Welcome, I’m Carole West

A blogger, author and product creator. I’m also just a very simple person, living in the countryside with my husband Robert.

My story evolved 10 years ago when we bought a family farm.

That experience was life changing and when the nest emptied, we purchased more land, sold the farm and decided to live tiny.

Through the process of elimination, we discovered a healthier lifestyle.

Our activity can be found right here on the blog. This includes gardening, raising quail and homesteading.

You’ll also discover that a simple life offers a lot of freedom.

We’re also in the mix of establishing a Tiny Homestead Community in North Texas which also keeps us busy.


What Inspired Garden Up Green

I started the blog in 2014 when we lived on our farm, we learned a lot back then and approached everything with a “can do attitude.”  This was true through our success and failures which were embraced as an opportunity to learn.

I have what you call a common-sense gardening background, instructed by my Italian grandmother from childhood.

Grandma gardened into her 90’s teaching me to grow and maintain a natural space. Our time together was priceless and you’ll find me referencing her wisdom often.

Through her guidance in conjunction with practicality, it made sense to create an easy to use gardening system I call, Startle Garden.

This was a game changer and allowed me to grow my best garden ever without a lot of effort.  Learn more here.

Beyond the Garden…

During 2014, I was asked to be part of Texas Home and Garden.  This was a lot of fun that included seasonal workshops in the city.

During that time I also dived into freelance writing, then added Make & Take Workshops where I live.  These opportunities can be found here. 

Published books include, Quail Getting Started, Startle Garden and I’m currently working on a new book, which I’m super excited about.

Books and Go To Print Articles can be found here.

My best friend ever would be Robert, we’ve been married for 27 years and the last 10 have been unforgettable.  Just the other day he said, “we’re at a place that is the best it’s ever been.”

We’ve survived a lot of sweat and tears, leading us to where we are today and we’re thankful God continues to guide the way.

Quail Grove is home and the biggest project we’ve ever taken on, it’s a tiny homestead community full of challenges, but it’s also pretty fantastic.

I’m so glad you found us and hope Garden Up Green will be a positive resource for your journey.

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