Make a Fun Stenciled Floral Purse

How to Stencil Transfer onto a Purse

Making fun projects can be a neat activity, it also helps stimulate the brain.

I’ve been experimenting with stenciling and discovered there’s several things you can create using this technique in addition to signs.

Through this process I also realized transferring onto fabric isn’t that difficult.  So, I made this floral purse perfect for Summer because it’s a one of a kind.

Now, who doesn’t want something simple that’s one of a kind?

How to Stencil Transfer onto a Purse

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Shopping List

If you want to recreate this particular project then a little shopping will be necessary.  This list is really simple because you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

Cutting Edge Stencils has an amazing floral inventory so get creative and if you duplicate this project, I’d love to see it so email me an image.

How to Stencil Transfer onto a Purse

The Stencil Transfer

For the most part this project is pretty straight forward.  The most difficult moment for me involved color choice because this is a gift and I wasn’t sure which direction to take.

I settled with mermaid tail, peacock and colonel mustard from Dixie Belle Paint.

I had apricot available but it just didn’t make it to the transfer because the brighter colors bring these fabric projects to life.

Dixie Belle has a great selection of bright colors, additional favorites would be plum, evergreen, coffee bean, in the navy, and well the list goes on so just get creative.

  • Begin by taping the stencil to the purse.
  • First add Mermaid tail, followed by peacock.
  • Then add Colonel mustard.
  • To finish, I went back with a little of the first two colors to blend which included a little overlapping.
  • When dry, heat press by covering with a dry towel and a hot iron.

Stencil transfer with three colors

The colors turned out better than I could have imagined because it’s bright but yet offers a softness making it perfect for summer.

That stencil also had a lot of neat details that came through without any difficulties.

If you’re new to stenciling on fabric then practice on some light canvas first and apply by dotting the fabric.  Use little paint on the brush and just allow yourself to get comfortable with the process before landing on your main project.

Believe me, you’ve got this and I know you’re going to enjoy making this.  Get my how to stencils tips here.

Back side of Purse transfer

Freebie Stencils

Cutting Edge Stencils inserts free card stencils when you purchase, it’s kind of like their way of saying thank you for shopping with us.

Their match for this shopping spree was perfect because I transferred the smaller flower on the back side using the same paint colors and I was surprised how well it complemented the front.

The paint dries fast so it didn’t take long before I was finished and ready to package for shipping.

Purse Gift with painted notes cards to match

I’m really liking the variation of color; it reminds me of blue skies and summer days.

This purse went great with that stack of stenciled note cards from earlier this week and both projects have already been mailed as a surprise for my mom.

So, if you need a neat gift idea for Mother’s Day or an upcoming birthday here’s a fun idea.  But you know what?  You may just want to make a floral stenciled purse for yourself.


Get Crafty with Stencils and make this fun summer purse others will envy. #SummerPurse, #Stencils


  1. Patti says:

    That’s so pretty! I love the color choices you picked. This would be great to use for trips to the farmers market or the beach. So many possibilities.

    1. Carole says:

      It was a lot of fun and my mom received it yesterday and loved it. Was pretty cool!

  2. Christine says:

    What a fun and functional project, Carole!! I bought a canvas bag last year for our local farmers market! I just might have to get some stencils and pretty it up!!🥰 Your color choices are perfect as usual!! Have fun st the movies!!

    1. Carole says:

      The movie was great! This is a really fun project you should give this one a try.

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