DIY Serving Tray Ideas

Floral Serving Tray for Home Decor

Creating wood crafts began as a hobby several years ago and it didn’t take long before these projects were turned into workshops.

These classes surfaced in the early stages of my blog and eventually followed us all the way to the countryside.

One of the most popular, was the serving tray made from cedar fence boards. It still remains my favorite because it’s so versatile and easy to build.

This first one, is a favorite because I used tea rose, gravel road and a little midnight sky offering a soft finish and I love flowers.

Paint and stencil resources for all the projects I’m sharing will be linked towards the end.  Each shop offers amazing inventory and Dixie Belle paint was used for each tray.

I love this paint, it’s easy to use, dries fast and blends beautifully with wood crafts.

Wooden DIY Lunch Serving tray for Home Decor.

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This serving tray was another neat design using one of my favorite stencils from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils.  Donna also has an awesome inventory that includes lots of words.  They have a vintage vibe and you can do a lot with them.

Lunch happens to be my favorite meal of the day so it seemed fitting to transfer on a serving tray.

At our workshops we taught two easy paint techniques, dry brush and paint staining.  Both styles require little paint and offer a nice farm finish that continues to be popular.

I liked that both dry fast allowing creators to walk away with a finished project in under 2 hours.

Smaller Serving Tray Ideas for Home Decor.

This workshop was about a year ago and these ladies made some neat serving trays; I especially love the bright colors because they stand out.

I’m a believere anybody can be creative if they’re willing to learn, the projects to the left were first time wood crafters and they did fantastic.

This wood kit was unique in that you could skip attaching handles and turn the tray into a sign if preferred.  It’s always good to offer a little flexibility when planning kits because it’s fun to watch others put their spin on a design.

In my new book, Make and Take Workshops I go into great detail about how to teach your craft and establish a workshop environment.  Everything from choosing a location and how to market so you can reach those seeking a fun activity.

My workshops were focused on wood crafts but you could teach any kind of craft or skill to a group of people.

If you’re ready to take your talent to the next level, I’d love to help.  Learn more about my new book, Make & Take Workshops here. 

Larger Serving Tray ideas for Home Decor.

During the fall season,  I took that same style tray and expanded using another fence board.  This would also make a great sign base especially since you have more space to create.

Each project here is unique and has a style of grace that’s simply the best.  I really like that peacock color next to seasonal fall blends on the bottom right.

Which is your favorite?

DIY Farm Fresh Serving Tray for Home Decor.

I made this Farm Fresh serving tray for myself with a purpose to cover my kitchen sink.

We live tiny in our RV and sometimes there isn’t enough counter space for the messes I make; this dual-purpose tray solved my counter space issue.

The paint colors included collards green and sea glass. The stencil “Farm Fresh” and the majority of the florals came from Cutting Edge Stencils.  Great quality stencils and they have a huge inventory.

It’s my hope that each of these designs may have inspired your next serving tray project.

For more ideas check out these projects >>  Live Laugh Love Tray, Box Serving Tray, Garden Planting Tray

Products used for Serving Trays can be found here:

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you have fun creating.

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  1. Patti says:

    They are all so pretty. I bet everyone who made one loved it. I’m working on a round serving tray right now. You can never have too many and they make a nice gift.

    1. Carole says:

      Seriously probably one of my favorite projects and I have a nudge to make another. A round one would be neat also and I agree they would make a fantastic gift. Looking forward to see what you do with yours.

  2. They’re all just lovely. I’m thinking I might just make a few to give as gifts this Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you – they are so fun to make and agree perfect Christmas Gifts! I like to stencil prior to assembly because it’s easier and you don’t have to bend stencils to fit.

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