence line

Robert Clears for New Fencing

Additional clearing has been taking place on that first property that now has its own address.  Robert is clearing here to install fence posts and then we can bring in the welded wire.

This area was thick, the tree line will remain because it helps the farmers next door and it’s nice to have when the wind picks up.

T-Posts for fence in property

Then He Outlines a New Property

To my surprise Robert went ahead and inserted posts for the third property.  This was exciting because I stood from the roadside visualizing three homesteads.  I got chills, it was like God telling me deep within…. “we’re moving forward”

Quail Grove isn’t your typical sub-division… As a matter of fact, we don’t even refer to it as one because it’s a Tiny Homestead Community.  This project is about getting people back to the land doing more for themselves.  A place where others can grow a garden, raise chickens or other poultry, have small livestock or even plant a small-scale orchard.

We’re getting back to basics and showing others, you don’t need more to be independent but you do need a place to begin.

Even our dog Dixie agrees you need a place to begin…

Dixie found rabbits

Dixie has a new Hobby

Dixie has been loving Quail Grove, she works with us in the field or stays nestled on our spot when tired.  She absolutely loves this place and is living a life most dogs only dream about.

She’s recently rediscovered a new hobby, she’s been hunting rabbits again…  After chasing them to our property, they run under the shed and then she stalks them the rest of the day.  The minute she walks away from boredom, they take off in full speed and because she’s a scent hunter she doesn’t even realize their gone until hours later.

It’s been entertaining to say the least and I’m pretty sure those rabbits are just messing with her.

The Heart of Quail Grove

The heart of Quail Grove is a journey blessed by grace, there are no other words to describe it…From the day we found this land God’s been tapping us on the shoulder, giving us strength, putting amazing people in our path and showing us that through his love everything is possible.

Sharing this update reminded me of the day Robert and I were called to sell out and give away almost everything we own. Most people thought we were crazy… But I’ve learned when you surrender and live like no one else you’re not crazy…. your simply covered in amazing grace.

Oh, and that first property, it’s almost ready!

Tiny Homesteads Quail Grove Update


  1. Patti says:

    I don’t think you are crazy at all. Your writing makes it so clear that this is your path and you are thriving in it. What more could you ask for. Love your Dixie stories. Animals of all kind are so fun to watch and a great source of entertainment. Looking forward to all your new beginnings and watching the tiny house community grow.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti – I agree we’re on a neat path and definitely thriving. I want nothing more than to share that with folks. Will be writing more as time goes on with little Dixie tales as well. She’s living such a great life here…. a true born country dog, sometimes we say to her… “Come on Blue…” She jumps in the back of the 4 runner and out to the field we go… Blessed…

  2. Robert Egert says:

    Robert and Carole, I am enjoying watching you guys work. I may stop by and look at that bridge as I have just encountered a dry creek in my nature trail project and may want to include some kind of bridge depending on what the rainwater runoff does. Patty and I started out in 2000 with tent camping and quickly acquired a single-wide mobile home in 2002. We then moved into it permanently in 2004 until our house was ready in 2008. A tent is like living in a covered wagon without wheels. But great memories. We are now sitting comfortably in front of our fireplace enjoying the fruits of our labors. Keep the posts coming. Good entertainment is hard to come by in these parts.

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Bob – so glad you commented I can’t even imagine living in a tent, our neighbor does the same thing when he’s in town. Four years to build guess it’s a good thing we’re going tiny because I’m not sure Robert could put up with me for another 4 years in this RV. I’m guessing you did the work yourself and I bet it’s amazing, you strike me as a very detailed person. That nature trail is neat; feel welcome to stop by and check out that bridge, sometimes I wish it was a little wider but it works and Dixie loves it… We’ll continue to share and glad we’re a good source of entertainment. Have a great weekend! Carole

  3. daisy says:

    Oh, Carole and Robert. It is so heartwarming to witness folks who are following their dreams. I know the work is hard and there are many days that you must be bone-tired, but you keep on going. Continued blessings to you both. Thank you for sharing this amazing quest with us.

    1. Carole says:

      You are so welcome Daisy – it’s when people comment and share that really keep us up beat to move forward. God has a great plan we just have to keep moving forward with it. Have a great weekend. Carole

  4. I absolutely love the creek bridge. What you’ve gotten done in such a short period of time is nothing less than amazing. I’ll bet you guys go to bed tired every night, but it’s a good tired.

    Well done, my friends.

    1. Carole says:

      Me too Maria – it’s a favorite spot and every time I cross a smile appears. A very good tired and I have to say winter has slowed us down… We don’t work everyday like we do from spring – fall… So we get antsy!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Oh, my word! It is all coming together for you so wonderfully! How exciting it all is! And, that Daisy…what a little sweetheart! I know she fills your days with much joy. It is just so encouraging to see how God is working in and through your lives. I can’t wait to see the day that your Tiny House community is going full-speed, filled with many happy residents of like mind. What an awesome God we serve, and it is truly inspiring to see how He is leading and directing your lives! You are a blessing to us all. 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      Yes it is slowly coming together and I agree it is all exciting. This is God’s plan not ours we’re just doing the work…

  6. Sharon says:

    I’m enjoying watching your story unfold. What a blessing to follow God’s calling and see how His grace makes everything possible. We just moved into a home on a large lot. Unfortunately i’t’s not in the country as we had hoped, but it’s in a tiny town on the Kansas prairie that has very few regulations – hopefully that will continue, because we feel God is calling us to develop a small homestead here. We’ve been painting and fixing up the inside of the house. But I’m getting antsy for spring so that I can begin working outside. And I’m hoping to order quail hatching eggs soon. Your guidance about raising quail on the ground has been inspirational. I look forward to continue to watch your progress with your Quail Grove vision. 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      This is how I like to start my day what a sweet comment Sharon; thank you for taking the time to share. We are excited about everything happening at Quail Grove, the weather has been an issue and keeping us from reaching our goals but I was just telling Robert this morning it’s all for a reason. Look forward to hearing more about your quail experience they are such neat birds and have missed them. Hoping to work on that new Quail space later this week. Have a great week… Carole

  7. liz says:

    Your property is so gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop 🙂

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