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Monday night we had another fun workshop where creativity sparked in every direction.  These ladies took this sign project to a whole new level and I decided it was time to start sharing their creations right here.

Even if you can’t attend a Make & Take Workshop perhaps we can inspire from a distance.

Laundry Room and Garden Signs Make and Take Workshops

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Susan and Kimberly Create

Susan has been coming to Make & Take’s for a while and inspires me every time because she chooses a color pattern I would never think about putting together.  She is all about detail especially when applying a technique like the paint staining.  I LOVE that!

The hard part for me is give her space but always be there to share ideas if needed.

Kimberly was new and a delight, she arrived ready to learn and have fun.  The Vintage Duck Egg color inspired this laundry room sign where individual letters transferred the message.

She did amazing and I love how she added the flower in the corner, it was the perfect addition.

Paint Colors and Stencils used on both projects include:

Amazing Grace Sign Make and Take Workshop

Lisa Creates Amazing Grace

Lisa has been to almost all of these workshops since the beginning and I’ve watched her creativity grow and grow.  She makes a decision and just dives right in. Monday night she said, “I’m going to do, Amazing Grace!”  Just like that and off she went.

This sign is heartwarming and she chose the right colors and stencils because it just feels calming when you look at it.

Paint Colors and Stencils used on both projects include:

Pantry Signs Make and Take Workshops

Stephanie and Cassidy Create Pantry

Stephanie’s attention was also centered around the vintage duck egg color and collard greens.  It was a fantastic color pallet and I love how this turned out.

She has energy and moves fast; this is how I work at home so it was neat to just watch her jump through the project and have fun at the same time.

I met Cassidy at the Commerce Farmer’s Market and she signed up right after we chatted.  Sweet gal and once she focused on a color theme everything came together step by step.  Check out how she went from light to dark with the stencil in the corner, Robert showed her that tip which I thought was neat.

These gals were in two different rooms while creating their pantry signs so it was inspiring when they finally saw each other’s project.

I’m encouraged while standing back to see all this transpire from a simple kit created at Quail Grove.  It’s truly awesome!

Paint Colors and Stencils used on both projects include:

  • Dixie Belle Paint Colors: Vintage Duck Egg, Collard Greens, Buttercream, Seaglass, Peacock Hurricane Gray and Gravel Road.
  • Stencils: Pantry and flower came from Cutting Edge StencilsThe Light swirled flowers on the left came from Dixie Belle.

Make and Take Workshops Commerce Texas

Make & Take Workshops are all about having fun and learning new skills at the same time.  There are no strangers here, Robert and I focus on bringing people together and the goal is for everyone to leave with a project they made and can be proud of.

We’re Simply Having Fun and thank you ladies for attending – You Inspire!

Make and Take Workshops, We have fun in Commerce TX, Join us!


  1. daisy says:

    The signs all turned out lovely. What a great idea for a girl’s night (or afternoon) out.

    1. Carole says:

      Yep they all had fun and it really does make a great girls night out.

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