Rotational Grazing with Dexter Cows

I’ve realized for most of my life I’m a bit of a free spirit.  This is probably a good thing because I don’t get caught up in what others are doing, I go through life embracing experiences that inspire.

This takes me back to our farm when we added Dexter Cows because this step forward was not inspired.

Robert had to convince me this was going to be a good thing and it wasn’t until they arrived; watching them trot through our fields that I knew we made the right decision.

A new step forward brings me to our newest product line, Ad Free Magazine articles.  This has been in the works for a while, mostly bouncing through my head during the years I was freelance writing.

Freelancing was amazing, pushing me out of my comfort zone, much like deciding to raise Dexter Cows.

Both experiences allowed me to learn and grow which was fantastic because shouldn’t we all be seeking avenues that help us grow?

So, I  decided to embrace my free spirit by offering high-quality magazine articles at a faster rate. Topics will be focused on gardening and homesteading because I believe there is a simplified way of doing things that is often overlooked.

Belle and Red eating hay over the winter.

Belle and Red enjoying hay over the winter while the fields repaired from severe drought. Hay rolls were $80 – $90 dollars each and they were coming from out of state.

New Magazine Articles Begin

We begin this journey by introducing Rotational grazing with Dexter cows.

When we moved to our farm the first few years included a lot of research and reading.  We were originally city/suburb folk who knew very little about raising animals for self reliance or profit.

Our entire family participated and each of us were assigned an area of interest. I was planted in the garden, Robert had field prep, fencing and cows and the kids covered chickens and rabbits.

We worked together to help one another and it was a story of its own. The first big project we took on happen to be Robert’s, this included implementing rotational grazing, adding a breeding pair of Dexter cows and a llama.

Red During the Drought

Red our bull loved his hay during the droughts, not only was it tasty it was also pretty comfy…

Dexter Cow Experience

It was an amazing four-year journey with those cows where many lessons came front and center.  It was that time of research that led us to Deter’s and with no regrets our family was thankful.

I may have been the most thankful when we finally decided to be done with the cows. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

But after 2 droughts one worse than the other I was tired and realized that sometimes you have to know when to let go so you can reach new goals.

Dexter Cows Enjoying Grass

Molly and Red – they were quite a pair. She birthed 2 calves beautifully and was a very loving animal, Red had his moments…

Raising Dexter Cows Article

Those cows were something else and when I look back, I’m reminded of this surprising aroma, the sweet scent of a new born calf.

There’s nothing else quite like it, so clean and defined like a fresh bar of sweet soap.

To learn more about this awesome cattle breed which is great for small and large acreage check out that article here.

Raising Dexter Cows

Rotational Grazing Article

One of things that I mention in the Dexter cow article is rotational grazing.  Which is in my opinion the healthiest and best way to raise livestock.  After using this system on our farm, I was convinced, we continued with rotation when the sheep arrived after the cows moved on.

This system was a game changer towards reaching our goals with small acreage.  Sometimes I wish I would have listened to Robert and agreed to go with even smaller paddocks.

I really enjoyed writing this article because rotational grazing is just good old common sense put into action. Our focus was always based on what’s best for the land and animals; the results were sweet!

If rotational grazing is something, you’re thinking about this is one article you won’t want to pass.  Whether you have one acre or 40 plus acres, this system works wonders.  Get it here.

Rotational Grazing at work

The sheep loved rotational grazing and so did the land…

Rotational Grazing with Dexter cows was a great experience and now you can discover more on that topic in our Ad free magazine articles.  It my hope you find value in this new product addition, where you’ll also find a couple new garden related articles as well.

New articles will be published every month, this is a neat way to learn more and create your very own Garden Up Green library.


If you might be seeking to homestead but not sure where to begin discover the benefits of rotational grazing with smaller livestock, Dexter Cows. #Homestead, #RotationalGrazing, #Dextercows


  1. Patti says:

    You are always up to something new. Offering an ad free magazine article is a great idea, and one I’m sure many will be interesting in as a valued resource.

  2. Christine says:

    Oh, Carole! Just seeing the photo’s of your cows makes me miss those days on our farm when I’d go out to gather the mama’s from the field and feed the babies their bottles. (Sniff, sniff). Sweet memories, so thank you for that! Also, Congratulations on your latest adventure! An ad-free magazine-now there’s an amazing concept!!! Hugs and best wishes!

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