Ready Seal for Tiny House Stain

Ready Seal Stain for Tiny House

A few weeks ago, Robert and I were at Fix and Feed in Commerce where they were celebrating customer appreciation weekend.   Ready Seal Stain was there so I chatted with their rep while he showed me this stain.

I was impressed right away, especially when he mentioned you could stain right before rainfall without ruining the finish.  This caught my attention because I’m always scheduling projects around the weather, especially when it comes to staining.

Before we dive in this awesome product, y’all might enjoy a walk-through property 1 and see what’s been going on around here. This video might be a little jumpy in some areas as I was walking around while Robert was following… Enjoy!!
Ready Seal Stain Perks and why I like this product

Ready Seal Stain – I LOVE it!

After that demonstration I got home and messaged the company to see about receiving a complimentary gallon of stain in exchange for a blog post. They agreed and also sent me several sample colors that I’ll share at another time.

In the past I’ve always used Minwax, for the most part I like that product but it fades fast and it’s difficult to get off your skin.

So, let’s talk about Ready Seal… Almost immediately the following caught my attention.

  • Easy to apply and it’s an all in one stain and sealer.
  • It was a nice liquid mixture and nothing was sticking to the bottom of the can.
  • Love their color pallet.
  • It didn’t stick to my hands while I was using it, just wiped right off and later soap and water finished the clean-up.
  • The scent didn’t give me a headache.

Using Ready Seal Stain on the Wood Skirting

Easy Application

I was getting ready to stain the new skirting on the tiny house using color Light Oak.  Application involved using a paint brush one stroke at a time; it was effortless and the entire project was done in about an hour.

I couldn’t believe it y’all within minutes I was hooked.  It’s an oil-based stain but doesn’t contain linseed oil so it doesn’t stain your hands.  This is fantastic because it’s been said I’m very messy when using paint or stain.  I’m working on that!

It also meets current VOC level requirements throughout the U.S., in case you might be wondering.

Ready Seal Stain that Works Great without flaws

What about Dripping?

Have you ever applied any stain product only to watch it drip and then hurry to cover or rub out those drips so it doesn’t leave a mark?  With this stain I did get a little carried away at first and some of it went splashing.  When I went to cover it those drip marks just disappeared.

That was another perk because not only did it cover it up but while I was applying there were no streaks through the entire process.

Before and after with stain application

Staining the Deck

So here I am back at that amazing deck Robert built and the stain I applied back in March has already faded.  It almost looks like raw wood and that’s probably because I didn’t add a seal.  I’m not sure but needless to say I wasn’t thrilled with the results.

I went ahead and applied Ready Seal and what a difference.

This deck is sweet and don’t you just love those long steps?  If building a deck is in your future stay tuned because at the next site we’ll be sharing the DIY instructions.

Staining is finished

In my opinion Ready Seal Stain is amazing and applies to raw wood with a flawless application and little effort.  We’ve decided we’ll be using this stain on all the Tiny Homestead properties as each home will come with a nice size deck and wood skirting.

To find a retail store near you visit their website and click Store Locator on the menu. >> Ready Seal Stain

You’ll be thrilled with the results and the best part you don’t need to reapply for another 3-4 years.  I Love it when you find a product that works.

Used Amazing Ready Seal Stain on Skirt and deck of Tiny House



  1. Patti says:

    This is great information because there are so many products on the market and it really helps to have someone you trust to give you accurate and real life experiences on products that they know and use.

    1. Carole says:

      Well it was the demo that sold me because he poured water over it right after he placed it on a board and it just bubbled. So now when I stain there will be less planning around the weather which is awesome. On your next project you’ll have to give it a try.

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Hi Carole…..Loved your video today. Hubby did a good job videoing the presentation.. WOW you all have done so much readying this property. Will the tiny house have railings around the deck. Can’t remember if you showed us the interior of this house. Any idea what the cost will be when put up for sale? No, I can’t relocate to Texas….just curious (smile).

    One question about this miracle stain…..does it have to be applied to bare wood, or can it be applied right over an old stain, and if the old stained wood needs to be sanded first. Your positive comments about using this product should certainly cause people to give it a try.

    Did you all have to deal with wasps and other bees when clearing the property. I’ve got huge sized bees (the size of 1/2 finger) here today. They look like large bumble bees and are fearless. They are swarming the hummer feeders. I don’t have any other plants in the containers yet so they are just around the feeders. Any idea what type of bees they could be.

    LOVE you in a hat.

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Mickie – Glad you enjoyed the video plan to do this on Friday’s as much as possible. I’m sharing a couple links so you can see the interior of the house and the page we’re working on for Quail Grove. Properties will be sold as a package for $75 k.

      It said don’t apply on weathered (gray) wood, must be cleaned first.. Also not to apply over painted areas or newly stained wood, mentioned sealed surfaces inhibit penetration. So on the deck I went over the miniwax I applied in March and it dried perfectly. SO pretty I really love it.

      We’re skipping railings in case new owners decide to add on to that deck. Trying to leave things finished but in a way they can put their own stamp on the property.

      We did run into a few wasps nests in the trees, mice and who knows what else. The clearing on this property was extreme and there is another tree line on the opposite side. I didn’t walk over to show it because the tractor tires from the septic project are pretty deep and hard to walk through. Hopefully next week they’ll be here to clean up both properties.

      So glad you enjoyed – Carole

  3. daisy says:

    You are so adorable! I love your enthusiasm! It looks like y’all have gotten SO MUCH done already! Looking forward to seeing the next video!
    Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Daisy – That was fun to share property 1 -It’s a neat one and next week we should have that fence in if the weather cooperates. We have done a lot when you look at it as a whole. Our son came home this week, he was here at Christmas and mentioned we have done a lot since then. Made me feel good because when you’re living it everyday I don’t think you see the progress as much.

  4. toworkwithmyhands says:

    That is great-looking stain, Carole, and it looks amazing on your skirting and deck.

    LOVED the video! It’s so fun to see your property and what you’re doing, and I’m looking forward to seeing the space you’re living in now. Hope you’ll keep them coming! Have a great weekend.

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks Karen – it went on so easy and I’m not kidding no stain on my hands when I finished which was a blessing. I will be doing more video – Hoping to make it a regular Friday thing after I get caught up with doing video for the Techniques category. You know busy all the time…. You enjoy a great weekend too – Carole

  5. CD Loken says:

    Oh my goodness, Carole! How can anyone not be inspired when they watch your videos? That smile, and your excitement…absolutely contagious! Now, where do I start! Well, the tiny home is just the cutest! (How did I miss the post on the inside?)Checking that out next! Love the deck and that stain, WOW, just WOW! So warm and inviting! And that property! Oh, if only I could move to Texas! It truly looks heavenly! Whoever purchases that property will be ever so lucky! Blessings to your son! I hope you all have a good visit. And please thank him from the bottom of my heart for his service! God Speed!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you CD – that was a fun video just me talking which seems to come natural.. LOL.
      This project is very exciting and has truly inspires me each day to do my best and holy cow work hard like I’ve never worked before and I love it. Clearing land is so satisfying…
      More video to come so much to share… Thanks for stopping by and my son…. well he just smiled….

  6. Courtney says:

    The progress you’ve made is amazing! I know the post was about the beautiful stain, but the video is so fun! I can’t wait to see how you’ll continue to develop the property.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Courtney – we’ve been busy for sure… Our son even said we’ve done a lot since he was here last at Christmas. Getting great response on the video so there will be more to come. Just a matter of getting organized and since I’m no longer on Facebook it shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t know why but that SM site was such a distraction…

  7. Penny says:

    Hi Carole, I was so excited when your post arrived today, I got onto it so quickly, it’s 7.30am here in Australia, and I watched your video, and Loved It a lot. The video just filled in the gaps for me to see your Amazing property and all that you both have done..Wow after Wow, I know the work, as I have done the same here on my property. It’s a labour of love, and it is satisfying when you turn around and look at the end result….. I am so excited for you both, and your enthusiasm is Wonderful…..
    You both deserve a massive ‘pat on the back’ ……. god bless you both xo

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Penny – So glad you enjoyed and thanks for your encouragement. A labor of love is a great description. Just looking forward to finishing that first property, getting it up for sale so we can move onto the next one. Hope you have a great weekend. Carole

  8. I love learning about products like this! This will save me when it comes time to stain our gazebo. Thanks for sharing, and your house and deck look so pretty! (And your video makes me miss Texas!)

  9. Charlene says:

    Is that the only color they have in that stain? Or do they have different colors? What you have looks great, but I am into a light oak color.

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Charlene – that actually is a light oak, if you go to their site they have their color pallet listed.
      I’ve enclosed a link in the post and here >>

      You can also order samples it looks like on their site… You’re going to love this stain…

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