Outdoor Recycled Wood Farmhouse Table

Outdoor Farmhouse Table

An outdoor farmhouse table has been on my to do list for months but it never seemed like the right time to get started until that recycled wood arrived a few weeks ago.  I wanted to build a small test example to see if this concept was even a possibility.

Robert volunteered and I put off fall gardening to help get it finished.  I’ve been able to work in a little gardening because more than anything I want fresh veggies through winter.

He started this project in the later part of the evening and had it finished just as the sun was setting. Needless to say, it has a few quirks but it works and this space will occupy hours of writing when the temperatures finally cool.

I can also see us sharing many meals and perhaps relaxing a little enjoying the quiet followed by light conversation.

Beginning with a Blank Farm Table

Table with a few Quirks

Quirks are part of life and because this was a test concept no complaining was allowed. Overall this is what I wanted and when we build the next one it will be larger and we’ll probably use 2 x 6 boards.

The next step was to figure out paint colors and since the table sits left of the walk path it needed to be subtle but also make a bit of a statement.

This brings me to my two new favorite Dixie Belle Paint Colors.

Painted Table ready to Stencil

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Farmhouse Green and Coffee Bean

I chose Farmhouse Green and Coffee Bean, you can find it online here.

At first, I thought about painting the entire table with my favorite new color, Farmhouse Green. I quickly realized that color it might be a bit much.

So, I chose my other favorite, Coffee Bean and then did the raised top end in the Farmhouse Green.

To say I had fun would be an understatement and I don’t know what it is about painting but it helps me relax.

Dixie Belle paint is also very easy to work with so that probably added to the fun because it applies with little effort.  If you decide to use this paint on your own outdoor projects I do recommend a couple coats and allow at least an hour for it to dry between each application.

Stencil Supplies for Details

We’re Not Finished Yet

The table was finally painted but not finished because I wanted to add a buffalo check stencil.  It seemed like the perfect addition and I could hardly wait to begin.  But you want to know what happened?  It rained and then I had to wait a couple days to begin again.

Supplies for Stencil Details

  • Cutting Edge Stencil brushes here – Love These!
  • Rag and wood pieces for paint
  • Dixie Belle Farmhouse Green and Coffee Bean, Get Here 
  • Studio R12 Buffalo Check Stencil
  • Painters Tape
  • A water glass – yes, I know it needs cleaning….

Adding Stencil Application

How to Stencil

I used Coffee bean for the stencil application over the Farmhouse Green.  Begin by taping to secure and slowly dot brush over the entire stencil.  For complete details on stenciling click here.

This was a lengthy process and at one point I decided to sit down because the humidity was horrible.

Stencil Complete

Repeat the Pattern

Continue stenciling across the boards by lining the stencil with an already finished row and then tape in place so everything matches.

Then keep dotting with your brush until you reach your destination.  I love this part of the table and I’ll share why in a minute.

Outdoor Farm Table Done

Switch Colors and Repeat Again

Now it was time to jazz up the main part of the table.

So, I took the Farmhouse Green and applied the stencil same as before and continued through the center of the table.

It was done and just what I envisioned and those quirks, well they just make me smile because they’re a reminder life isn’t perfect.

Outdoor Recycled Wood Farmhouse Table

Finally, the outdoor farmhouse table is complete and what’s with those boards at the end going in the opposite direction?

This is where you put additional food, napkins, centerpieces you name it because when I’m sitting across from someone enjoying a meal or having a conversation I don’t like to be surrounded with a lot of stuff.

In general, I don’t like to be surrounded by stuff and very soon I’ll be sharing how I survived the first year of tiny living.

Enjoy a great day everyone and hope you were inspired by my version of an Outdoor Farmhouse Table.

Outdoor Recycled wood Farmhouse table using buffalo check stencil and Dixie Belle Paint. #Farmhousetable, #DIY, #Outdoortable


  1. Patti says:

    Oh my what a difference. The table looks fabulous. I love the buffalo check stencil and so agree with you about the Dixie Belle paints. They are a joy to work with.

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks – really was a test idea that I didn’t want to try out with new wood in case it didn’t turn out. The next one will be 8 ft and perhaps with benches.

  2. Christine says:

    As usual, I love the colors you chose-and who knew that adorable buffalo check came from a stencil! At first glance, I thought it was a fabric runner! You are so creative! I love the idea of having an outdoor eating area, but the way the bugs have been this summer we didn’t even use ours!! Good luck hauling sand! Stay cool!!

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks – this was so fun and we always had a picnic table growing up. My grandpa use to make them and eating outside was just what we did in the summer. Over the years I’ve been slowly getting Robert use to the idea and my kids well they were never really fond of it. Too many bugs down south…

      Anyways it will be fun around October and November and then again in March and part of April. It’s those little things in life that keep me upbeat. We’re hauling gravel, it has sand mixed in so when it dries it compacts. It’s so cool and it’s starting to look pretty awesome around here.

  3. Love that quirky little ‘end piece’…of course, it makes so much sense! Would love to share a cup of tea sitting across from you at that fun table. And that plaid just makes it so very perfect…a very happy writing spot.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes that end piece was just something that came to me one day and it worked. You’re welcome for tea anytime and I agree this will be a fun writing spot full of inspiration. Hugs and praying for y’all…

  4. What a difference a little paint makes! I could see the center section painted into a chess or checkers board too.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes that would be super fun! My grandmother was a huge painter and everything got a fresh coat of paint each season. I’m finding a few painted pieces mixed in with stained wood looks pretty sweet and offers a little bit of creativity to a space.

  5. Lisa says:

    Love it! Amazing how the buffalo check transforms.

    1. Carole says:

      Agree – this was fun!

  6. Karen says:

    What a perfect table for your place! I love the colors and the buffalo check stencil is spot on. That was such a creative way to approach the painting by making the table and sideboard opposite in colors – I really love it. You’ll need to give us another video tour since you’ve added so many nice things to your homestead these past few months. 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      This was fun and so glad you like it. I do need to do another video and will soon after I get everything cleaned up from the rain… It’s been a muddy mess around here.

  7. Melissa Zieleniewski says:

    Beautiful! My husband built a picnic table for us out of treated lumber about 25 years ago. It’s still in our backyard and its never been painted or stained. It’s not pretty with it’s aging grey but it’s still something we use and it’s still solid. I’d love to do something like this with our table. Did you apply some kind of poly after you painted it or does Dixie Bell paint not need to be protected from the outside elements?

    You are so talented! Love your blog.

    1. Carole says:

      Sounds like the picnic table Robert built at our farm. We actually had to leave it behind because it was too heavy to move. I added Dixie Belle clear coat to finish which works great for the outdoors. They also have a clear wax that I really like. I recently used it on an outdoor sign project and it worked fantastic. The rain just bubbled right off.

      Thank you for your sweet comments – I just really enjoy building and adding simple unique details. It’s a good way to depressurize.

      1. Melissa Zieleniewski says:

        Thank you Carole! I can’t wait to get started on our picnic table. I know what you mean about the heaviness. We’ve moved ours to different places in the yard, but not more than 10 feet. It is SO heavy! I couldn’t imagine moving it farther than that unless it was moved by some super strong guys or a tractor. Yikes!

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