Easy To Make Wooden Christmas Tree

You Cut Tree Farm Sign

Decorating for Christmas and tiny living can sometimes be a challenge and that’s why I mostly focus on outdoor decorations instead of inside.   This is where we spend most of our time when the weather is nice so outside it is…

Nature inspires our theme, last year I focused on birds and this year my attention centered on trees by incorporating cedar.

To begin I made a wooden Christmas tree that incorporates some of my favorite colors and materials.

Christmas Tree Wood Pattern

Shaping and Cutting Scrap Wood

Scrap wood and a little bit of free hand drawing kicked this project in high gear.  I’m not focusing on measurements because this project can be made to any size.

I basically drew a triangle between three boards and skipped the tip at the top. Then I cut each piece of wood with a jig saw, a table saw would also work great.

Once I had all the shapes cut each one was sanded smooth prior to painting.

My Christmas Color Pallet

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The Color Palette

My color palette came from Dixie Belle paint and let’s just assume that all my projects will include this paint because it’s easy to use and dries so fast.  Basically, this paint can keep up with my speed because I have this tendency to fly through projects.

I moved through this creation with great acceleration and the best part it was fun!   You know when you have a vision something about making it happen can really help me move forward because I want to see the finished piece.

Colors included Evergreen, Pink Champagne and Coffee Bean; together they turned our garden into Christmas.

That pink champagne is wonderful – it looks like white at first glance but has this glimpse of shimmer that’s perfect for holiday projects.

Learn more and shop on line for Dixie Belle paint here, on orders $50 or more shipping is only $10.


Painting The Boards

Buffalo Check Stencil

Each board was painted with one coat of Evergreen on all sides.

Then I used this buffalo check stencil from Studio R12 and transferred to the front of each board using the color, coffee bean.

This was a little time consuming so using a larger stencil brush will speed up the transfer.

How to stencil tips can be found here. 

Old Sign Christmas Stencils

Incorporating a Message

Sometimes a message is the most important part of a wood craft and I knew from the beginning of this project what I would use.

A few years ago, I purchased You Cut Tree Farm and Hot Cocoa Stencils from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils. 

This year she has some new Christmas stencils so you may want to check them out here.  I actually cut my tree farm transfer in pieces so they would be easier to use and store.

Connecting the Tree

Tree Assembly

After stenciling with pink champagne, I grabbed some cedar leftover from a previous project and used it to finish the tree.

The small strips divided each board and then I added a little crisscross at top to resemble a star.

Everything was attached to one post from the back side and the thin cedar strips were attached from the front with a finishing nail.

The last thing to do was add a little green ribbon and place it in the garden.

The tree was placed in a raised bed by hammering the stake in ground surrounded by the cedar trees I transplanted last week.

This entire display sparked what’s coming next because I have one more Christmas project to share and you can find it right here. 

What I love most about this tree was it was really simple and fun to make.

When you live tiny, simple and fun is what clicks our Christmas together; we love that! A little Christmas music playing in the background helps too.

Create A Simple and Fun you Cut tree sign for the Christmas Season. #StencilSigns, #ChristmasTreeSign


  1. Patti says:

    Super cute! I bet a local Christmas tree farm would love a sign like that one. It looks great in your raised bed. Great color and pattern choices. You are so lucky to be able to be outside this time of year. It’s freezing here. Currently 23 degrees with an expected high of 37. At least the sun is supposed to come out today.

    1. Carole says:

      Well it was cold last night 35 and then today I think we’re back in the 60’s. I do like the warmth down south which is why I try really hard not to complain in the summer because our winters make up for it. Love spending time outside this time of year because the air is nice and crisp and it’s just where I belong.

  2. Karen says:

    This is such a cute project! Those cedar strips between each board, and making the star on top give it so much personality and charm – so much more interest than just a plain, painted tree. And the buffalo check is simply perfect! Another great project from you, Carole!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen – that cedar was an after thought just noticed it sitting against the wall and thought it was perfect. Just enjoy keeping things simple.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh my goodness, Carole! You always add such perfect details to every project you do! I LOVE the buffalo check on the tree and using the cedar accents is genius! Today it is supposed to be in the mid-’30s here so we are actually having a heat wave! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Carole says:

      I think it’s those last few details that always spin these projects forward with a twist. The cedar just seemed like a natural choice and also discovered later my chickens likes it too. Windy and rainy here today but I can’t complain because I have some work to catch up on. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

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