Visiting Beautiful Tyler Rose Garden

Tour at Tyler Rose Garden

When most folks come to Texas they travel to the major cities.  What visitors and even some fellow Texans don’t realize is there happens to be additional outings that carry a whole lot of soul beyond the metropolitan area.

Places like the beautiful Tyler Rose Garden, I visited earlier this week because this area is one of my favorites.

I’m always up for a change of scenery especially now because I’m in the stages of planning our future.  This begins with where we want to actually retire in Texas.  Course, I’m not sure we’ll ever retire…

We’ve been in our current area for over ten years and by the time we finish Quail Grove I’m almost positive we’ll both be ready to move.

Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful here but it just doesn’t feel like a place we’d want to stay forever.

Warmer winters would be nice!

My favorite rose in the entire garden

Tyler Rose Garden is about an hour and a half from Quail Grove.

My day started early and to be honest I wasn’t sure what the roses would look like because our weather has been brutal.

It was a nice drive and the temperatures wereperfect so it really didn’t matter what the roses would look like because I was planning on having a great day.

The last time we visited these gardens the kids were little, that was in 2005.  We happen to be on our way to visit Robert’s mom and the one thing I remember perfectly clear was East, Texans are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

It’s a total shift in personality and I love it.

A view from the balcony

I wanted to begin this tour with a photo off a balcony; this is just one garden area of many.

There’s another side and additional theme gardens can be explored which really makes this tour grand.  It was super bright and as you can see things were not in full bloom.

It still looks pretty amazing because as you know, I love shades of green.

Patch of Tyler Roses

At ground level it can be almost intimidating because there’s just so many plants and they go on forever.

I’m going to guess if you want to view these gardens in full bloom then May and October would be the best months as the temperatures are a little cooler and the roses would in peak blooming.

I’ve found in my own Texas garden that my roses always look their best in May and June and then again in the fall.

More Beautiful Tyler Roses

These three were simply delicate and reminded me a single rose is more powerful than a dozen.

I love garden roses they have this ability to keep giving no matter what time of day…

I found myself in awe with shades of orange, lavender and coral.  You can guess those are the colors I tend to incorporate in my own garden because I already have the beautiful coral drift roses that I adore.

Rose Bed Base

I wanted you to see how they grow their roses.  They use raised beds and caring for these gardens is a full-time job.

The grounds men were busy trimming while I was there and to my surprise, they use a small chain saw. I was shocked but it made sense because I can’t imagine hand trimming each plant when you have thousands.

For those of you interested in growing roses in your own yard let me suggest installing taller beds.  Roses do amazing in raised soil and to decrease maintenance I can’t stress enough how taller beds will make your life easier.

In this situation one board higher would make a huge difference.

For those of you looking for a natural privacy wall consider trailer roses attached to welded panels.  Choose easy care varieties that offer a nice retreat and continue to look amazing even when they’re not blooming.

There were also several water features and this pond was my favorite, because it looks natural.

Robert and I keep talking about having a property with a huge pond and after this view a modest pond featured around trees would be amazing.

Perhaps we’ll test this idea at Quail Grove because we have the perfect acre lot for a pond and there’s many trees to create a nice focal point.

Part of this outing was to get me thinking about the future and what that will look like because when Robert asks, I don’t have an answer.

We agree the countryside works best for us because we love the peace and quiet.

What I want more than ever is to live in an area where the majority of the population is nice to one another.

I know that could be hard to find, but I’ve noticed the further you get away from the cities the better life becomes.

My favorite rose in the entire garden

I believe this cluster of roses says it all.

It also happens to be the favorite from this visit.  It was posing in the shade, overlooked near the Idea Garden.

There are some things in life that shouldn’t be overlooked…

I went to Tyler to see if this was a city we might want to have nearby when we find our next piece of land.  Like a “go to place” when we actually want to be around a larger population.

Robert grew up in East Texas and the one thing we can agree upon is the people in East Texas have that true southern hospitality that is so contagious.

We’ve lived all over this awesome state and this is the one area that I always leave smiling.

Nobody is a stranger and as I traveled through the Tyler Rose garden I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if we all allowed ourselves to bloom into something beautiful everyday…

Looking for a fun garden outing in Texas, well try the beautiful Tyler Rose Garden in east Texas. #Travel, #RoseGarden


  1. Christine says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely time, Carole!! Roses are definitely one of my favorite flowers to grow in my garden and the ones you captured are gorgeous!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Carole says:

      It was a good day and roses are definately a favorite of mine too. I’m planning a future Rose Garden of lavenders, whites, corals and peach. Not my traditional color theme but for some reason those colors in the garden really grab my attention. Hope your weekend is great too!

  2. Kim says:

    Carole what a lovely place, the pond looks so peaceful and those roses. Thanks for sharing. Kim

    1. Carole says:

      That pond was nice and pretty much stopped me in my tracks.

  3. Patti says:

    What beautiful roses. I always love a virtual garden tour. Sounds like Tyler Texas may be on your list of places to retire. My husband and I are starting to talk about what we will do in the future. We’d like to downsize but are not sure where we’d live. I would be great to spend some of the year in the south and still keep a home here where our family is. Who knows where the road will lead us.

    1. Carole says:

      It’s a neat area but to large for me to live full time, just a great place to have access instead of going to Dallas. Robert mentioned our next journey should include scoping out land in the vincinity. I love the south, took me a while and some maturity to get it but when I approached my 30’s I knew it was home.

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