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Life is Beautiful Box

We recently had a workshop competition and Lisa Blackwell was the winner receiving a free workshop and this feature blog post.

The challenge was to share one or more projects displayed in their home or garden and then enter with a photo.

So, Lisa picked this crate she made back in August for home decor.  I remember her telling me it wasn’t one of her favorite projects but once she got it home everything changed.

I think sometimes we forget a box by itself is just a box but when a few elements are added it becomes much more.

Overlay Stencil application

Photo by Lisa Blackwell

Imagine my surprise when she submitted this crate and if I remember correctly her color pallet was coffee bean, spanish moss and buttercream from Dixie Belle Paint.

She mentioned, when she signed up for this class she wasn’t even crazy about creating this one but agreed who doesn’t like building, painting and fellowship?

This box became one of her favorite projects right away, she said, “I love the raw wood on the bottom as well as the size and versatility. Carole suggested layering the flower stencil on the back and I think it’s perfect.”

“I currently use it on my dining table stuffed with thrift store finds and with the holidays quickly approaching, this crate could easily display a small tree and pine cones.”

I’d say this box is going to look even more amazing once the holidays arrive.

More Awesome Projects made by Lisa

Photo by Lisa Blackwell

Here we have a few more of her projects she’s made this past year.

Life is Beautiful Presentation

Photo by Lisa Blackwell

Here’s the thing about Lisa, she started coming to our workshops from the very beginning when we were at The Mill in Cooper.   She just kept showing up every month, sometimes with friends and sometimes by herself but she was always there.

Robert and I have watched her creativity blossom over the last year and she even mentioned, “I think I may have an addiction to the Make and Take Workshops!”  Sounds like a pretty good addiction to me.

In her words she says, “The Make and Take Workshops are my favorite, a coworker and I try to schedule one a month.” Carole provides an example for us to follow, sometimes we follow and sometimes we take off on our own creative journey. I always love the project I take home, Robert and Carole are the best project guides.

Wasn’t that sweet? It really say’s a lot about what happens at a Workshop; if you haven’t been to one well you’ve been missing out.

NOTE:  All Photo credit goes to Lisa Blackwell.

Make Beautiful Wood Crafts for Home Decor to bring a room to life. These pieces we're made at Make and Take Workshops in Texas. with Garden Up Green. #Homedecor, #DIYCrafts, #WoodCrafts


  1. Patti says:

    Your make and take events sound like so much fun. Even though I can’t attend I enjoy seeing what others have made and it inspires more creativity in my own work. Thanks!

    1. Carole says:

      That’s awesome thanks for sharing that. They are fun events and I also enjoy seeing what they create especially when they pick paint colors.

  2. Karen says:

    I’m so glad you share the projects from your workshops. For those of us who are too far away to attend, it’s really inspiring to see how you’re leading others to stretch their creative muscles and learn something new – not only in terms of projects, but more importantly, about themselves. I loved reading Lisa’s story and seeing her projects, and look forward to more. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Carole says:

      I’m hoping to do more of this because it’s neat for me to see all this creativity transpire too. Robert enjoys it too and he’s been a huge help with these workshops. There’s a lot that goes into it before I even arrive with their kits and it’s interesting how it all begins with me playing around with pieces of scrap wood. So glad you enjoyed and hope you took a moment to check out that slideshow. Hugs!

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