Pumpkin Patch Fall Box Decor

Pumpkin Patch Box

Do you remember a time when going to the pumpkin patch meant fall had officially arrived?  Well I do and it was a fun activity that occurred back in the day when our kiddos were elementary age.

Sometimes that seems like yesterday and other times so far away.

Today’s project is inspired by a box, pumpkins, fun paint colors and dried flowers.  Each element brings forward an element of surprise that you may want to incorporate in your own fall decorating.

Adding Pumpkin Stencils for Detail

Stencil Resources and a New Paint Color for Fall

To get started you’ll need a box; of course you know I built mine using the same style as my fairy garden box here .

The stencils are new and they came from a couple resources that I hope you’ll check out.  My friend Karen has a new Etsy shop, Live Creatively.  She’s opened with fall stencils that compliment a cute tile planter box here.  

The Pumpkin Patch stencil was from Studio R12 and that awesome paint color is “Stormy Seas” from Dixie Belle Paint.

When it came to choosing paint colors I decided to spice things up and incorporate a base color that is often overlooked for fall.  I felt like changing things up a little instead of following seasonal traditions.

Paint Colors to Finish box

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I also used paint colors Terracotta, Rebel yellow, and Muscadine Wine from Dixie Belle Paint.  It’s no secret I love this paint and at first, I wasn’t completely sure this combination would work but decided to go with it anyways.

How to Stencil tips can be found here and check out this project for the two tone stencil technique.  When it comes to stenciling the key is to dot with your brush, use with very little paint on your brush and slow down.  The process is relaxing and it’s something you should enjoy!

Placing Stencil Pumpkins

Two Tone Stenciling

Applying the two- tone stenciling is a lot of fun and I’d like to encourage you to practice on bare wood before applying to your project.  This little tip will give you the confidence to master and achieve the look you’re after.

Use two or three colors from dark to light and begin with the darkest color first.  Simply have fun with it and remember this is an accent detail that will make your project unique from what everybody else is doing.

Add Dried Flowers

Adding finishing Touches

I took dried Snow on the Mountain from my garden and filled mason jars with small stems.  It was just a simple touch that lightened the presentation.   Once the dried stems filled the jars it seemed like I needed one more element.

You might think I would have gone after mini pumpkins?  But guess what I did instead?

FInished Fall Pumpkin Patch Box for Home Decor

I went with a fun ribbon that swirled perfectly with the squiggles from the pumpkin patch stencil.  Adding details can make or break a project so remember “Less is More.”

This little project was fun and is a great reminder that you can add just a few fall colors with something unique and still come up with something seasonal that doesn’t follow the crowd.

Now it’s your turn, what kind of pumpkin patch fall box will you come up with?

Pumpkin Patch Fall Box Decor with Dried Flowers#FallDecor, #Pumpkins, #DriedFlowers




  1. Karen says:

    I LOVE your box, Carole! And I love how you used some non-traditional fall colors, which really gave it a unique style all its own – so creative! You’ve designed such a wonderful project that can be customized any way at all – from fairy box to fall decor box…it’s really limited only by imagination. You’re truly talented with wood project designs and it’s easy to see why your workshops are so popular.

    Thank you for sharing the shop, and I’m glad you enjoyed the stencils!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen!
      I think I’m just tired of traditional fall colors and trying to come with something new all the time you just have to go out on a limb and see if it works.
      Your stencils are great and use the leaf yesterday on a fun gift box project.

  2. Patti says:

    Your box is beautiful! Blue and orange are complementary colors so it’s a wonder more people don’t use them together in the fall. I also really love it that they are slightly muted, giving them a cozy country feel. Perfect for fall.
    PS: I love your Robert story. He’s a keeper!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti – it was fun to just cut loose on something different. Glad you enjoyed the newsletter I look forward to sharing it each week and yes he’s a keeper!

  3. Christine says:

    Oh my goodness! First off I have to say how inspiring your hubby’s words were to me! I wasn’t born in Minnesota but no matter how much I complain about the weather-I love every single thing about living here! It’s home. I totally agree with you that he should start a blog! Now onto your lovely fall box. Once again the colors you chose are spot on! That blue is just dreamy! And Karen’s stencils are so cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I also love that you didn’t go with the expected (pumpkins) and instead added the plaid ribbon! Perfection as always!

    1. Carole says:

      That’s cool, very cool! Yes Karen has a good eye for creating these stencils, she’s made me several others for projects and I use them in my workshops all the time. That ribbon just called my name I guess and so glad you liked it. Love it when you stop by!

  4. Beautiful! Your color palette was perfect. Seasonal, yet contemporary. You have a good eye for these things!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you! Well swing back by tomorrow because I have a fun outdoor project I think you may like.

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