Updating Grandma’s Rose Trunk

Updating Grandma's Rose Chest

I’m pretty sure most of us here have received a family treasure at one time?

One of mine was this rose trunk, my grandma had a set of three in different sizes and I was fortunate to receive one years ago after she passed.

As a child I use to sit in her green chair and look at these boxes wondering what was inside each one, but never dared to open.

So, instead I found myself intrigued with the detail that was carved into each trunk.  The style was very meticulous realizing early on that creating beauty was possible with just about anything.

I recently decided to update my trunk because it was originally stained a dark walnut color and to be honest it was ready for an update.

Painting the Trunk with Dixie Belle Stormy Seas

Deciding on a color and painting

Deciding on a paint color took a couple of tries.  The first attempt was gravel road by Dixie Belle Paint, I love this color but it just wasn’t right.  After looking at it for almost a year I finally decided to give their Stormy Seas a try.

It was the perfect match; the exterior of the box was painted this color and the inside was left natural.

Learn how to Wax painted furniture

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Supplies for Waxing Trunk

The next step was to add a protective layer and I decided to give wax a try and you know what happened?  I fell in love with this product and the best part, it’s super easy to apply.

When Dixie Belle says they have the “best darn wax” they’re not joking.

They’re paint brushes are the best darn brushes too, they make painting a breeze and I recommend trying them because finding a good paint brush is no easy task.

Their blue sponges were also great, I used it dry for buffing.

Supplies for this step included

  • Clear and white wax
  • Blue Sponge
  • Chip Brush
  • Synthetic brush – all of which can be purchased online at Dixie Belle Paint right here.

Dixie Belle

Using a clear wax to project painted project

Applying Clear Waxing

The clear wax was applied first with the chip brush.  After letting that sit for 10 minutes, the blue sponge was used for buffing to get that nice soft finish.

I was pleased with that little step but this trunk has so much engraved detail I wanted to see if I could make it stand out using the white wax.

I chose white because I wanted that Stormy Seas color to remain the focus.

Using White Wax to bring out the Detail

Adding White Wax for Details

The white wax was applied with a brush over the engraved areas, let it sit and buffed with the blue sponge.  It worked perfectly and when finished this trunk felt like it was brought back to life.

It also looks great in our office area with our gardenia plant.  See that here.

I think Grandma would like it as well and some where there’s two more boxes out there just like this but in different sizes.  Perhaps whomever has them in my family may be inspired to update like I did.

Updating Grandmas Rose Trunk with Dixie Belle Paint Products. Learn how we made that engrave wood pop. #PaintingFurniture, #StorageTrunk


  1. Karen says:

    It turned out beautifully, Carole! I have a few pieces of furniture that were my mom’s, and honestly, the hardest part was making the decision to actually alter them. I’ve updated a couple pieces so far, and have several more to go, but I’m glad I jumped in and did it. Those pieces are special within themselves, and a new face doesn’t change that, but now they better match my own style and colors. Thanks for sharing your project – and the inspiration.

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks Karen – was a nice change of pace but I couldn’t see myself painting furniture on a regular basis. Great winter project!

      I did struggle with changing it a little, but with this piece it was so unique the color didn’t change it that much. It just made it stand out even more and my grandma was known to paint furniture to make things look new so I figured why not.

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