Creating a Planting Space

Finished Garden Box

Creating a planting space sometimes involves moving a few pieces of outdoor furniture then finding something that possibly needs an update.

That’s what I did last week when the clouds covered but the temperatures still felt pretty great.

Do you remember that funky farmhouse table with buffalo check from last September?  Well, I moved it near the creek to use as a potting table because it offered a little more space than what I was currently using.

That idea triggered a moment of renew for my tired looking garden box.

Updating a Garden Box

Choosing Furniture Pieces

If you’re thinking about creating an outdoor planting space choose an area not too far from your garden. Then see if you already have pieces of furniture you can use to establish this location even if it means they may need a little sprucing up.

Best advice is to keep it simple and if garden supplies are overflowing then maybe it’s time to downsize some of those things.

It might surprise you but I don’t really use a lot of garden supplies.  I have this outdoor box handy where things can be stored because I don’t like clutter.

It appears I’m just as simplistic outdoors as we are in the home.

I also don’t believe you need a lot of stuff to garden.  So, this box holds a few recycled pots, garden tools, terracotta pots, bag of potting soil and some jars.

It was looking pretty sad which made me think updating it to match the table would be a neat idea. Both pieces sort of fit together and also help keep my clutter to a minimum.

To update I started with paint from Dixie Belle using colors – Coffee Bean and Farmhouse Green.

Painting and Stenciling

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Updating with Paint

The base of the box was painted with coffee bean first and it covered perfectly using those awesome chip brushes.  If you haven’t had a chance to try Dixie Belle’s brushes you must.

The paint strokes onto the wood perfectly without leaving bristles behind, which makes me happy!

I applied one thick coat of the coffee bean before moving onto farmhouse green that was used for trim and stenciling.

That is such a fun color and it really brightens up a space in a subtle way.

Stenciling Hydrangea stencil

More Paint and Stencils

Once the word stencils were added I used Dixie Belles neat Hydrangea stencil next.  I love this one because it’s light and pretty.

I’ve used this stencil a couple times and I kept things simple by transferring the entire design with farmhouse green, then added the color, plum crazy on a few blossoms to resemble an actual hydrangea flower.

Get my stencil tips here and my how to clean stencils right here.

Finished Garden Box

This update was quick, easy and a fun way to pull this planting area together.  Once completely dry I covered the entire box with a clear coat to protect from the weather.

Material Recap

  • Dixie Belle Paint Colors – Farmhouse Green, Coffee Bean and Plum Crazy
  • Dixie Belle Clear Coat
  • Dixie Belle Chip Brush
  • Dixie Belle Hydrangea stencil
  • Word Stencil came from Studio R12 on Etsy

All Dixie Belle products and stencil can be purchased here.

Dixie Belle

Planting Space Completed

A Finished Planting Space

A finished planting space means I’m just about ready to start seeds for spring.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed because I did notice cooler temperatures and rain is headed our way.

If the weather is making you antsy then perhaps it’s time to create an area where you can plant because every gardener should have a fun place for transplanting or starting seeds.

Get tips for creating a space near the garden for a planting table. Jazz up furniture you may already have to make it unique and a fun place to plant. #GardenSpace, #PlantingTable



  1. Patti says:

    Such a cute space and you know I think that’s necessary, in addition to being organized and practical. It’s always nice to work in a pretty space. Can’t wait to get outside and work in the garden. ALso, I love the way Dixie covers and holds up in the outdoors.

    1. Carole says:

      It does do great outdoors. I just tried a stain of theirs this morning on a new project that I’ll be sharing later this month. It was a amazing!

  2. Christine says:

    As usual, I love the colors you chose on your box! Now you have plenty of room for storing gloves, tools, and potting soil! My hubby built me a little gardening table a few years ago in the back yard and I absolutely LOVE it! Good luck starting your seeding. I can’t wait for Spring!

    1. Carole says:

      I think I may start seeds next week after this next cold front that’s headed our way. That box is working out great but I really need to get rid of some of those things I’m storing because I never use them.

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