The Lack of Quail Grove Progress

Lack of Progress at Quail Grove

As I sit and write it’s a low 23 degrees in March, this winter has been the most bizarre I’ve ever experienced in North Texas.

We have moss growing on trees due to ongoing rainfall since September.  Robert says we have our very own tropical rain forest forming which is what it will feel like when temperatures rise.

Nearby fields and pastures are a muddy mess and the county roads are just a bad.

The weather has been unreal and has had a huge impact on the lack of progress at Quail Grove.  It will be questionable if we can get that first property ready by spring or even plant our garden if things don’t begin to dry soon.

Chicken Coop project finished

We don’t like to admit it but the lack of progress has been discouraging because until the ground dries, we’re in a position of sit and wait.

We’re not really sit and wait kind of people so, we’ve taken a few slow steps forward by finishing projects that include the chicken run, adding more raised beds and clearing out brush. 

We’ve even worked on the Tiny House by finishing the office and loft. Due to lack of excitement things stopped there because winter lasted longer than we expected and we’re pretty comfy in the RV.

Robert calls it our Love bubble which is funny and just really means he’s super content and so am I.

Tiny living has been a blessing and it’s made us both realize that when we finally finish Quail Grove and move to our own property, we’ll continue living this way.

We’ve discovered we just don’t need much to live a happy life.  Read about our first year of Tiny Living here.

The Lack of tiny House Progress

We’ve also discovered during this slow period that sometimes a change in scenery is good, so we’ve been scoping additional land opportunities.

I think what I’ve observed most about these outings is there’s a lot of weak areas that need cleaning up.

I’m amazed at the clutter that surfaces, amazed because I can’t imagine being surrounded by so much stuff.  If clutter is something you struggle with you may enjoy reading my ultimate downsize

Best advice I can give you is, let it go because stuff, is holding you back.

You may also like how to downsize for tiny Living. These steps are easy to implement even if you don’t plan on living tiny.

Country Road Emptying into the creek

I guess you could say with the lack of progress it’s made us more aware of our surroundings.  My grandmother once said, how people care for their home is an expression of how they view themselves.

I’m not sure if this is true, but a lot of times I do see the similarities. I know for myself the way I do things is very organized which means I like structure.

The simplicity that follows that structure helps me stay positive and be more productive.

Robert on the other hand functions very well in any environment, he’s said on many occasions he loves our lifestyle but more than anything wishes it would stop raining so we can move forward.

I’m in complete agreement with that because we have work to finish and until things dry out, we wait.

One of those tasks is to dig out the creek because the County Road is washing out, gifting us with tones of fill dirt and gravel.  Every time it rains it does set us back and we get upwards of a $1,000 worth of free dirt and gravel flowing downstream off the road.

More Clearing

Besides digging out the creek we have the driveway, skirting, water well and fence to install and then that first property will be ready to sell.

That probably sounds like a lot of work, but believe me it’s not. It’s just a couple weeks’ worth of labor but the ground needs to be dry.

So even though we currently have a lack of progress due to crazy weather, we know this has all been part of God’s plan.  He’s opened our eyes to our surroundings and every step of the way he’s blessed this journey.

It’s been amazing and I’m reminded when obstacles cross our path we need to focus on the positive solutions so that when it comes time to move forward, we’re ready and we can serve with a full heart.

Focusing on the Positive like these new plants are as they sprout for spring.



  1. Patti says:

    I guess it’s true for everything there is a season. I know you and Robert will look back and smile on this time which is so frustrating at the moment but will seem like nothing and/or needed. We’ve all been there. Looking forward to watching it all progress.

    1. Carole says:

      Turn, turn, turn… Listening to lots of music as well. You know, we’re smiling now because there isn’t much we can do about it and if I’ve learned anything in this life, God’s timing is perfection. It’s given us time to get back into a workout schedule so when things do dry out we’ll be fit. LOL

  2. We’ve been trying to work between the rain and cold weather, but I’ll be glad when it warms up. Freezing temps are hard on man and beast.

    The rain may have held you back, but we both know it’s temporary. Annoying…but temporary. Use the down time to rest. I know you guys work harder than most people. You deserve the break.

    1. Carole says:

      I hear ya on those warmer temperatures. We actually used some of this down time to get fit. Basically working out and eating healthier so when the weather does get better we’re up for it. Feels pretty good too.

  3. daisy says:

    I love your attitude. Focusing on the present gifts can be challenging, but knowing there is a plan in place certainly helps a body move forward.

    We have had a rainy winter as well, and I understand the difficulty in having to put things on hold. I guess it will help me to savor the spring planting even more!

    Praying for sunny skies!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes it is challenging but turning things into a blend of positive is a much better way to go through our day. The weather has just been really strange, we’ve never seen it rain this much in Texas and I grew up in Washington State so I know rain. LOL Your prayers must be coming through because the sun is shinning this morning between that 23 degrees. Think the high for today is 44. But get this 70 by the weekend.

  4. Cookie Kuhns says:

    Hello, Carole! Totally agree and, although God’s own plan is always in the works, we all hope and pray Spring is on her way…

    Love reading your newsletters.

    1. Carole says:

      Amen! The sun did come out today which made me smile. So glad you have you here and you’re enjoying.

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