Outdoor Storage and Sitting Bench

Storage and a Bench

A few weeks ago, Robert started working on his loft project, this was in the afternoons when it was too hot to work outside.  He’s been downsizing his hobby which inspired me to build this dual purpose sitting bench.

These two things have nothing in common, I just got tired of seeing all this tool clutter. Ever since we minimized I just can’t stand stuff lying around; I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and make the space we have feel clean and comfortable.

Thank goodness for the RV it’s like an escape from everything.

Safely store items inside outdoor box

Inside the shed we had functional wood shelves supported with center blocks, they were temporary and worked great but took up space, so I removed them and made this box.  I never planned on sharing this project but it’s been so great having access to outdoor tools outside I had to share.

The materials we’re mostly recycled and because this project was spear of the moment I dived in without my camera. The good news is this project is really easy and it’s almost like building a raised bed and then adding a lid and bottom.

Tools + Supplies + Measurements

  • Table Saw and Drill.
  • Hardware includes: Deckmate screws and 2 hinges.
  • 13 cement blocks.
  • 2 eight ft. 2 x 12 boards for walls; no cutting necessary.
  • Cut Two 2 x 4’s and two 2 x 10’s at 18 in. each for the ends.
  • The floor is closed with cedar fence scraps, 18 cuts at 15.5 in. each.
  • The lid is 8 ft. x 16 in. Use two 1 in. boards to equal 16 inches and cut three 2 x 4’s at 11 in. each for connecting.
  • For best result finish with Ready Seal Stain

Connect the bench at the corners first

Assemble The Box Structure First

The first thing is to assemble the box, this shape will become the outdoor storage and bench.

We’re attaching the wood from the ends to the walls using 3 screws on each side. Finish with attaching the 2 x 4 piece with one screw on each side.

The box Frame is connected at each corner

Notice it’s a tight fit so make sure the boards are cut correctly before attaching because it will make the rest of the project a breeze.

Box sits on stone center blocks to keep from rotting

Use Cement Blocks for Leveling

Before we add the floor, line up those 13 cement blocks in a row for placement.  This step is optional and probably wouldn’t be necessary if you were placing in a protected area or on a wood surface like a deck.

Since ours was going to be right outside on the ground it made sense to lift it up to help keep it dry.  This will also keep fire ants from showing up extend the life of the wood in addition to making this project the right height for sitting.

Fence Boards Lined the Bottom of the Box

Apply Cedar for the Floor

Once the cement blocks are in place incorporate the floor by adding the cedar fence boards one after the other with screws to the bottom of the box. This goes pretty fast and make sure there are no gaps.

At this point you can also incorporate dividers, this step is optional but it does help keep things organized.

Incorporating a lid with an overhang

Now Build and Attach the lid

This is probably the most difficult part of the project because wood isn’t perfect and there may be some trimming involved to get both boards fitted correctly.

I used three pieces of 2 x 4 to attach the lid and because we pieced the lid I used a seal between the boards so when it rains it doesn’t get wet inside, which works great!

Once the lid is assembled attach with two hinges and you’re done.  Well almost… Don’t forget to finish the interior and exterior of the storage bench with a nice coat of stain or paint. I used Ready Seal and I have to say this project turned out better than I expected.

An outdoor bench that also works as storage is just a great way to clean up a space at a very minimal expense.

This project was a matter of taking something we already had and giving it a dual-purpose status, I love it because now we have a place to sit and store our disgusting work boots too.

Remove the Clutter with an Outdoor Storage and Sitting Bench


  1. Patti says:

    Wow. You bench is beautiful. I’m always amazed at the things you create with wood. And, you make it look so easy. What a great idea for a place to store and rest. Like a piece of pretty outdoor furniture.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you – Honestly this project was super easy and I really might make another one in the fall. Thinking one around a fire pit space would look neat.

  2. daisy says:

    Another great project. You can never have enough storage, and I totally understand how you feel about clutter.
    Glad y’all are finding a way to beat the heat. Winter wouldn’t leave and summer is early!

    1. Carole says:

      I’m loving this box, so nice to have this stuff handy and a place to sit and put on work boots. I’m still picking up rocks and hope to be done by end of summer so I can hopefully create a fire pit area with more of these boxes in the fall. Trying slow down a little… LOL

  3. This is a great idea! Aside that I’ll always have to be on the lookout for scorpions and spiders, this literally kills two birds with one stone: storage and a place to rest. Good thinking!

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks Maria – This was such an easy project and I’m thinking another one for fall would be a fantastic idea too.

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