Fun at The Commerce Farmer’s Market

Fresh Produce and Market Crates at the Commerce Farmer's Market

When we lived in Greenville I shopped in Commerce all the time and now that we live in Cooper well I still shop there all the time.  It’s a simple place and Saturday we set up shop at their Farmer’s Market.

I’ve participated in markets before and this one by far was my favorite because the vendors and customers were all delightful.  I’ve never been to a market where folks were so friendly, helpful and positive.

I’m thrilled to say I’ll be back setting up shop every Saturday until the end of the season. I even took the opportunity to load up the Market Crate with my purchases and it worked like a charm.

Let me take you on a walk to all the fun things you’ll find, this is a talented group bringing homestead goodness right to the consumer.  I LOVE that!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker?

French Roasted Coffee is packaged right out of Campbell; this blend is better than fantastic.  They offer samples so make sure to give it a taste.

They also have spices that Robert snatched. I mixed the spice with fresh herbs, sliced tomato, onion and olive oil then did a simmer saute thing over fish and it was so good.

Fresh Pastries, veggies and Honey Commerce Texas Farmer's Market

We’re not stopping at coffee and spice because there was a produce supplier, which was perfect because my garden is a little on the late side this year.  We tried onions, tomatoes, squash, potatoes and peaches.  It was all really fresh and those potatoes were so tasty!

The honey people had a fantastic display and greeted me with smiles.  Understand y’all I show up and just start talking and I’m pretty sure some might wonder, “Where did this gal come from?”  There are no strangers in my world, this is just a trait I snatched from my grandma.

So yes, I do try my best to be a positive light.

As for those packaged pies she sold out and they’re fantastic too.  I tried these a couple weeks ago, make sure you buy 2 because you won’t want to share.

Fresh Baked Goods From Kauffmans at Commerce Texas Farmers Market

The Kauffman’s were set up right next to us and this is a sweet family.  The mother and girls prepare a wonderful selection of baked goods from bread to dessert, they have it all.

Sunday morning our breakfast consisted of Fresh bread from the Kauffman’s served with scrambled duck eggs, absolute perfection and reminded me I need to start raising poultry again.

Try their banana bread it’s so smooth and everything is made with farm fresh eggs.

Handmade Items at the Farmer's Market in Commerce Texas

This market has such a great variety, each vendor is unique and it’s a positive reminder of what makes this country great. When people do more, they shine and it shows.

From cut out cards, jewelry, caramel corn and hand crochet dish clothes it all represents homesteading.  Look at that dish cloth color isn’t it pretty? She has matching hot pads and her work is high quality, eventually I’m picking up a set for the RV.

More bread followed by tasty treats and Saturday I plan to hunt down a jar of Jam.  There’s even a nice selection of canned goods which looked amazing.

Candles by Pennfield are really nice and give the Lemon Verbena a smell, that’s another great product.  I light my candle when I’m writing because it creates a nice calm atmosphere.

So, it’s pretty noticeable I enjoyed myself.  The Commerce Farmer’s Market Opens at 8 am – till noon, right at the Square which makes access a breeze. Shop in minutes or stay awhile and enjoy great conversation because it really is a very friendly and inviting environment.

Garden Up Green at the Commerce Tx Farmers Market

Finally they had a new arrival on the scene, that would be me telling folks about the workshops, Garden Up Green and our Tiny Homestead project.  This Saturday I’m bringing some fun DIY with me so if you want to learn how to stencil stop by and make a board project.

My Project inventory will also be available for purchase.  Robert and I are both excited to be a part of a great community of people, life is good when you do more!


  1. daisy says:

    What a great place to shop. So many things would make great gift ideas! Those dish cloths would be perfect for my kitchen, as our living area is painted in a similar color and is open to the kitchen! Looks like you are a fantastic addition to this wonderful market. Have fun!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes Daisy it is, simple and sweet and I’m sure it will just continue to grow. Thanks for suggesting me to get out there it’s good for me to step off the land once in awhile and I agree that color is fantastic and it would really brighten up that little RV kitchen of ours. Have a great day!

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Hi Carole……where will you show up next!!!!!! This sounds like you had a glorious day and I was vicariously “walking” around with you thru the marketplace. LOL Now that sweets table would have been irresistible. The fresh veggies too. I really love your idea of lighting a great smelling candle when you are doing your writing. Will definitely be doing that. PS love the photo of you beside the market sign.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Mickie! I’ve moved my workshops to this area as well so I’m a little more centered for those which is nice. I’m not really one to run all over the place because as you know a good day for me is just hanging out around the land. We were right next to those sweets and yes we’ve snacked on several of their things. What I love most is they don’t over do the sugar. The candle thing really helps me focus. Hope your day is wonderful…

  3. I love farmer’s markets. Good on you for finding a place for your crafts there. That’s a perfect outlet for you!

    We have one in Rockwall, TX but I’m afraid it’s overgrown its location and it’s not fun to shop there anymore. You can barely move from one stall to the next, and you can forget about conversation. People are so rushed.

    Let us know how your market adventure goes along.

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Maria – crowded markets are no fun. I’ve been to the Rockwall one years ago and can’t even imagine trying to shop there now. See another thing I love about living further out, people are less rushed. I will keep you posted, this weekend I’m bringing boards for some DIY inexpensive projects. You might see if Royse City has a market or plans to starting up one.

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