Searching For Spring Garden Inspiration

Seeking Spring in the Mix of winter

In the mix of this weird winter and rainfall that’s been continuous since September, it was time to get out of town and search for Spring.

Many folks seek spring inspiration by going to home and garden shows this time of year but I’m not much for crowds anymore.  Then somewhere in my memory log I remember years ago visiting a fantastic nursery named Calloways. 

They offer 21 locations in Texas and if you’ve never been well, I hope a peak into one of their Fort Worth nurseries may spark your interest.

If you’re not in Texas that’s okay because I bet there’s a place where you live that is just as spectacular and I highly recommend seeking that little dose of Spring inspiration.

Pretty kalancho and mini carnations

From the moment I walked through the door I knew my decision to visit was grand.

I was first greeted with a fun display of cyclamen and the sound of water. Then I came across this neat spread of mini carnations and kalanchoe, that combination of bright orange and shades of pink was breath taking.

For whatever reason I ended up bringing home one of those mini carnations because it was just so cute.  I’m not even a fan of carnations but for whatever reason these were speaking to me.

Beautiful Gerbera Daisy

There was this amazing batch of gerbera daisies, a favorite flower that offers so much wonderful color.

The indoor nursery was loaded with blooming plants and these daisies reminded me they may be a neat option in terracotta planters I want to establish this year.

The spicy scent of stock also caught my attention, I just wish it lasted longer down south because I might have picked up a few of those as well. Maybe later when our temperatures decide to settle.

Taking pictures as I walked around was the best ever and they didn’t even mind.  Which was so nice because I’ve been seeking an opportunity to take random flower photos.

Most people zoom to the Dallas Arboretum for flower photo shoots but again I’m not big on crowds and because we’re in the off season Calloway’s was peaceful and needless to say full of inspiration.

Amazing colors of Purple and Pink

About halfway through the outing I started to think about my book Startle Garden and how these tables of colorful plants resemble what energized that book.  I love color because it adds detail to the gardening experience.

These plants combined with the Startle Garden system you just can’t go wrong.

But when I came across the color combo of vibrant purple and pink my heart melted.  I love these bright tones together and back when I was a floral designer the majority of my arrangements consisted of this combination using cut flowers of all varieties.

Come to think of it our wedding flowers were also in this color pattern.  If you could just see these two colors in real life your heart would melt too.

Orchids and Merchandise galore at Calloways nursery

Aside from their amazing indoor and outdoor areas Calloway’s Nursery also offers several fantastic product lines.  They have everything to occupy your gardening needs and wants, including seeds.

Their orchid display was also very tempting but I’ve decided to wait until later because I need to learn more about caring for those wonderful plants prior to diving in.

Orchids are one plant that I’ve always wanted to incorporate indoors but put off because I was always busy with something else.  Which is why I love our new simplified lifestyle because now I have more time for some of those things.

Stargazer lilies at Calloways nursery

It was this row of Stargazers that really stopped me in my tracks, realizing that not only did I find my spring inspiration I also uncovered a glimpse into summer.

This beauty has always been my favorite, Robert knows it because it was the center of our wedding flowers and whenever he spots then, he pulls my attention in that direction and normally buys me a bundle.

If the winter weather is getting to you then I’d like to encourage you to get a change of scenery where ever you live and search for a little bit of spring garden happiness.

But please skip the big box store’s find a place that gets it right and actually cares about what they have to offer.

This little trip to Calloway’s Nursery was just what I needed to lift my spirits.  Their stores are top notch!

When Winter drags on the search for spring garden inspiration is necessary. Get these tips for cruising through winter when spring is on the brain. #Gardentips, #SpringInspiration


  1. Patti says:

    So spot on advice! I wish we had a Calloways here in PA. We do have a couple of decent nurseries. One called Trax Farms is close to me and I think I head off there today. Thanks as always for the great inspiration.
    P.S. I had pink stargazers in my wedding bouquet too!

    1. Carole says:

      Oh wow – our similarities make me smile when they surface. I had the best time at this place and plan to hit one of their other locations next month. Thanks for sharing that go to nursery in your area. Have a great weekend!

  2. Christine says:

    So much inspiration, Carole! The stargazers are gorgeous but those daisies are my favorite! There is just something about them that always makes me smile! I’m so looking forward to getting in the gardens this Spring. I just picked up some seeds at our local nursery and I hope to be starting them soon. Thanks for all the lovely eye candy this morning! You made my day!

    1. Carole says:

      That’s how I felt while at that nursery – inspiration was everywhere and it felt amazing.

  3. daisy says:

    What a fabulous field trip! Nothing like some spring blooms to lift a gal’s spirits. Thank you for sharing all of that wonderful color with us.

    1. Carole says:

      You’re welcome, I’m doing my spring countdown and as of today we’re at 32. Guess I need to get moving on finishing my seed starts.

  4. Great idea! I love Calloway’s. Their prices are a little steep without a sale, but their plants are gorgeous and healthy. You get what you pay for.

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