How Heavy Rainfall Detoured Progress

Flood Rains

Robert and I were excited when the heat wave lifted in September because we had goals in hand ready to finish that first property.

But then something happened, it started to rain. Then it rained again for what felt like days, those days turned into weeks and continued through the entire month of October.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve had a few breaks but not enough for things to dry out and finish what we started months ago.

So, that heavy rainfall seemed to detour our plans for progress.

The First Flood rainfall

I wouldn’t even call this rainfall anymore, it’s more like monsoon season.  We’ve experienced a lot of water followed by clean up, County Road 3015 washing out and a flooding creek.

To say I’m sick of slipping on mud would be an understatement, but sometimes you have to just stand back and embrace things as they are and come up with a solution.

So, that’s just what Robert and I did.

The Wall Worked

Let’s Chat about Floods and Solutions

With all this rain, problems surfaced and we’re not the kind of people to ignore something that can be fixed.  So, we stopped work on that first property and began addressing the obstacles.

Things began to escalate as the rain pressed on which makes me thankful, I’m married to an intelligent man who knows how to problem solve with a positive attitude.

A positive can-do attitude changes everything when you can focus on a solution instead of the problem.

One of the fixes involved my garden space, this was my project and I really love this area. View here.

Additional Issues:

  • Creek is flooding because it’s filling with more than just water – So, Robert built a wall.
  • The County Road is Caving and the road continues to get worse every time it rains.

Between rainfall we’ve slowly been improving things with Robert’s wall project, more gravel and dirt.

County Road 3015 Delta County Texas

That Sad County Road

I’m not really sure what to say about this County Road, it’s a sad sight and gets worse every time it rains.  I called this in almost a month ago to the sheriff’s department because I believe this is a hazard.

The response involved more people driving by to take a peek but no effort to improve the situation. Can you believe that?

Course I’m not surprised because their culvert that runs into the creek is filled with dirt and debris, it also appears to be sinking in the ground.

It’s a mess and I’m baffled by the lack of leadership.  Serve and protect pretty simple stuff…

Robert built a wall

Robert Built a Wall

As I mentioned earlier the creek is filling with more than just water.  Because of the county road issue, the creek is filling with road material and a whole lot of top soil from nearby fields.

Water flows downhill and everything else follows when roads are not installed correctly or maintained.

Normally rainfall doesn’t have a negative impact on our property but when it leaves behind 1 to 2 inches several times a week and continues that cycle over a month, things change.

Robert installed this wall to keep the water from washing out the property entrance.

The Wall and it works

The wall works like a charm, the problem is we haven’t been able to finish because the ground is so wet.

We’ve been digging soil from the creek to create a barrier on one side and on the opposite, we’re raising the road with base gravel and later when things dry more crushed gravel.

That base rock is larger and it’s quite the “workout” to move.

More Dirt and more gravel

The heavy rainfall led us to stop working on that first property and focus on preventing our place from flooding.  Robert’s solutions have been awesome towards improving things and perhaps next week our gravel guy can get out here and deliver the rest of our rock.

Until then I’ll be shoveling and enjoying my new garden space because even with a few obstacles in the air we have some neat things happening and no matter what we keep moving forward.

This is when you realize life isn’t a race. We’ve learned detours give us a deeper glimpse at how things can always be improved beyond rainfall and a washed-out county road.

Base Rock on the Road


  1. Karen says:

    Well this is just a perfect example of the pioneering spirit, tenacious grit, and positive attitude in the midst of challenge that we seem to have lost in our age. That wall is not only functional, but nice-looking too and adds even more character and personality to your property. I love how the two of you have tackled this challenge and haven’t let it stop your progress – maybe just a detour. So inspiring!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen – I thought it added something too. So now you know why I’ve been a little frazzled lately when it rains. Tenacious Grit – I think that should be on a T-shirt I love that!

  2. Charlene Dryman says:

    That looks like my back yard. We are in Texas and get 2-5 ins of rain all the time. Then the backyard gets 6-8 ins high with water. I just took out a lot of soil out of my raised beds and put into the walkway and put fresh soil in. It still floods, but the extra soil in the walkway helped, some. I hope you get yours figured out.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes it looks like we’re on the road to fixing things -the next step is to get that creek cleaned out.

  3. I feel your pain. We’ve had historic rains here. It dries up for a few days and then another torrential rain comes in. We’re drying out but slowly.

    Have you contacted the County directly? I thought they were the ones in charge of the country roads.

    1. Carole says:

      Oh yes Maria -I even talked to the commissioner and yes that is their function… Sigh…. and yet another sigh… We continue to make improvements on our land and it just seems to be an unfortunate situation.

  4. Cd Loken says:

    You and Robert are both so inspiring!! Love the wall and I ❤️Your determination, focus, strength and faith. Every time I read your posts I walk away with a smile on my face and a determination to keep pushing forward! Thank u my friend!! Hoping the weather turns soon for u and the ground dries up quickly!!

    1. Carole says:

      That wall has been such a blessing and a yet another great solution. Heavy rain followed yesterday so I’m off to go check out the road damage. Guess once it gets past the halfway mark I’ll call it in again. Determination is a great word to describe us, but I have to say sometimes I think Robert’s drive is stronger than mine. I’m getting tired of all this ugly weather.

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