Easy to Apply Clear Coat Finish

With most projects I rarely mention adding a clear coat and that’s mainly because quite often that step is skipped. Not because it isn’t necessary just most of my work isn’t really handled until recently when I made a dual purpose serving tray.

Robert mentioned adding a matte finish on this piece because it was going to be used in the RV kitchen as a counter cover and serving tray.

After taking his advice it worked great and now I want to share this easy clear coat application process that’s perfect for wood projects.

Apply Dixie Belle Matte Clear finish with a Brush

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How to Apply Clear Coat

Before applying any clear coat to painted wood wait 24 hours for the paint to completely dry. Even if it feels dry this doesn’t mean it’s completely dry and the risk of ruining a finished piece can occur.

For this protective application I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat. First shake the bottle really good because the main ingredients do settle towards the container bottom between use, then apply with brush strokes over the entire project and let dry.  It’s that simple!

This product dries pretty fast with no odors and it leaves you this very nice finish.

Easy to apply Matte Finish on Wood

Drying Time Frame and Brush Cleaning

This box was placed outside; this sped up the drying process to about 15 minutes.  At that point it was touch dry so I took this piece and created a mini fairy garden.

For projects that get a lot of use or maybe be sitting outside for long periods of time then consider applying a second clear coat.

After completion remember to reseal the container, wash the brush in clean water and you’re done.

Finished Fairy Garden Project ready for outdoors.

This simple little box was quickly turned into a cute little fairy garden. This is the perfect summer project for kids and adults it’s a lot of fun and a good reason to spend some time outdoors in the garden.

That easy to apply clear coat will also help the longevity of this little fairy box.

Finish projects with Dixie Belle Easy to Apply Clear Coat.

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