Wooden Upcycle Bird Bath

Wooden Upcycle Birdbath

Have you ever thrift shopped on a whim with no intention to buy until something grabbed your attention?  A few weeks ago, while dropping off a few things my attention was derailed by a large bowl.

The pitcher was missing so I’m guessing this bowl was part of a ceramic wash basin.

I walked around it a couple times trying to pull myself away until I realized it would make an awesome bird bath.

Upcycle Birdbath project

This basin was on the markdown table from $10 for $5 so passing it up just wasn’t an option and I knew there was scrap wood back home for a pedestal.  I had the perfect upcycle project brewing and was excited to get started.

The plan was to build a wooden stand and place in the bird park.

This project is more about how it came about than the measurements, to make this easy to duplicate just take the following instructions and change them up any way necessary to fit your own wooden upcycled bird bath.

Measuring the bath Base

Measure the Bottom of the Basin

The basin was pretty deep which gave me the idea to create a box the dish could sit in.  I cut four pieces using 2 x 6 scrap wood, two were solid and the other two had jagged edging for a dash of understated detail.

Connecting Corners with Screws

Eight screws were used to connect the corners because this project is headed outdoors.  Once attached I moved on to cutting fence boards for the pedestal length.

This was pretty quick and at this point in the project I realized it was time to reorganize our shed.

I had quite the time putting this project together, it was in the evening, it was hot, I was tired and the garden needed watering.  My life in a nutshell right now is this, I have difficulty staying focused…

Painting the Boards

This post contains affiliate links for Dixie Belle Paint, Click here to read site terms.

Painting and Water

I was using a combination of pine and cedar fence boards which led me to painting with Dixie Belle color “driftwood” it’s light and I love how it compliments nature.

This is such a fun paint line because the color inventory is almost endless, I never get tired of seeking combinations but this time it wasn’t so much about the color, I was more focused on how to apply it.

Simple strokes went with the grain of the wood and then I added water to see what would happen and it was like magic.  The paint thinned and I could see the wood grain.  This I liked and continued with all four boards.

The paint took longer to dry but since it was hot they were place outside and ready to use in a matter of 20 minutes.

Staining the base wood

Staining with VOO DOO Gel Stain

I also like Dixie Belle’s gel stain, get it here.  It’s so easy to use,  it just squirts out and the next step is to rub the color into the wood.  Begin by applying lightly because you can always darken it later with a second coat if you choose.

This stain also dries quick and it was the perfect pick for the top and bottom pieces.

Note: Paint and Stain can be purchased at Dixie Belle, click here.

Connecting everything

Connecting the Bird Bath Stand

This is where things got a little crazy and when I realized it would have been easier to connect the lighter boards to the top box when they were separated.  SO MUCH EASIER!!

This connection was about 2 inches from the top because the basin is going to sit inside that top box.  Once all four boards were connected to the box with screws it was time to finish once and for all.

Connecting the Stand

Finishing Up!

The final step was to add a bottom platform, first insert a board that connects to the four boards using screws.  Then incorporate another board for the bottom piece to have a pedestal finish.

This last piece of wood was also connected to the bottom by inserting with 4 screws.

Upcycle Bird Bath made fun

The final step was to bring the bird bath outside, place and fill the water basin where I also floated a couple flowers.

I found a great space near the creek in our bird park where I’ve been hanging bird houses, the quail sanctuary rests and where chickens will roam.

This Upcycle bird bath was the perfect addition; I love watching birds splash in the water.  Which means my next project for the park will be a bench, something simple and easy to build.  Any suggestions?

This little piece of property at Quail Grove is turning into the perfect little stay vacation.

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  1. Penny says:

    Love it 😊 You have the same love I have for the birds. I spend time everyday to watch them in their own enviment around my 12 acres. They are so funny when they play in the bird baths I have upcycled from bowls from the thrift shops you call them in America, we call them Opportunity shops, or for short Opp Shop 😊 Keep up the wonderful information you supply, I just love getting your emails, thanks for your passion for life, it is infectious 😊😊😊

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Penny – I do love the birds and watching them brings me a great deal of peace and joy. I love that “opportunity shops” So glad you enjoy the emails, I happen to really love your comments. I always learn something new about your area and it just brightens my day. Have a great weekend! Carole

  2. Patti says:

    I always love a good upcycle and you’ve done a beautiful job with this wash basin. What a perfect addition to the bird sanctuary.

    1. Carole says:

      I hear ya – I haven’t done an upcycle in awhile because I’m not sure my tea cup stuff counts? Need to come up with a bench next so I can sit and enjoy that space. thanks for stopping by and hope your weekend is amazing…

  3. glancy says:

    I’ve been upcycling items for years making bird baths and turned it into a side business. Keep up the good work! Winter is a great time to make your stock ready to sell in the spring!

    1. Carole says:

      Upcycling is fun isn’t it? I’ve attached a couple more ideas you may also like using tea cups and ceramic kleenex box holder.

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