Gardenia Growing Tips for Indoors

Gardenia Planting Tips for indoors

The gardenia was introduced to me when I was kid.  We almost always had a plant in our home because it was and still is my mother’s favorite flower.

She would get so excited when they bloomed which also led to my own excitement because they smell heavenly.  They’re a peaceful and very graceful flower that is often overlooked for house plants.

They’re actually pretty easy to care for and you don’t have to live in the south to enjoy these beauties either.  You should know they’re a tropical plant; if you do live in cooler climates this plant will need to remain indoors because they will not survive in temperatures below 55 degrees.

I’ve decided to keep mine inside because after years of living in a home with no plants I decided to change that just a little.

Lighting for Gardenias

Gardenia Lighting and Basic Care Tips

Lighting and temperature are going to be the first area of importance.  Place in a location where the light is the brightest, for me this would be our office as the light shines in this room perfectly.

Temperatures of 60 – 80 degrees are ideal and avoid direct hot or cold drafts.

  • Watering Gardenias is an avenue that often gets confused.  Water so the soil stays moist but don’t let it dry out. If the plant becomes too dry it will react by dropping its foliage and buds.
  • Fertilizing is required to keep your plant healthy and blooming. Gardenia’s thrive in acidic soil with an ideal PH between 5 and 6. Fertilize with a simple fish fertilizer, this is an all-natural option.  Follow the instructions for indoors plants, boost once a month and skip when blooming.
  • Repotting isn’t as necessary as you might think.  They actually like to be snug in their containers.  When plants begin to dry out rather quickly this is when you’ll know its time to go up about an inch or two in container size.  Remove the plant without disturbing the roots, place in new container and fill with potting soil around the edges.
  • Pests always check your plant for pests especially if you take it outdoors during the summer months.  It’s just a good rule to check monthly and treat naturally when needed.

The Blooming cycle of a Gardenia

Gardenia Blooming Cycle

I love the blooming cycle, it was exciting as a kid and still holds true to this day.  From new buds to the spark of a fresh bloom it’s an absolutely beautiful sight.

Blooms stay white for about a week and then begin to fade, turning yellow.  At this stage they still smell amazing but it’s necessary to remove the bud and base stem from the branch.

Perhaps just set them in a dish and continue to enjoy what’s left of their scent because it’s still amazing.

Gardenia’s are sensitive to their environment, which means they’ll let you know when things are out of whack.  This is when you have to fine tune your routine and evaluate the situation.

Many times, it’s something as simple as not enough sunlight which means finding a better location.

Enjoying the beauty of a gardenia

Even when the Gardenia isn’t blooming it offers this wonderful shade of waxy green foliage that is also beautiful.  It’s a shade of green that ignites wisdom.

The Gardenia is clean and fresh making it a fun option for those seeking new ideas for house plants.

Gardenia’s are defiantly not a new plant but they sure do make a wonderful addition to the home.  Feels good to bring a little natural green indoors.

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  1. Sue Gibbons says:

    I noticed a picture of a Marine in the photo, is this your son or someone you know? I am also a Marine! Semper Fidelis, Sue G.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes both kids went military and our son is the Marine, Corporal West. Very proud of him!

  2. Patti says:

    Oh yes, they do smell heavenly. I haven’t had good luck in the past with them but now I’m thinking it’s time to try again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Carole says:

      Heavenly is the best description I can think of and may have grabbed that from my mom as well. Yes do try them again and I really do believe it has more to do with sunlight to keep them happy.

  3. Christine says:

    My mother has always loved gardenias too. She has two of them that she keeps in her spare bedroom. Ive never had much luck keeping them alive but I’m pinning this post im hopes I can try again!! Thank u so much!!

    1. Carole says:

      They are a wonderful plant and I hope you do give them a try. Sunlight is really the key ingredient to success.

  4. We used to have a huge gardenia when we lived in east Texas. The perfume was sometimes overwhelming. Sadly, it was destroyed by Hurricane Rita.

    Today I have two outdoor gardenias. So far, so good. They’re one of the few plants that stay green all winter. I sent my mother a potted gardenia several years ago, and she still has it. She keeps it pruned so it stays small.

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