Make Copper Beaded Garden Charms

Make Copper Beaded Garden Charms

Making artistic elements for the garden is something I enjoy because they add a little creativity in the mix of each growing season.

On a recent trip to Michaels I spotted copper wire and these funky beads.  The colors were perfect and it seemed a few charms would be my next item of interest because I was on a mission to gather garden charm supplies.

This craft can be used outside in the garden or indoors with house plants.  They add a little glamour, especially when the sun appears.

Garden Charm Supplies

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Michaels Shopping Trip

All of my supplies came from Michaels but I’m sure any craft store would have what you need to recreate this project. I’ve also linked some options from amazon.

I’ve been wanting to make something with copper for awhile and when I saw those beads, I knew following through was the next step.

My larger strand of wire (not seen in this photo) came from Lowes, it can also be purchased by the foot at Home Depot.  The heavier wore made the hanger for the charms which is optional.

Sorting Bead Supplies

Getting Supplies Ready and Encouragement

I used a paper plate to sort everything and when choosing charms; they don’t have to be positive messages.  A unique symbol of a bird or whatever you like would also be neat.

My project is a gift and I liked what each charm had to say, especially “believe in yourself.”  It’s that little boost of confidence that encourages others to try new things regardless of age.

That would be true with these garden charms, this was a first-time project for me and it was fun.

For others this project may be just the push you need to get creative this summer.

Take this concept, recreate it and make it even better by adding your own twist.

So, lets dive in and go over how to make these unique garden charms.

Garden Charm Assembly

Each Creative Step

There’s a lot of twist and turns in this project and why I chose 16-gauge wire, it’s easy to bend yet heavy enough to hold shape.

  1. Begin with about a foot of wire, or choose double the length you want for each design. This allows excess for wire twisting.
  2. The first step is to begin with the end making a loop, this is where I hung the first charm.
  3. Make a couple twists afterwards and add two or three beads.
  4. Continue with more wire twisting and use the crimpers if bending by hand is difficult.  Tools will always offer a tighter close and shape.
  5. Repeat by adding more beads, twist and as you move upwards add another charm by making a loop and sliding the charm in place.
  6. Finally, when you get to the end close the top with additional wire bending and now you have a finished garden charm.

Easy to Make Garden Charms

Finished Garden Charms

This was a super easy project and it’s the perfect summer craft, think about getting together with friends one hot summer afternoon to make these beaded garden charms.

Remember you can hang them outside in the garden from an existing trellis or even from a nearby tree.  I thought they might even look neat hanging from a birdhouse?

If you want to make your own hanger then keep reading because I used copper wire from the hardware store.

Garden Charms using Copper and Beads

Copper Wire Hangers

Hangers can be made tall or short or incorporated into one.

The goal is to allow them to hang in the air so the light can shine through.  We all need a little light, don’t you agree?

I took my size 8 wire and cut 2 and 3 ft. lengths for each hanger. That was my original plan, then I decided to take those strands and wrap them together because I thought it looked cool.

If you want taller hangers then expand the purchase length and you may even want to use a thicker wire.

All I did was bend and twist the wire together until I was satisfied with the shape, it’s that simple!

Hope you enjoyed making garden charms with me today, this is a fun activity that I’m pretty sure almost anyone would enjoy this project because there is no right or wrong way to create them.

Let your artistic flair shine!


Get creative and make copper beaded garden charms. This is a fun activity to share with friends and give as gifts or enjoy for yourself. #GardenCharms, #CopperBeads



  1. Patti says:

    These are so pretty and fun. Great for the garden or as a nice gift. I wonder if the copper will turn a beautiful verdigris after some time outside.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes eventually it does turn but it takes time. That’s one of the reasons I love using copper because it’s always changing.

  2. Christine says:

    These charms would be perfect in my rose gardens! And I love the idea of using copper because it has such a beautiful patina over time. I actually still have some beads left from the project we all did several years ago! So guess what I’ll be making! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Carole says:

      That would be a neat addition to a rose garden. The copper is a favorite and has been true since the beginning of the blog. Have fun!

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