Crisp Winter Home Decor

Crisp winter home decor

Having a new office space is the best and if you’re like me sometimes a little motivation is necessary to get in the mood to actually sit down and work.

So, I made a crisp winter display that smelled good.

This impulse to create took me towards a bouquet of eucalyptus because it smelled amazing.

Then to complement, I made these easy recycled wood votive candles.

Supplies Came Right from Home

I recently introduced myself to OUI yogurt and let’s just say the jars are piling up.  After thinking of a way to recycle them, candles sparked my interest and so did scrap wood.

These supplies came from home and I have to say, this easy project was a blast.

  • 4 OUI yogurt jars.
  • Natural twine and candles. (Any craft store – Dollar Tree has a great deal on the twine and candles)
  • Pine Wood – 1 x 4’s cut into 4 squares – or incorporate one long board.
  • Salt or sand would be another option.
  • Dixie Belle Paint – Color Coffee Bean and a rag.

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Paint Staining with Dixie Belle

Let’s begin with the pine wood squares because this was fun.

Cut a board into four squares using a chop saw and sand the edges afterwards.  Then cover the boards with the paint stain technique found here.  

This technique is perfect to use with Dixie Belle paint, it’s almost like their product was made for staining because when applied correctly the grain lifts through that awesome color perfectly.

Coffee bean is a favorite or choose from a variety of colors here.

When the boards are dry, they’re ready to use.

Dixie Belle

Prepare and wrap the Jars

Prepare the yogurt jars by removing adhesive stickers with WD40 and wash with soapy water.

Then add twine around the exterior rim by tucking inside the first wrap and finish the same way on the last wrap. I circled the jars about 6 or 8 times and if you keep it tight it stays in place perfectly.

Finally, the jars were filled with salt because it looked crisp next to those white candles.

I like simplicity, so this worked and if you like more color then spice it up and perhaps use colored or natural sand instead.

Winter Decor with recycled votive candles and eucalyptus

Once everything was placed where it belonged, I actually felt like sitting down to work.  Sometimes a little motivation is all it takes to get back in the swing of things.

So, brighten up the season with a little crisp winter decor.

Create crisp winter home decor that smells good. These natural elements pretty up a room in a matter of minutes. #WinterHomeDecor, #VotiveCandles, #Eucalyptus


  1. Bonnie Hobbs says:

    I love your Winter scape! It’s fresh, warm and inviting. I’m in the middle of packing up the house for our new adventure and I love knowing I can come back to Garden Up Green and get ideas for our new home. I love the earthiness of your creativity and am drawn to your ideas. Life often shifts gears and pulls you in another direction and it’s nice to know there is peace and calm on your web site. I look forward to your words for living a simple life and although my idea of simple isn’t like yours, it still contains the aspect of living light, free and simple. Thank you for this article, it has renewed my spirit <3

    1. Carole says:

      Life is like a gear shift and landing within peace and calm is always good. If you’re packing you must be pending an offer? Excited for you a new adventure is always good, I can see in a couple years I’ll be ready for another, LOL. I find simple comes in all shapes and sizes and it most definitely is renewing. We’ll have to get together before you head out of here.

  2. Patti says:

    What a beautiful display. I so love the smell of eucalyptus and I bet the warm of the candles and the smell is so uplifting. I saw some seeded eucalyptus at Trader Joes over the weekend. Now I’m wishing I bought some. Maybe it will still be there next time. I love that you were once a florist. The was a dream of mine for a long time. No wonder we are kindred spirits. Perhaps you will grow a cutting flower garden at your homestead and set up a flower stand one day.

    1. Carole says:

      Okay so i did actually grow flowers one season on our farm and sold them at the farmer’s market. We ran into a drought that season so I just let the entire thing go away side. I might have to think about that, might be fun on a small scale because I really do miss working with flowers. Maybe I should write more about that?

      That eucalyptus smells so wonderful, seeded euc is nice too another favorite. I have plans to grow silver dollar which I’ve never dared before so that should be interesting. I could see working with you in a floral shop, seriously because kindred spirits is spot on.

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