Building a Bridge on the Homestead

Bridge takes us to the bird park

Robert and I love our lifestyle, the simplicity of nature is fantastic even if sometimes it presents a few setbacks. For every hang up we face, a solution follows and that’s because Robert is a smart man.

What I mean by that is he’s wired to fix problems and find solutions. He’s never negative and he’s always pushing forward to find the best possible outcome.

His brain is simply wired to solve problems and move forward which is one of the things I love most about him, he’s what I call a true leader.

Let’s take this bridge for instance, when we purchased this property the creek was empty and for most of the year it remains that way unless it rains.

I immediately imagined a bridge going over the creek because I knew it would look amazing.

Robert's Bridge Project

So, last spring he came up with a plan to build a bridge and in an afternoon his plan gave us this floating path to what is now our bird park.

This park is where wild birds visit, chickens’ free range and eventually where we’ll raise quail.  Without the bridge this piece of land would be useless when the creek is filled with water.

I love walking over this bridge because it’s sturdy and safe, sometimes I even sit on the edge and watch frogs jump in the water.

We skipped railings because I wanted the freedom to haul stuff over, basically I didn’t want railings getting in the way of progress.

The best part about this platform is you can build it in an afternoon.  I was actually shocked when Robert got started because in less than 4 hours it was done and ready for me to stain.

He sketched his plans on the ground then transferred to scratch paper before purchasing wood.  Every successful project begins with a plan and I worked by his side documenting the journey.


To duplicate this project get our step by step instruction in this easy to follow magazine article.  This bridge can be made smaller or larger depending on the needs of you land.

Bridge over the creek

Building a homestead bridge on our property was the perfect solution to cross the creek year-round.  The creek is currently wet after heavy rains arrived during the week and we also received about 2 more feet of new top soil.

We’ve spent a lot of time digging out this soil to reuse in the low areas.  We see it as just another perk.

Every homestead is unique why not add a bridge with these easy to follow building plans. #homestead, #Bridge


  1. daisy says:

    Love this solution, so practical! And it adds a bit of fun to the homestead. Great job, Robert!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes it is a bit of fun to this space, we’ve even danced on this bridge…

  2. Cd Loken says:

    Robert sounds a lot like my hubby. They have this incredible ability to take a vision in their head and make it reality in no time at all. Roberts vision turned out amazing!! What a practical and beautiful solution. I’m so sorry friend for all the rain you are getting. We had a spell like that earlier this summer. It can really wear on you. Wishing you and Robert and oh yes Dixie a wonderful weekend!!😀

    1. Carole says:

      Yes Robert is Mr. Fix it… Funny story when the kids were little and they would break a toy he would say… “Don’t worry I can fix it.” Which they thought was amazing so it became this ritual that every time he came home from work they would run down the stairs and say, “Dad, can you fix it.” Because they actually started breaking stuff on purpose…. Sigh… So, finally he said you know, “if you stop breaking things we could actually spend this time doing something fun.” Fast forward yes he can take a vision and turn it into a reality within hours and I love that. Nothing get’s him down and nobody will ever be able to get in his way when it comes to moving forward. It’s taught me a lot over the years, a positive attitude is a gift and translates into so many aspects of our life. You have a wonderful weekend too and thank you for thinking of Dixie…

  3. Patti says:

    Oh your bridge is so pretty. Robert is one handy guy and I know this will be so helpful to many. Love your thoughts about keeping busy. Sometimes you just need to move through a bad mood or worry and keeping busy really helps.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes keeping busy – I told Robert just yesterday I can’t imagine being any other way and I believe that will keep me young in spirit, attitude and whatever else. This bridge has been amazing, Dixie was the first one to cross it when it was finished and she’s probably used it more than us. The bird park is a wonderful place.

  4. It’s beautiful and strong! There’s something romantic about bridges. I wish I had a spot that could use a bridge. For me, I think we would have to have handrails. Too easy for us to slip.

    1. Carole says:

      Bridges are special and this one is super strong. So yes with all the rain it can get slippery – those boards are 4 feet wide and so far I haven’t fallen. Actually thought about adding grip strips but not sure I’d like the way that would look.

  5. Margaret says:

    Hubby did a great job on the bridge. It looks great. The stain gives it a special look. Next time hubby builds you a bridge to wonderland stain the pre-cut boards before he nails them to the runners that way you won’t get stuck in the creek. ENJOY !!!

    1. Carole says:

      I completely agree with you – was actually kind of funny and we laughed about it later. Fun project and I just love this addition.

  6. kyra says:

    It looks cute! And having a creek on your property is so enviable! I wish there was a catalog where I could order the “handy husband”. 🙂 I always have so many ideas and no one to carry them out.

    1. Carole says:

      A handy husband is a great thing -we like to work together which make a lot of our projects fun and interesting.

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