Personalize a Planter Box

DIY Planter Box with Stencil and Plants

Planter boxes are great but personalizing so they reflect what you enjoy is even better.  We’re going to paint, stencil and plant this simple box that we built earlier this week.  Those instructions can be found here.

Painting with Dixie Belle Paint

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Painting with Dixie Belle Paint

We’re covering the box with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral paint, I used a simple brush and stroked a thick coat of Gravel Road to the exterior and inside edges of the planter box then let dry.

Dixie Belle paint is great because it’s easy to use, dries fast, water based, and toxic free which means no odors.  It also holds up good to the outdoors which was a nice surprise.   Get Dixie Belle Paint Here.

Keep in mind you can finish this box with paint, stain or leave natural, I’ve fallen in love with this color and decided all my outdoor planters will be finished in Gravel road.  It blends with our natural environment and also stands out with a subtle pop.

Stenciling the word Flowers

Choosing the Word

Choose a word that either motivates or represents something you like; flowers seemed like a natural choice because they make me smile. I used individual letters which can be tricky if the goal is to get everything lined up correctly.

  • The first step is to choose a word.
  • Add painters tape the full length of the box in a straight line towards the bottom, this will help keep the word stencil even.
  • Once the word is chosen you need to make sure it will fit on the face of your planter box.

Stencil with Letters and Dixie Belle Paint

Stenciling with Letters

We’re going to simplify these instructions; if you’re new to stenciling please read my easy to follow tutorial here.  

  • Use Painters tape to attach a letter stencil to the box, make sure the bottom of the letter rests on the tape line.
  • For the letter transfer I used Dixie Belle color fluff, reminds me of melting marshmallows.
  • Use very little paint on your brush so we don’t smear when we add each letter.
  • Remove and add the second letter at a finger distance, you may want it a little closer so measure before taping in place.
  • Repeat the process until your word is stenciled on the front of the box and let it dry before planting.

Getting Ready To Plant Snap Dragons

Choosing Flowers to Plant

This part of the project will involve a trip to the nursery.  I went to Lowes and found these pretty pink snap dragons.  The goal was to keep this purchase simple by grabbing three containers of plants, a little potting soil and making sure I greeted at least one person with a smile.  That was the fun part.

My second choice was to go with white flowers or include ivy but something about that pink just screamed spring so they won.  Snapdragons are easy care flowers so that’s even better.

How to plant directing into planter

Planting with Potting Soil

I used an organic potting soil mix that won’t need fertilizing again until fall.  These plants were root bound so I made sure there was plenty of space between the potting soil so they can stretch out.  A cramped root system isn’t good, it’s like wearing jeans that are too tight.

Potting area with new Planter Box

From building to adding finishing touches this project came together perfectly and the best part it was fun. My planter sits near my garden table that I made prior to moving here.

Now look at how these ladies finished their planter boxes in one of our fun workshops.

How to Paint, Stencil and Plant this Box


  1. daisy says:

    Beautiful! I kind of cheat when I stencil or paint letters by staggering them, one up, one down. That way I don’t have to get too worried if they are not perfectly straight. Yours are of course. Great job! Be Blissed!

    1. Carole says:

      Hey Daisy – hope all is well with you! Staggering is a good idea too, I get so use to using word stencils that I seek those straight lines. Loving this planter box and might get back out in the shed to make a few more today. I want to do a fire pit area this summer and thinking they would look neat on tables between chairs.

  2. Patti says:

    This is super cute and I bet your Make and Takes are going to “take over”. They have got to be so popular. Before you know it you may have a whole new company or franchise for Make and Takes all over the country.

    1. Carole says:

      You and Robert he said the same thing. 🙂 If that happens then I’m hiring you to help me…

      These workshops are a lot of fun, similar to what I did for THG but better because they get to leave with a finished project instead of just a build. I tweaked things a little and will be branching out to a second location in April about 20 miles away. Wanted to do it in March but not sure I can swing it without getting overwhelmed. I probably could do it but need to get my online shop done first. Thanks for the encouragement it means a lot…

  3. Karen says:

    I love your project, Carole! It’s been unseasonably warm here the past week or so and I’m not complaining at all! All of the growing things have noticed too – trees and shrubs are budding and blooming. It’s just gorgeous. And I’ve got that familiar urge to head to the nursery and bring home all kinds of bright and blooming things. I always get a little too eager and then, without fail, a late frost will come. For now, I’m just enjoying the natural blooms along the roads and in yards. It’s wonderful.

    I love your Make and Take project and these are just perfect for spring, with the bright pop of white letters against that gentle gray planter. I’m sure your workshop is going to be full of fun and excitement.

    1. Carole says:

      I’m holding out for warm temperatures, just wet and cold here and hope it doesn’t head your way because it’s been awful. Which is why these projects keep me upbeat and counting the days towards warmer temperatures. I think after tomorrow we have three days of calm before the next rain patch hits. The Make and Takes are going great and it won’t be long before I expand which is super exciting. Great to hear from you and hope your weekend is grand.

  4. Nehal says:

    This is the first time I come across your blog and I have already bookmarked it. I really loved this simple but cute personalized flower box. I would place it in my room near the window with indoor plants. Looking forward to your upcoming projects. Keep up the good work 🙂

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