8 Easy DIY Bird Feeder Projects

8 ideas for easy to make DIY bird feeders perfect for the backyard or garden space.

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I’ve been pondering the idea of making a new bird feeder for the garden because sometimes I just have this urge to be creative.

Wanting something simple I decided to keep pondering this idea and posted an older project on Instagram.  One of my sweet followers referred to me as the bird lady and it made me chuckle because it’s probably true.

I’ve always been fascinated with small birds as they flutter about their way…

This led me to consider just how many of these DIY projects I had here on the blog so I went on a little flutter of my own.

I was able to pull up eight DIY bird feeder projects and thought it would be fun to share them all in one place because each one is unique and easy to duplicate.

Trio Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Tea Cup Trio Bird Feeder

Let’s begin with the trio teacup bird feeder.  This was a fun project and it’s still hanging from a limb in the bird park.

To my surprise it’s held up really well and I leave it out year – round.  It’s currently in dire need of new bird seed and some fresh ribbon might be in order.

I may go with a brighter ribbon this time around…  View The Trio Teacup Bird Feeder here.

Terracotta Fairy Garden with pots

Terracotta Fairy Garden Feeder

The Terracotta Fairy Garden Feeder was a combo project and one of my favorites for quite a while.

I made this a couple years ago waiting for spring to arrive.

The birds loved it and to be honest I had a hard time keeping it filled with seed so it’s possible it was also being visited by night creatures.

View The Terracotta Fairy Garden Feeder Here

Terra Cotta Tray Bird Feeder

Terracotta Saucer Bird Feeder

This project was another fun one and I’m hoping to duplicate it for our bird park area.  It’s so easy to make, inexpensive and you probably already have most of the supplies.

View the Terracotta Saucer Feeder Here

Bird Seed Ornaments that are easy to make

Wood Slab Bird Seed Ornaments

This project was originally for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist sharing because you can make these in all sizes and they look neat hanging from a branch.

Sometimes I drape them from birdhouses to attract visitors.  View Wood Slab Bird Seed Ornaments Here

Copper Twist Bird Feeder

Copper Twist Bird Feeder

This is just a fun hang out bird feeder made from a tree trunk.  I made this when we were in the mix of cutting down a lot of trees at Quail Grove.

That seems like just the other day but in reality, it was a couple years ago.  Oh, how time flies…

I’m thinking with a longer trunk you could do even more with this concept.  Hymn, I may have to make another one…

View the Copper Twist Bird Feeder Here

DIY Decoupage Bird Feeder Planter

This particular project was part of a blogger challenge and it was truly an obstacle piece because I’m not one to use decoupage.

Even stranger, it’s been popular on Pinterest and I can’t figure out why.

I made this when we were living on the farm and actually left it there because I just didn’t care for it.  With that being said the birds loved it…

Keeping the small pot filled with seed was an ongoing task.

View Decoupage Bird Feeder Planter Here

Easy Build Bird Feeder

This one is so easy and perfect for using up scrap wood.

I remember making several of these feeders like it was yesterday and having so much fun with Dixie standing by my side hoping for a taste of peanut butter.

Just the other day I mentioned to Robert how much I miss having a dog in our lives.

Anyways if you have kids, grandkids or neighborhood friends that like to make things this would be a neat gathering project.

Easy Build Bird Feeder Project Here

Upcycled Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Finally, we have the Upcycled Tea Cup bird feeder that I made for my daughter.  This was way back in the early days of my blog when life was very different.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we ever lived on a farm.

Back then there was little time for making crafts because the animals kept us busy on a daily basis.  I’m often asked if I miss the farm…

It’s a fantastic memory and I’m glad Robert and I decided to finish raising our family on land.  With that being said, I can’t imagine doing that again as it was very consuming.

Living in the countryside though, has it’s perks… View Upcycled Tea Cup Bird Feeder Here


After placing these projects together in one place I guess it’s true, I am a bird lady after all.


A bird lady with an eye for Copper and believe me I have no idea where that comes from… One day I noticed a strand of copper twisted in circles and from that day forward it followed me in many DIY Projects.

Hope you enjoyed this little round up of bird feeders and perhaps at least one of these projects grabbed your interest.


Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

8 ideas for easy to make DIY bird feeders perfect for the backyard or garden space.

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