Gathered Ideas for Fall Gardening

Gathered Ideas for Fall Gardening

If truth be told, Fall is probably one of my favorite gardening seasons because our first freeze doesn’t arrive until the middle of November.

I refer to this as a southern living perk!

Course our temperatures remain pretty hot until about the end of September when we’re finally melting down into the 80’s.

Years ago, when we decided to make Texas home, it took me awhile to really get comfortable this time of year because where I grew up Fall was very different.

Needless to say, I adapted and discovered this time of year to be an exciting season with many possibilities.

I’ve gathered ideas for fall gardening from some of my most popular articles to help inspire you.

Even if you have a short season there’s no reason why you can’t transition the outdoors into a productive, fun and inviting space.

So, not only will you find helpful tips for gardening but I’ve tossed in a few outdoor ideas because I’m all about adding flair.


Beginning with our Seed Starter Boxes

Gathered Ideas with Seed Starter Boxes

First, we begin with my favorite seed starter boxes.  We introduced this product last year and what a game changer.  Not only do I love them for fall planting but I also use them in the spring through summer.

I’ve stacked mine anywhere from 2 – 3 times tall and used a stick in each corner to stabilize the height.

These boxes are super easy to build, measurements can always be adjusted and I especially love them after that first freeze.

Here’s why… If you stack allow plenty of room for leafy plants to grow inside that first layer.  When it freezes all, you have to do is cover overnight and remove the lid the following day.

Get more on the Seed Starter Planter box here.

Easy Beginner Fall Crops and Starting Small

If you’re new to gardening and want to grow fall veggies then this article will be the perfect little bit of inspiration to guide and help you begin.

I’m all about starting small especially if you have a busy lifestyle because one of the biggest mistakes new gardeners make is beginning with a large garden all at once.

The ambition is contagious but sometimes life takes over and the garden becomes forgotten.

The result isn’t pretty and can be avoided by simply starting with a few beds and planting the food you love to eat.

Just because you begin small doesn’t mean you can’t add additional beds later. Learn more about beginner fall crops right here.


Five Fall Easy Blooming Plants

Now if you’re just wanting to add a little color to the garden as a way to freshen up and transition into the new season then these 5 plants will be options to think about adding.

You may already have them growing and perhaps they just need a little sprucing up after the hot summer.

This is a good time to add a little boost of fertilizer to the soil and keep them growing the next couple of months.

These are all annuals with the exception of the purple asters and lantana, if you have a shorter growing season they may not work.

I also like to add pansies but they don’t normally show up in the nurseries until the end of September and sometimes even the first part of October.

Mums are of course another option and here’s a list of helpful mum care tips if you choose them.

For my five fall easy blooms check those out right here.


Vintage Enamel Fall Combination

I’m also a huge fan of vintage enamelware and love using these containers for planters.  If you have outdoor areas that need sprucing up this might be a fun avenue to consider.

These containers are bright and fall colors look amazing next to them.  I used enamelware for planters all the time on our farm and I’m thinking it might be time to add a few at our new place.

Additional container ideas might include natural baskets, crates, or my favorite >terracotta pots.  If you have additional suggestions please share, we love hearing about what inspires you.

Check out this vintage enamel fall combination right here. 

Four Reasons to Fall Garden

Four Reasons to Fall Garden

What if you’ve been gardening for a while and maybe you’re thinking its time to scale back or even skip planting?

Well, let me say I get it but I want to offer a little inspiration with four reasons to fall garden. It’s these four tips that keep me gardening just a little longer almost every year.

Fall gardening looks a little different for me this year because I recently decided to scale down my planting areas.  That was quite the chore and I’m still in the decision process of deciding what to plant.; I’m thinking leafy greens may be where I land.

Thankfully it’s just Robert and I so the need for large planting areas isn’t as important as when we lived on our farm.


DIY Fall Stencil Garden Sign

Of Course, Fall Garden Flair

Before we sign off with this list of gathered ideas for fall gardening, I couldn’t help but share a fun project.

Adding a little garden flair to your outdoor spaces is a great way to welcome friends to your home.

This project was originally featured in Capper’s Farmer Magazine in 2017 and now, that article is available in our shop.

The color combination in this piece is what I really love because it’s like nothing you’ll find in the land of retail. You can discover more about this DIY Fall Stenciled Sign right here.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up for fall and perhaps I’ve inspired you to gather something wonderful to spice up your outdoors.


A neat selection of gathered ideas for fall gardening. Everything from Planting tips, planters and garden flair.


  1. Patti says:

    All great ideas for fall. I really love fall. The cooler weather and changing leaves. A great time to get outdoors and into the garden. In Pennsylvania, our growing season is shorter but one of the things I most love about this area is that we get a true taste of all four seasons. Sometimes I wish winter would be shorter but then maybe the waiting makes spring all that sweeter.

    1. Carole says:

      Good point – where I grew up we definately had all four seasons. Fall I also like and I always joke that it begins around August down here. Because it’s so hot and dry, not because the temperatures have dropped.

      I think I’ll be painting my raised beds tomorrow morning to match the Tiny House. I’ve had fun shrinking the garden and now I’m trying to decide what I’ll plant for fall.

  2. Christine says:

    Love all of your ideas for fall, Carole! Especially the enamel pots! Truly a favorite potting vessel of mine! I don’t think I’m going to plant a whole lot this fall. Maybe a few bulb varieties and a mum or two. My hope is next year we can be finished up with the house and start looking for a new place to plant our roots.

    1. Carole says:

      You can’t go wrong with enamelware and no matter what you do it will look amazing. Just jazz up that awesome front porch of yours – I LOVE that space!
      Looking for a new place sounds exciting because we’ve been doing the same lately by just scoping out different areas. We hope to make some final decision next year as well.

  3. daisy says:

    Such a nice surprise to see your post today, Carole. Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons. Mostly because I am over the heat of summer and I long to garden without getting eaten alive out there! This summer has been brutal here in NC and I know a lot of other places too.

    I’m an enamelware fan too. I use it inside and outside. Right now I’m looking for some vintage treasures to use as canisters in our newly renovated kitchen. Thankfully, there is usually a great collection at our local thrift stores.

    I may have to make me a sign like that for the garden. I have been wanting to add a bit of whimsy, and that certainly fills the bill!
    Thank you for your continued inspiration.
    Hope autumn comes your way soon!

    1. Carole says:

      Brutal here too even though it took awhile to get here. Things shoulmtd be cooling down our way in a few more weeks and I’m looking forward to that. I actually the month of August off to see where I wanted to go next with the blog. Sign making is fun and definately a great way to personalize your space. Hope to get over to your blog soon to see what you’ve been up to. Was great hearing from you!

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