Companion Plant Strawberries and Herbs

Companion Planting with Strawberries and Herbs

These strawberries have a history one that keeps changing because I’ve failed to figure out what to do with them until recently.

Berries and herbs are two of my favorite things to grow; they offer many health benefits.  Both are easy to care for and make almost any meal taste amazing.  I just can’t imagine having a garden where herbs and berries don’t exist.

Batch of Strawberry Plants in raised beds

Well -Traveled Strawberries

These strawberry plants were purchased last year to make a hanging galvanized planter and guess what? I didn’t really like the concept so I took it a part 5 months later and placed the berries in a bucket.  That planter can be found here. 

When fall arrived I decided to bring them to Quail Grove, this was prior to selling the farm.  They sat in the bucket for about month until I decided to spread them out in my startle garden combining with a blackberry plant and a variety of herbs.

Then winter hit and they barely made it through.  I had these wonderful lush green plants in the fall and the January temperatures froze the life right out of them, well that’s what I thought.

After removing all the dead leaves I decided to move the surviving plants to the highest point of the Startle Garden and the transplant was a success.

This space in the beds is more confined where they can trail; this concept is neat and it makes it easier to grab shoots for propagating additional plants.


Companion Plant Strawberries with Herbs

Choose a strawberry plant variety that you would enjoy to grow, this may be based on size, taste and length of growing season. I want to focus our attention on the benefits for planting strawberries and herbs together.  By choosing to companion plant you increase the berry yield and create a beautiful growing space.

  • Both herbs and berries require full sun.
  • Require well-drain soil, a nice sandy loam mix.
  • Both thrive in a balanced fertilized soil.
  • Blooming herbs attract pollinators that are good for strawberries.

Companion planting makes sense and you can do this straight in the ground or place in raised beds like I have.  About 6 years ago I switched to raised beds because it was less difficult to maintain moisture and it makes amending the soil a breeze.

I do love the look of field crops small and large but they’re back breaking.

What types of herbs to grow?

What herbs to plant is where it gets fun because there are so many to pick from.  Most of what I plant is based on taste and the health benefits.  I do a nice mix of perennials and then fill in the gabs with annual herbs in the spring when the threat of freezing temperatures has passed.

If you’re new to herbs then keep it simple, enjoy those easy to grow perennials, there are many to pick from so I’ve listed just a few to get you started. Each require full sun, well drained and fertilized soil.  Each will grow into a beautiful lush display of wonderful if you don’t forget to water them.

Annual herbs we love to grow

Annual herbs are another favorite and require the same type of planting conditions which is why I like to squeeze in a few each season.

  • Basil – Amazing basil it grows like a weed and it’s so good. 
  • Parsley – Biennial can actually grow for two years, get more info here. 
  • Chives
  • Savory
  • Cilantro

There are so many herbs to choose and my best advice is to uncover the ones you would enjoy for cooking and if you’re seeking health benefits then make sure to check out some of the articles I’ve linked above, there are several because growing herbs is one of my favorite activities.

It’s my hope while planting your spring garden you might think about growing berries and herbs together, companion planting can be a lot of fun when carefully thought out to benefit natural beauty, good health and of course increasing the yield.



  1. Patti says:

    Super clever idea. I’ve heard of companion planting but never thought about strawberries with herbs before. Why not? Mostly I’ve only grown basil with tomatoes and even though I’m more of an ornamental gardener I have always loved growing herbs. I think I’m just might add strawberries to the list.

    1. Carole says:

      They’re root systems are so similar as well and I’m excited about the results. I have a Blackberry plant against that trellis too. Growing strawberries is fun and their blooms are so dainty.

  2. daisy says:

    I still hope to acquire some strawberry plants and I love the idea of adding them to a herb bed! Hope you get lots of tasty nuggets!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes I’m excited about this combination. Now that I have this garden established I can focus on my beds in the quail sanctuary. Keeping it simple from here on out.

  3. Great idea to mix them with herbs. This year I’m starting to mix and match edibles with flowers. I think I might include herbs too.

    1. Carole says:

      Love my herbs and mixing is always fun. I just built 3 more raised beds today for flowers. I got these beds done and my blackberries planted. Next up is the quail run and then leaving my flower garden till last. I may or may not get there.

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