Welcome, I’m Carole West

I’ve had many different roles over the years and the most important is wife to Robert of 27 years.  I’m also a mom of two, author and founder of Garden Up Green.

This site was published in 2014 as something I could do after the nest emptied.

I was a stay at home mom for 21 years and had no desire to go back into the work force.

Writing was something I’ve always enjoyed; I love the outdoors and have fond memories of gardening with my grandma since childhood.

Bringing all this together in one platform became the perfect fit.

These days I’m focused on teaching others how to plan and grow their best garden and raise quail in a natural environment. We provide solutions proven to work for generations through helpful resources that are easy to access and use.

About us…

Garden Up Green is founded on keeping things simple in the garden and enjoying life.

Gardening for me began with my grandmother. She raised her family during the depression and had this practical way of doing things.

Growing up she and I spent a lot of time together; it was pretty fantastic like a second home I never wanted to leave.

Over the years I applied the knowledge she shared, continued learning and added my own twist.

I’m here to help you understand the gardening process without feeling overwhelmed because if you plan and begin correctly, anyone can grow your best garden.

For existing gardeners, we offer new ideas that solve common problems.  You’ll enjoy our Startle Garden Now system that uses smaller and tall raised beds.

This system helped me focus towards establishing a garden correctly.  I place a lot of attention on amending soil and would love to help you grow your best garden.

Raising Quail…

I started raising quail at our farm. We purchased that property to teach our kids how to be self-reliant.  That was an amazing journey and sometimes overwhelming.

Raising quail came about the same time Garden Up Green was published.

I included these cute little birds with my garden and now days I help repopulate the Texas quail decline. This activity inspires in addition to raising for eggs and meat.

Discover Quail Getting Started Here.

Moving Forward…

When the nest emptied Robert and I purchased more land and sold the farm.

This new acreage is our biggest project because together we decided to develop the land into acre lots.

We now live tiny in our RV and love it.

The simplicity this has brought forward is grand.  My time is spent with Robert; we’re almost always together and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We enjoy each other’s company and have the best time living life.

Garden Up Green has offered me this amazing opportunity to reach others seeking to simplify gardening, raise quail and pursue the kind of enjoyment we radiate here.

I find it’s the journey that makes us a better people, especially when focusing on doing good and being thankful for all we’ve been blessed with.