Fall and Everyday Stencil Signs

Fall and Everyday Stencil Signs

Robert and I were invited to Wesley United Methodist Church in Greenville to teach a workshop.  It was a packed class and during the group photo I thought, “this talent has to go the blog.” Everybody loved the idea so here we are.

Just look at all those signs, from every day, fall and Christmas I was blown away by each design.

Nobody really knew what to expect when they arrived; that’s just one of the things I love most about these workshops.  We encourage others to reach outside their comfort zone because it’s healthy and that’s when we grow.

Let’s get an up-close look at some of these projects, the color pallets were beyond awesome.

Two takes on Fall

If you’re looking for something fun to make for fall then check out both of these signs.  The first one went pretty traditional with a nice chocolate background, subtle fall colors and that nice pop of white that makes a fun statement.

Then we have that famous peacock color that everybody loves but so many are afraid to use.  She used a heavy dry brush on this and it worked perfectly with the combination of bright orange and white.

So, think outside the box when it comes to fall colors because it might surprise you how other colors can brighten up the season.

A Wedding and Front Porch

These two gals went every day; the first is a wedding sign for later this fall.  She incorporated her colors but didn’t go overboard so she can still use this in her home after the wedding; I thought that was cool and the two shades of green with the white was a nice touch.

The welcome y’all was headed to a front porch to welcome guests.  Included another neat color pallet using sea glass for the back ground and the daisy stencil went perfect with the message. This is warm and inviting and I bet it looks great on her porch.

More Fall with Great Colors

We’re back with fall; I love both of these because they reflect the personality of their creators which is fantastic.

The color pallets were perfect and a neat reminder that fall can be anything so reach out and do something that represents the beauty of the season.  Keep it simple or make a statement!

Grateful, Thankful and Blessed

These two gals were sitting across the room from each other and had no idea what the other was making.  So, I wanted to place their signs together to show the different takes on a similar theme for Grateful, Thankful and Blessed. I love both soft and bold!

This was a fantastic evening and Robert and I had the best time creating with everyone.  Making home decor for everyday or seasonal is a fun thing because it allows for time to design something that represents you.

These workshops continue to be a blessing.

Be Inspired by a group of fall and Everyday Stencil signs from this fun Workshop. #Workshop, #fall, #StencilSigns



  1. Patti says:

    Oh I love them all! What a fun thing to do. I wish I lived closer. One of these days I’m going to make the trip and then I’ll have to get you to help me make one of your lovely signs.

    1. Carole says:

      Well I’m working on this idea – think retreat in the near future. I have a couple things brewing that are going to be pretty awesome down the road.

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Love this blog. Wish you had shown everyone’s project though…not just a few. Looks like a fun group of ladies…..and that cute little baby needs to be shown close up. Wish I could have been there. I would say this class was a major success.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Mickie – Very fun group of ladies they were awesome and that was a super cute baby. Robert and I were swamped through this entire workshop so I didn’t get a chance to snap additional photos. Not everyone wanted their sign photographed up close – maybe I should have insisted? Was a very fun class really enjoyed the opportunity.

  3. daisy says:

    They are all so adorable! What a wonderful gift they would make as well. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, even the youngest crafter there!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes these projects do make great gifts, that little one was a cutie and so well behaved.

  4. Karen says:

    It’s so neat to see how everyone took the same basic tools and made such unique signs. It really speaks to how individual creativity is. You’ve given these ladies such a sweet gift and I hope your encouragement will inspire them to continue and grow in their creativity.

    1. Carole says:

      Amen – you get it friend!

  5. If you ever decide to do a retreat and need some help, call me. I’d be glad to help.

    1. Carole says:

      I will let you know that would be fun! I do have some neat future plans, will take some time to get it all together because life seems to be all about set backs lately…

  6. Christine says:

    WOW! What an amazingly talented group of ladies you had! I LOVE each and every sign! I’m not the most creative gal but I would definitely have a blast trying at one of your workshops! You truly do know how to inspire joy and creativity!!

    1. Carole says:

      They are very talented and those color pallets were amazing. Sometimes I think the creativity has been driven out of people so you just have to put the phone down and let the heart feel so you can be creative.

  7. Natalie Pegg says:

    This is my kind of project! The kits are ready to assemble. The paint choices are plentiful. There’s good advice, encouragement, and laughter. Thanks, Carole and Robert, for a great workshop! Our class enjoyed it and we will have you again.

    Carole’s “Make and Take” workshop is awesome! I’m challenged by the creativity of others in class and I walk out with a finished product!

    1. Carole says:

      It was a lot of fun thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to another workshop.

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