Make a Natural Seasonal Wreath

Natural Seasonal Christmas Wreath

Tis the season for native decorating and today you’re in for a surprise.  We’re making a natural wreath using greens and berries from the great outdoors.

So, here’s the thing because I’m in Texas our selection for natural holiday greens is pretty limited. Which means in order to come up with something festive I had to get creative and go for a walk on our property.

This was never the case where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest because evergreens were right out the back door. The sweet scent of those greens has become a memory and a reminder that no matter where you live it’s always possible to make something wonderful for the holidays using natural materials.

Wreath Supplies

Wreath Supply List

Our Supply List is pretty simple and the wreath materials were gathered at Quail Grove.  I had the best time walking around looking for the perfect clippings.

Everything else can be purchased at any local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

  • Metal Wreath Base
  • Ribbon
  • Wire and Cutters
  • Natural greenery
  • Berries, pine cones or whatever you can find outdoors

Once I had everything gathered it was time to move forward and get creative.  Before we do that, I want to share where my inspiration really came from for this project.

My friend Patti, over at Hearth and Vine has a new eBook and it’s loaded with DIY natural decorating ideas that are perfect for holiday decorating.

One project in her book happens to be a natural wreath, she included an entire chapter for natural evergreens and it’s fantastic.

Many of these projects would also make great gifts; best of all they’re easy to create. Patti presents a fantastic walk through with each project and she simplifies everything so you can dive right in and get started without hesitation.

If you’re looking for ideas to bring natural elements indoors this Christmas, then pick up her eBook right here, it’s something you’ll enjoy and use year after year.

Making the Wreath

Putting the Wreath Together

For this wreath I gathered Texas cedar and berries.  I have no idea what kind of berries, but they grow on a bush that blooms white spring flowers.  I love it because it stays green year-round.

The combination of the two seemed like the perfect fit so with three steps I had a finished wreath in less than an hour.

  1. Cut the stems in pieces and wire onto the metal wreath frame.
  2. Add one bunch on top of the other until you have a circular wreath.
  3. Berry springs were included the same way in clumps for texture.

Additional Ideas that Compliment this Wreath

If you find yourself excited about natural Christmas decor, then you can also make Patti’s neat pine cone trees, greenery with candles and cranberries, or make her neat votive candles with tree trunks and apples.

Each one would complement a natural wreath perfectly.

Her natural garlands will also grab your attention, they’re one of my favorites and add such elegance to a space.

Wreath almost complete

Once my wreath was finished it was time for its final destination, our front porch.  I have to say though I kind of like it just lying flat on this table, which means it could also make a neat advent wreath.

Finished Natural Wreath

It’s my hope you enjoyed this natural seasonal wreath, it really dressed up the front porch on our Tiny House and just maybe next Christmas we’ll actually be living inside that sweet little bldg.

Get Patti’s eBook on Etsy right here!

Make a Seasonal Natural Wreath using fresh Greenery and berries from the outdoors. #ChristmasGreens, #ChristmasWreath, #ChristmasBuffaloCheck


  1. Karen says:

    What a beautiful wreath, Carole, and I’ll bet it smells amazing! Love the buffalo check ribbon, which complements it perfectly with a gorgeous burst of color.
    Patti is so talented with natural decor, and it’s easy to be instantly inspired by her projects. You’ve definitely got a winner in your pretty wreath!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen – it doesn’t really smell that much, very subtle. Hope you have a great weekend – enjoy, relax and laugh…

  2. Courtney says:

    Beautiful job on the wreath! I may have to try this since I have a wreath form just waiting to be used. And I love Patti’s book. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes, make one! Teach your kids how to do it could become a neat seasonal tradition.

  3. Such great ideas! I don’t think I’ll be decorating this year on account of the extra chores, but I am bookmarking this post so I can try some of these next year.

    Thanks for reminding me we can create beautiful decor just from things found in our woods.

    1. Carole says:

      You’re welcome, I don’t do much decorating. Just a few things outdoors and a couple inside. Just kind of at a been there done that place and since Robert doesn’t care about all the decor I’m not really sure who I would be decorating for. But going natural for Christmas is a lot of fun…

  4. Patti says:

    That’s one gorgeous wreath Carole! Are those berries from a viburnum? I bought ‘Blue Muffin’ a while back for a new garden area partly for those pretty berries. So far it hasn’t matured enough to use the berries but there’s always next year. Thank you so much for sharing such sweet words and supporting my book. I have already started making several things for our holiday decor and being able to use materials from nature always makes me so happy.

    1. Carole says:

      It’s not viburnum. It grows like a weed and really looks like a crepe myrtle when it’s blooming but it’s not that either. I may have to do a post about it because I really like it, the foliage is perfect for vase arrangements. Love sharing what you do, such talent and we have such similar likes it’s easy to share. Something about bringing the outdoors in just offers a sense of wonderful calm to the air. I love it and your eBook is awesome!

  5. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Another one of your pretty creations….love the ribbon too. I use whatever is green in my area in my wreaths. One thing I do is begin with a “fake” green wreath and add the living greens to it. This makes for a full wreath. Did you ever think of using the “pine scented” sprays on your wreath when the lovely smell fades. Just a little spritz does it. Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, I am so grateful this year.

    I look forward to seeing a blog showing from start to finish all you all have accomplished this year. It’s inspirational to see the starting point.

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Mickie – this was fun and yes that ribbon it just seems to work out here. I’ve never used those scented sprays may have to check on that. I think perhaps a video walk through might be a fun idea for the blog. Even if I have some unfinished things it doesn’t really matter because it where were headed that’s exciting. Feeling grateful is good, wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving and blessings to follow. Carole

  6. CD Loken says:

    Oh my goodness, Carole! I absolutely adore your wreath! I have no clue what those berries are either but they are the perfect compliment to the greenery and that ribbon-well it just makes me smile from ear to ear! I just ordered Patti’s book! Thank you for sharing the link! I can’t wait to find to spend some time looking through all of her gorgeous projects! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you so much! The ribbon yes it’s a keeper (Hobby Lobby)
      I know those berries well that tree bush is a mystery. I’ve even asked people around here and nothing… You will love that book – it’s loaded with with ideas and I’m hoping her next book will be in print because her photography is fantastic. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Hugs!

  7. daisy says:

    It looks fantastic! I decorated our fall wreath the same way, adding small pinecones and sweet gum pods to it. I love those twig trees and the votive holder made from a log too. So many great ideas! This weekend is supposed to be rainy, so it will be a great time to try one of these. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Daisy – funny thing we had pine trees at the farm and when we left I was so excited about not having to rake pine needless anymore. Well I kind of miss those pine cones now because they were always perfect for fall and christmas decorating. Looks like we have sunshine most of our weekend so we’ll be outdoors. Happy Thanksgiving!

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