A Day in Carole’s Life

A Day in a life with Carole

A day in my life can be rather interesting and I thought it would be fun to share how things get accomplished around here because y’all have started asking.

My time is very spread out and normally everything revolves around the weather.  I check the forecast almost daily and have been doing this for the last 5 years because most of my time is spent outdoors.  It’s surprising how much this little detail has helped me be more productive.

Since we’re heading into the hot season this means most of my outdoor activity happens early in the morning before 10 am and later in the evening after 5 pm.  This means I have many hours in between to do other things like writing, marketing, creating projects, working on our Tiny House and so on.

Early Morning Hours

My day begins early around 6 am; after breakfast I check email before heading outdoors, right now I’m busy cutting grass.  I allow myself to cut until a full tank of gas runs out; this is about an hour.

I move pretty fast which allows me to accomplish a lot in a short period of time so if I decide to extend that hour it’s because I’ve found a shaded area to keep working.  What I don’t get done one day will be rolled over to the next and I’m good with that.

For a long time rolling over unfinished projects drove me nuts but it’s been amazing to see how effective this has become; I actually accomplish more without feeling exhausted afterwards.

Needless to say, the mornings are pretty productive around here and when I’m not cutting grass well I’m helping Robert.

Working at my desk

When Do I Write?

Writing this time of year takes place in the early afternoon. I don’t write every day, on the average 1 -2 hours, 4 days a week.  It doesn’t always happen and sometimes I can spend 3 hours writing.

I also try to complete desk work Monday – Thursday.  This time involves marketing, editing photos, making graphics and so on.  Honestly it never ends and I break that up with making projects because I don’t like to sit for more than an hour.

To keep it all organized so I don’t lose my mind I created a simple business planner that’s instrumental for Garden Up Green.

Cleaning Up after a Workshop

Clean Up and New Projects

This particular day was Tuesday, following a workshop from the night before.  This stuff normally gets dumped at my work station for clean up later.  This mess wasn’t so bad and once I finished putting things away I started in on a new project.  I’ll be sharing that piece next week so stay tuned because it’s for my garden!

I love projects but with this new simplistic lifestyle I’m finding new projects are becoming fewer unless they’re for a Make and Take workshop.

Working on a Ladder Project

The New Ladder Project

I’ve also been working on a ladder for the Tiny House, Robert built this awhile back so it would be easier to get up to the lofts.  A much safer and very sturdy ladder…

Well I decided to jazz it up; you can view that project here.

So, when it’s too hot to be outside, I’m being productive inside it’s that simple.

But not all days are like this sometimes we go to the movies or I just sit down a read.  I’m currently finishing Common Sense, by Thomas Paine and what a fantastic read.

Transplanted some Herbs

Those Evening Hours

The evenings are probably my favorites because sometimes we go fishing so Dixie can swim, she LOVES the water…  Other times I like to tinker around in the garden or where ever outside.

Some evenings I just like to watch a show and call it a day…

This particular evening, I decided to move the Chocolate Mint and plant the additional into a pot.  This herb is growing like crazy and the transplant was successful because it was pretty late and lots of water was involved.

About twice a week I tend to the gardens in the evening.

Picking Up Rocks for Walk Path

I also pick up rocks for our walk path.  This space is a labor of love and yes, I really have been picking up rocks and dumping them into this space one bucket at a time.

We’ve filled in 14 ft. and have another 12 ft. to go; this path leads us from the Tiny house to the creek.  The process of picking up rocks gives me time relax and think about things; there’s been a lot of thinking here…

Mowing the Treeline for a Fence

Sometimes mowing takes place in the evening because this weekend we plan to add fence wire on that first property. We got rained out last week and it took several days for things to dry out.

So, that’s what a day in my life looks like, I’m constantly moving but I also take moments to sit and relax because I enjoy iced tea once in awhile.

I keep things simple and focused and if you watch the video I’ll share important tips I’ve learned that have really helped me be even more productive.


  1. daisy says:

    This was fun. I enjoy seeing how other folks spend their time.

    I’m like you, I don’t like to sit for too long. Don’t do facebook either. I’m sure I could do a better job at promoting my blog, but I guess it’s not that important to me.

    Hope you are having a productive day!

    1. Carole says:

      We are outside fencing today… This is my least favorite thing to do because it’s so tedious. I’m really enjoying being off Facebook. Hope you have a great weekend daisy…

  2. Patti says:

    You are so fun and a natural on video. Love all your productivity tips. I am a once a week laundry girl and love to multi-task with podcasts and projects. I think it’s just they way I’m wired. I know I spend way too much time on FB and watching TV. I used to read more and really want to get back into reading. Your video has inspired me to focus on finding a way to cut back on some of my time wasting vices.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti – We are so much a like it doesn’t even amaze me anymore… Just makes me smile… You know it’s funny I had been on Facebook since it started, when everybody was on Myspace and I remember thinking… “this is boring it’s like an online newspaper.” Now it’s just turned into I don’t know what? Glad I inspired you will enjoy the freedom…

  3. I love this post! It’s nice to see an inside glimpse of people’s lives.

    re: fencing
    I dislike fencing too. Greg keeps saying he’s going to put a fence up in the back–we need one–but I’m not looking forward to it. We do plan to enlarge the goat shelter though so I have room for more does to have their babies. This year they had them during the coldest nights of all, so I’d like to make sure everyone has a nice, warm area to call her own.

    re: mowing
    I cannot imagine you mowing with a push mower. Get thee a riding mower, woman. It’s worth it.

    1. Carole says:

      So glad you liked it! So this morning we did get a row and a half of fencing installed on that first property then it started to rain shortly after we decided to take a break. So this afternoon Robert finished our insulation in the Tiny House. Moving forward always feels good! The mower…. LOL I love that mower and I’m just not ready to let go, it’s like exercise too. I didn’t mow that entire field, just where we needed space to install the fencing. It’s all GOOD!

  4. Charlene says:

    I really don’t have many friends on Facebook and rarely do I go there. How do I close my Facebook account? It gets hacked all the time and one time someone sent dirty pictures to my friends, which is mostly church friends and family. I was told this by my step-daughter. She called to tell me what was going on. She suggested to change my password, which I did, but it happened again and again. That is so embarrassing. So, how do I get rid of it?

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve done to your property. It is a great adventure, I’m sure.

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Charlene – You just log in with your username and password, go into your setting and towards the bottom there is a Deactivate option. Click it and it’s about 14 days for it to be gone.

      In case you missed this post here > https://www.gardenupgreen.com/2018/05/ready-seal-for-tiny-house-stain.html
      There is video with a view of that first property and this one takes you to our Bird Park on our property > https://www.gardenupgreen.com/2018/05/clearing-quail-garden-for-more-light.html Both have video and thought you might enjoy. Have a great weekend – Carole

      1. Charlene says:

        Thanks for the info. I watched both of the videos before and again. I could do the 1 acre, but not the small house unless I lived alone. The more space I make in our house, the more my hubby finds something to fill the space with.

  5. Karen says:

    This was a super fun post to read. It’s so interesting to see how you spend your day. Plus, it reminds me how varied all of our lives can be. Mine looks very different with 5 kids still at home (and gasp…I wash MULTIPLE loads of laundry every.single.day!)

    I love watching the progress of what you and Robert are building there together and your spunk and determination never stop amazing me! So glad you shared this and again – I LOVE seeing your videos.

    Hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day, Carole.

    1. Carole says:

      A varied life is a good thing and I’m telling you just try laundry for 3 days a week and you will be amazed, even with 5 kids at home. Those videos are fun but a little time consuming as you know. Keep thinking I could do better and make them all fancy but I like more of in the moment kind of thing. Hope you’re having a great weekend too. -Carole

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