Welcome, I’m Carole West

A blogger, writer and product creator. I’m also just a very simple person, living in the countryside with my husband Robert.

10 years ago, we bought a family farm and it was an amazing experience.  Since then a lot has changed, we’re empty nesters, sold the farm, purchased more land and decided to live tiny.

Through the process of elimination we discovered a content lifestyle that influences positive activity and its been amazing.

We share these experiences and lessons learned to inspire others.  We’re currently in the process of establishing a Tiny Homestead Community in North Texas which also keeps us pretty busy.

On the blog I help people garden and share homesteading through projects.  You’ll even discover raising quail in a natural environment.

A good day for me would be tinkering outdoors and working beside Robert.

Why I Started Garden Up Green

Garden Up Green began in 2014 when we lived on our farm, we learned a lot back then and approached that lifestyle with a “can do attitude.”  This was true through our success and failures which were embraced as an opportunity to learn.

I have what you call a common-sense gardening background, instructed by my Italian grandmother from childhood.  It wasn’t until much later in life after reintroducing myself to the soil that those lessons held any real value.

Before it was all just fun in the garden with grandma… She influenced me in a way I never even realized until having a family of my own.

Grandma raised her family during the depression and gardened into her 90’s teaching me all sorts of things and basic skills that I continue to use to this very day.

Since I enjoy writing, blogging became a neat way to mentor others as she did for me.

Our time together was priceless and you’ll find me referencing her wisdom often.

Beyond the Garden…

Was blessed to be part of THG and spent several years freelance writing for Magazines. Those opportunities can be found here.

I’ve published books, Quail Getting Started and Startle Garden which all can be found in our shop.  We also offer garden products and I’m working on a new product that will launch in March.

Quail Grove is currently home and keeps us busy.

It’s my hope to help you reach your gardening and homestead goals where ever you live and always be inspired through the journey.

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