Inspiration Found at Biedenharn Garden

Inspiration from our Biedenharn Tour

We recently decided to go on a little journey.  This took us to The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens in Monroe, Louisiana.

This outing was a nice change of scenery filled with inspiration.

Originally our visit was focused on the Coca-Cola tour, somewhere I missed we’d also be walking through the historic family home, the ELSong gardens and a bible museum.

This was such a treat, but if you can believe it, I forgot to bring my good camera.  It was such an error on my part but it’s my hope I’ve captured the beauty of this garden with the help of my smart phone.

Additional photos can be found on my Instagram page.

If you’re not familiar with Joe Biedenharn, he was the first man to put coca cola in a bottle. The family home was left to his daughter Emy Lou, an opera singer prior to WW11.  She left her career to move back home and care for her father until he passed in 1952.

She continued living at the Biedenharn estate until her passing in 1984.

Emy Lou appeared to me as a dramatic person who enjoyed detail.  It was present her heart and soul transformed this home and garden into this beautiful place that is incredibly peaceful.

Garden Spaces with a statement

Since this tour offered many areas of interest, I thought it would be fun to focus on our walk through the gardens because this is where everything came to life.

With the right attention, a garden has this amazing way of carrying on even when others have passed on.

Emy Lou left the estate in the form of a foundation; the tour guides and many of the others we met were very nice and welcoming.

At the time of our tour most of the spring flowers had already passed and I was okay with that. There’s something amazing about the texture and shades of green that help me focus my attention to detail.

I was inspired with every step as we walked along this perfectly placed brick pathway.

Statues and water features were in abundance along with countless areas to sit and relax.

A view that captures shades of green

This was probably my favorite area while standing inside the greenhouse.  This is where they winter many plants and these huge doors open to this amazing english garden.

As I looked through the opening, I thought of my grandmother who was also a dramatic person… “She would have loved this tour.”

This greenhouse made me think of a space I would like to create one day after we complete Quail Grove.  It was magical…

Eveyrthing felt very personal and energizing.

Natural beauty along the walkpath

Established gardens are just fantastic because they offer that everlasting growth like this cedar tree.  I couldn’t believe how massive their cedar trees were and I loved the ivy topiary in the middle of this walk path.

In the distance you can vaguely see a statue.

These were present throughout and they added such elegance in the mix of all that natural beauty.

Pomegrant Tree

We first noticed this tree when we were inside the house.  It captured my attention immediately!

The flowers looked like azalea blossoms in the color of coral and later we learned this was a pomegranate tree.  I’m not sure when it was planted and I can only imagine when in full bloom it’s even more breath taking.

We just may have to come back next spring.

5 cent cokes for two

This ledge was fantastic, a nice maintained planting area right outside the family home.

As I mentioned earlier, we attended to learn how Mr. Biedenharn had a hand in the success of Coca Cola.  In the gardens they have a coke machine filled with five cent cokes.  Robert and I enjoy our cold cokes while we walked outdoors.

I saved the bottles to remember this awesome day because I may turn them into outdoor lights in my country garden.

Saying Good Bye to Biedenharn Gardens

As we left, I couldn’t help but turn around and notice that beautiful magnolia tree next to the bible museum.  Everything in this photo is so pronounced; it might surprise you but I also love this style of gardening.

This outing reminded me some of the best adventures are never planned, they just happen.  The Biedenharn visit was truly a neat experience and it’s my hope we return when it’s in full bloom.

Monroe in general is just a really neat place, filled with nice people… We ended the day with a walk through the downtown area and a few sweet treats from Ms. Kays Sweets and Eats.

I’d like to encourage you to take a garden tour this summer and let it inspire the best in you.

Take a Visit to the Biedenharn museum and garden for inspiration and a neat experience in Monroe Lousiana. #Gardens, #Gardentour


  1. daisy says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to roam and explore. Historical homes and gardens are one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

    1. Carole says:

      It was great and a reminder that it’s good to get a change of scenery.

  2. Christine says:

    Michael and I are much like you and Robert, Carole! We so enjoy a good adventure and you sure had an amazing one! What a gorgeous garden to get lost in for the afternoon!! It sounds like you had time to unwind and enjoy time together and that is so important!! Looking forward to see what you do with those Coke bottles! Have a great weekend!

    1. Carole says:

      It’s was nice, we really needed a change of scenery and oh my goodness the coke museum was neat. They mentioned there were warehouses in Monnroe filled with vinatage coke memorabilia.

  3. Patti says:

    I also like to visit gardens when we travel if I can. There is so much inspiration and it’s just plain fun. I’ve never been to Louisiana before but now I have a place I want to see when we get there.

    1. Carole says:

      My first time here as well, this was a really neat city and the people were so friendly.

  4. Tina says:

    What a fun adventure! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Carole says:

      Absolutely, was a great afternoon.

  5. Botanic Bleu says:

    Coca-Cola has always been my favorite drink. When I was in grade school, I walked past a local bottling plant that had large plate glass windows as I walked to and from school. You could see the conveyor belts with all the cokes moving along in the bottling process. Back in my childhood there were only the small size bottled cokes. I would tell my mother that I was going to “discover” making large size bottles of coke when I grew up. She patiently explained that was not a “discovery.”

    Thanks for sharing your garden tour. The potted ivy in the brick walkway is lovely! If only we had more rain and lower temperatures here!


    1. Carole says:

      Hello Judith, neat story…. Coke is our favorite too – nothing better after working outside on a really hot day. Loved that ivy planter too. As for rain, we’ve had our fair share this year… There are days when our place looks like a rain forest. Thanks for stopping by hope all is well…. Carole

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