Upcoming Spring Workshops

Upcoming Spring Workshops

The Make & Take Workshops have been a lot of fun and it’s definitely time to share additional details and get some feedback from y’all.

This brings us to spring, I love this time of year. Don’t you?  Everything is waking up and my mind is bursting with ideas.

Before I get into asking questions I wanted to review a little what happens at a workshop and see if my readers from far away might be interested in something like this too?

Workshop Kits

We Begin with a Custom Kit

Every workshop begins with a kit; these are created, cut and designed by myself and sometimes Robert will cut when I’m busy with other deadlines.

Robert and I do these workshops together; we enjoy this and I’m grateful because realistically I can’t get to everybody at the same time so his presence is helpful.  He tells everyone, “He’s my people.”

If you’ve attended a workshop you know each step is explained through the entire building process making these projects easy to build.  Seriously you don’t have to be an expert builder or even have the skills because we teach everything.

So, for my readers far away, would you be interested in having access to these kits?  I ask because I’ve been thinking about adding them to the shop.  I’m just figuring out the shipping to see if would even be worth the effort.

Please chime in!

Backdrop Planter Box

Backdrop Planter in Cooper, May 7

Every month I create new projects; for May we’ve got the Backdrop Planter kit.  This will be held in Cooper, May 7th.  Sign up here. 

There are several things going on with this piece and you can stencil any message.  I’ll have individual letters, flower pattern and design stencils available.

There will also be lots of paint color choices, normally I keep my pieces pretty natural but for some reason this time around I wanted to add color inspired by my beautiful sage plant.

Make this planter for yourself, mom or better yet come and do the workshop together.

Fun Supplies

Creative Workshop Supplies

What good is a workshop without creative supplies?  We always use Dixie Belle Paint, Cutting Edge Stencil Brushes and a variety of stencils from both of these companies and Old Sign Stencils.

I’ve shopped around a lot over the years and everything we use has been chosen to help our creators finish a project they can be proud of.

I walk each and every one through these finishing techniques and I love seeing what y’all create.

The purpose of Make and Take workshops is to learn, create and have fun!

Gift Boxes for Mother's Day

Gift Boxes – April 21, Hobby Lobby in Greenville

As much as I enjoy doing workshops in Cooper we’ve decided to add them at Hobby Lobby in Greenville beginning this month.  I’m really excited and looking forward to reaching out so others can create with us.

The gift boxes are a fun build and these are perfect for all types of goodies or you could even turn it into a planter box.  Years ago, I made one for those around the house tools.  Sign up Details here!

Serving Tray Perfect for Mother's Day

Serving Tray – April 21, Hobby Lobby in Greenville

The serving tray is another favorite and for everybody who has made one they love the outcome.  This project is focused on using Old Sign Stencils and there will be letter stencils for those wanting to create their own message.  Sign Up is here.

I’ll be at Hobby Lobby all afternoon on the 21st. Workshops are just a lot of fun and you can view past images here in our slideshow. 

I’m finding though some of you might also enjoy gardening workshops?  These would be more of a demonstration and tips for getting started. I’d love to get your feedback so I can ponder them for future events.

In the meantime if you haven’t signed up for the  Make and Take Email you can do that here and don’t forget to sign up for a workshop each class has space for 14 creators.

Let’s meet and have some fun!

DIY Into Spring with These Fun Workshop Projects




  1. daisy says:

    It all sounds so exciting! I am so glad that folks can participate in these workshops. They remind me of the workshops that Lowe’s and Home Depot do for kids. We used to take our son to those every month. Great that grown-ups can do something similar and end up with a treasured piece of artwork for their homes.

    Sounds like things are getting busier there! Take good care!

    1. Carole says:

      Hey Daisy – I’ve been swamped lately and missed your comment all together. These workshops are neat and it’s fun to see folks walk away with a finished project they created. I’m trying to decide if I should make some of these kits available for purchase in my shop too.

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