Make a Buffalo Check Storage Box

Buffalo Check Storage Box

Wouldn’t you agree that outdoor storage boxes can come in handy?  Well when you live tiny they’re a lifesaver, especially when you need ideas to hide Stinky work boots and shoes.

So, I visited our recycled wood pile and decided it was time to make another storage box with a buffalo check finish.  I’m seeing this pattern everywhere and I love it because it makes a great statement; it also goes perfect with our environment so stay tuned for more!

Let’s dive in because each project step stands on its own and they’re all pretty easy to follow.  Basically, lots of things going on but easy to duplicate.

Add the Bottom to the Storage Box

Storage Box Frame with a floor

So, you might remember a few months ago I made some planter boxes?  You can find them here and I’ve got to tell you they’ve been roaming the web like crazy.

I took that same design and built a larger frame but this time we added a floor and a lid.  Make sure to check out those building instructions here.

The floor was pieced instead of using a solid board because the ends are just a little taller to lift the rest of the box off the floor.  I even built with nails this time because I’m in the process of using up hardware that’s been sitting around here.

Storage Box Frame Completed

The wood was recycled which was a perfect fit because I wanted it to look a little rough.  It came together pretty good and its sturdy which was all I was concerned about because I plan to also use it as a sitting bench.

Once it’s covered with paint and stencil those flaws will wash away or better yet they’ll blend.

Now, if you’re building with new wood, corners should be a perfect fit so everything lines right up and you may want to finish with a nice stain?

Dry Brush and Stencil Painting

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Heavy Dry Brush Painting and Stenciling

Dixie Belle Paint was used to finish the box with colors buttercream and collard greens.

These two colors are exceptional and we have additional projects on the porch that compliment. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to things matching, mainly because it makes everything cohesive.

Using a heavy dry brush paint application the box started to change in minutes and it was fun, get those painting instructions here.  This part of the project will dry in about 20 minutes which will take us to Stenciling.

The buffalo check stencil came from StudioR12. I want to note those stencil squares are 2 inches so I would recommend this template for larger projects. It was very easy to use and it’s the same stencil to finish our farmhouse table.

Both sides of the box were transferred using 5 rows and I only had to overlap once because the box was a little more than 2 feet. Honestly this was about the most detailed and time-consuming part of the project but it was so worth the effort.

Dixie Belle Paint and Project links:

Adding Lid to Storage Box

Adding the Lid

The lid was made from a couple pieces of wood; this was mainly because I didn’t have a solid board big enough to cover the entire box.  Since I was using recycled wood thinking outside the box was required.  I’m sure you would do the same and I like the idea for future projects.

I painted both boards with Dixie Belle, collard greens and I also painted the box bottom with that same color.

Storage Box with a lid attached with hinges

Once everything was dry I added the lid to the box and attached the hinges.

This project took an evening to build, paint and stencil.  Within a few hours I basically made a storage box for stinky work shoes and a place to sit.  I’ not sure the two go together but it’s all good.

You could do the same because this really was a very simple project and who doesn’t need additional storage?  It would even make a neat toy box for kids, I’m guessing kids still play with toys?

Awesome Shoe Storage

Filling with Work Shoes

The final step was to place the box on our covered deck and fill with work shoes.  This is the perfect place because it’s protected and I love to sit here when it rains.

I remember when we purchased this shed, excitement surfaced because it just looked like the two of us and why it’s taking us forever to make it a home is beyond me?  I think we just have too many irons in the fire…


Storage Box with buffalo check

So, while you’re reading this post don’t be surprised if I’m in the process of putting on workbooks or just sitting in this sweet spot enjoying a warm cup of tea while enjoying our environment.

I’d like to encourage you to make your own storage box using some of these fun painting tips – buffalo check just might be for you?

Make a Fun Storage Box from Recycled wood and decorate with a simple buffalo check. Check out how we used this box to clean up a space. #organize, #StorageBox, #BuffaloCheck


  1. Patti says:

    This project turned out great and so practical. I love that you have all that storage inside but it also works as a nice table top to place things on like your beautiful pictures of flowers.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes practical… that’s me and I think I may be addicted to building boxes. LOL
      But yes the storage is amazing an it really helped pull that tiny porch together. I think a couple burlap or buffalo check pillows would be another fun addition. Those flowers were from the garden beds just in front of the shed. Still have zinnias and it looks like a freeze isn’t expected November which is sweet!

  2. Karen says:

    This is such a great idea! Shoes at the door is a problem we’ve had for…well, pretty much forever. I never liked the idea of a rack or basket (we’ve tried both) because it’s still visually messy and cluttered. A box just makes so much more sense and that buffalo check is super sweet! Another great project, Carole.

    1. Carole says:

      When I was a kid we had this huge box on the back porch filled with outdoor toys – baseball bats, basketballs and even vintage boxer gloves if you can believe it. I guess you could say we were encouraged to be outside. Anyways my mom had someone build a smaller one for shoes and it sat on the back porch. It was such a smart idea so I guess this project was inspired by the back porch of my childhood home.

  3. Christine says:

    We truly are so much alike!! I too have a wooden box for shoes. Mine is just inside the door and it’s nowhere near as lovely as yours, but it is perfect for storing shoes! I also have one in our mud room for hardy, scarves, etc for winter. I ❤️The height of yours (perfect for sitting) and the buffalo check is my favorite!! Your zinnias are gorgeous!! I really need to remember to plant more in the spring!!

    1. Carole says:

      Well you may just have to paint and stencil yours. Think I’m going to really enjoy this box it really cleaned up that front porch. Loving those fall zinnias too the colors this time of year are fantastic. It’s weird in the spring and summer they blooms shades of pink and yellow then in the fall those same plants bloom reds and oranges with a few pinks in the mix.

  4. Roger Cain says:

    I really like this idea. I plan to build one with a slightly sloping top covered with foam board as a seat and insulated with foam board to sit on our entry porch which is uncovered in all kinds of weather. I will put a note at the mailbox for packages too large for there.

    It’s also a great way to use old wood over and look charming at the same time. Thanks.

    1. Carole says:

      So glad you found this project idea helpful. A friend gave us a bunch of wood so I’ve been using it with these types of projects and it works great.

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