Clearing Land Fast with EZKut Tools

Clearing Land with Ezkut tools

A few years ago, when I was leading workshops for Texas Home and Garden, I was introduced to EZKut hand clippers.

I was given the opportunity to test a pair on an actual branch which left me impressed. With little effort that cut was fast, so the clippers came home with me.

The best part was they fit my hand perfectly without slipping.

Several years later I still have that same pair of clippers and when we started clearing at Quail Grove they became a daily companion.

Needless to say, my EZKut clippers have seen better days, but they still work great and allow me to clear a space quickly.

What our land looked like before clearing

A lot of Clearing

Initially there was a lot of clearing that needed our attention.  There’s still a lot to accomplish and this is how thick the brush looked when we began.

This is actually on the other side of our fence line but our field was just as thick in the beginning.  We basically started clearing at the side of the road and worked our way in.

A lot of that brush was cut with my EZKut hand clippers.  We also used machetes and a chain saw but it was those clippers that allowed us to clear fast and make that first walk path to an actual open space.

To see some of those early clearing events click here:

ExKut Tools

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My EZKUT Tools

It wasn’t until recently that I decided it was time for a new clearing tool.  Something that could help take down small stumps and trees.

I’ve been removing underbrush on the property we live on so Robert can come through with a chain saw and drop trees at a faster pace.

New tool shopping led me back to EZKut because I had this feeling, they would have what I was seeking.  After clicking around their website, I was right and discovered the “Wow Saw” and placed my order immediately.

When it arrived, I was shocked how light it was then headed to the field to give it a try.

The blade was also impressive and within 15 minutes I cut down 4 small stumps and 3 trees.  My response at that moment, you guessed it “WOW!”

So, I had Robert video so you could see these tools in action.



I have great news – if you’re interested in trying these tools EZKut has offered my readers an online discount.

Go to EZKUT Tools here and use this promo code GardenUp at checkout.

clearing land

Land Transforming

It’s exciting to see this area slowly transform into workable land. Right now, it’s just a fun place to clean up and continue burning the debris.

Eventually this will be green for raising small livestock like a few sheep or goats.  This could even be a neat space for an orchard.

Clearing land is a matter of taking one area and working your way through the cutting process one branch and tree at a time.  I actually really enjoy this activity because it’s peaceful and offers the opportunity to achieve some homestead goals.

After clearing out the brush

Here’s a larger view where I’ve been working and it’s coming along pretty good.  Robert will have no problem dropping trees once things dry up.

Things I’ve learned about clearing land, it takes time and a good work ethic goes a long way.  Cutting limbs and trees is also faster when they’re dry.  It rained the day prior so I won’t be clearing again for another week.

But you can see we’re making progress. it’s slow due to the weather but eventually it will get done.  We’re still excited about this Tiny Homestead Community, we just wish it would stop raining so we could get that first property finished.

If you’re looking to clear land fast, I highly recommend checking out those EZKut tools – the “Lopper” is next on my list to purchase, I can hardly wait to try it out.

Clearing land faster with Ezkut tools was a game changer. These amazing tools surprised us, click to see the progress we've made in a short period of time. #ClearingLand, #OutdoorTools, #EzKutTools


  1. daisy says:

    We have had a crazy amount of rain this winter too. Hoping for some sunny skies for both of us!

    I’ve been looking for a saw like that. I think it would be perfect for clearing out the underbrush in our wooded area. Thanks for the discount!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Carole says:

      The rain has been insane here since September things just haven’t had a chance to dry out. You will love this saw – it’s amazing!

  2. Patti says:

    These are great Pinning and adding them to my wish list!

    1. Carole says:

      They’re a must and if you do a lot of pruning those clippers are the best. I recently ordered a replacement blade – just need to sit down and actually switch them out.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh my goodness, Carole!! First , Happy belated birthday!!!! Secondly, I am truly amazed at how strong and incredibly positive your inner spirit is. Nothing keeps you down for long and I admire that so much!! Lastly, your video was awesome!! That wow saw really is a wow and I’ll definitely be ordering one up!! It will help with some minor clearing we have t do this spring. Btw!! You and your hubby have such infectious laughs!! Hearing u was just what I needed to start my day!!! Watch out for that rooster!! Lol!!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you and that rooster I tell you he’s something. I’m hoping after I get him a couple more hens he’ll be too busy to fight me. I will tell you this… I try very hard to stay upbeat and one of my secret tips is being very selective about who and where I spend my time. Thanks for stopping by loved your comment… Hugs back!

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