Welcome, I’m Carole West

My walk-through life has inspired many different roles, most important being wife to Robert and mom of two.  I’ve been gardening for 40 plus years and before kids I was a floral designer that led to my own freelance flower business.

I chose to leave my career to stay home with our kids and when the nest emptied, it was time to seek something new.

In 2014, I published Garden Up Green.  Shortly after that I began freelance writing for several national magazines and wrote a few books with more to come.

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed and have fond memories of gardening with my grandma.  Bringing all this together in one platform became the perfect fit.

This mission at Garden Up Green is simple. I’m here to motivate, teach and help you grow your best garden and raise quail naturally.

I also enjoy sharing how to make DIY projects you’ll want to duplicate. We provide solutions proven to work for generations through easy to use resources that energize activity.

About us…

Garden Up Green is founded on keeping things simple.

Gardening for me began with my grandmother in Washington state, where I grew up.  She raised her family during the depression and had this practical way of doing things.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time together and it was pretty fantastic like a second home.

I applied the knowledge she shared, continued learning and after moving to Texas I added my own twist.

I’m here to help new gardeners understand the process without feeling overwhelmed.

For existing gardeners, we offer new ideas that solve common problems.

I created a growing system called,  Startle Garden. This approach uses smaller and taller raised beds that decrease hours of maintenance.

Startle Garden helped me focus on establishing raised beds correctly.  I place a lot of attention on amending soil and enjoying the growing process.

Raising Quail…

I started raising quail at our farm. We purchased that property to teach our kids how to be self-reliant.

That was an amazing journey, overwhelming and some of our best memories…

Raising quail came about the same time Garden Up Green was published.

I included these cute little birds with my garden and fell in love with all they had to offer.

Discover Quail Getting Started Here.

Moving Forward…

When the nest emptied Robert and I purchased more land in Delta County, TX and sold the farm.

This new property was a big undertaking.  Together, we decided to develop acre- properties to sell.  If you can imagine a homestead community that was our vision.

We now live in our RV and love the simplicity it offers.

My time is spent with Robert; sometimes we’re traveling while he’s working on aircraft and other times, we’re busy working the land where I garden with ease.

We enjoy each day and have the best time living life.

Garden Up Green has offered me this amazing opportunity to reach others seeking to simplify gardening, raise quail and pursue the kind of enjoyment we radiate here.

I find it’s the journey that makes us a better people, especially when we focus on doing good and being thankful for all we’ve been blessed with.

It’s my hope you join us here and if I can help you meet your goals just let me know.     


                                                                           Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West