New Cutting Edge Stencil Brushes

New Cutting Edge Stencil Brushes

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I taught myself how to stencil two and a half years ago because I was seeking a new activity that was enjoyable and could be incorporated with gardening.  Little did I know this would become a favorite pass time and take me in a direction to teach others.

Trying to find the right products was difficult because I did a lot of trial and error shopping that led me to finding quality stencils, awesome paint and finally stencil brushes I could really brag about.

Today I’m bragging about new brushes from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I can’t believe it but they’re what I’ve been searching for, quality at a great price.

Choosing color for Stenciling

The Brush Description

These brushes are handmade in the USA, offering exceptional quality with professional wooden handles boiled and flagged natural bristles.

The bristles are light and they apply the paint with little effort.  My favorite part is the bristles don’t come loose.

The brush is also light weight for easy to handle access and comes in a variety of sizes.

I have the 1 in. for $5.95 and the 3/4 in. for $4.95, using the smaller brush for stencils with detailed cuts.

Stencil Brushes that offer a clean transfer

Application Process

When I mentioned the application was effortless, it’s true I load the brush, unload the excess paint and apply.  Repeat the process with little effort and my transfer is a success each time.

Cleaning the brush is easy too, just wash off the bristles in warm water after stenciling and dry off with a paper towel or rag.  Let them air dry at room temperature and they’re ready to use the following day.


Transfer complete with Cutting Edge Stencil Brushes

This lunch stencil was a breeze to transfer using the 1-inch brush.  I was amazed at how quick it went and after making four more large signs I decided to invest in new brushes for the Make and Take Workshops;  I can hardly wait for y’all to try them.


We’ll be using these brushes from now on and for those far away who also enjoy stenciling think about giving these brushes a whirl. You’ll be impressed with the transfer.

These brushes can be found at Cutting Edge Stencils here. 

Get the Perfect Stencil Brushes

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