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All about quail grove properties where tiny homes are welcome and country living is the focus.

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails about our Quail Grove project.

We recently visited to work and thought why not take a few photos and place an update here on the blog.

First let’s go back to when we purchased this property, it was the early fall of 2016.


Robert and I were so excited and about a year later we found ourselves moving on-site to begin a vision that was ahead of its time.

When we found this place, it was about the land…

Not about the area and not the people that already live in the county.

We didn’t know anybody here and wanted to keep it that way so we could stay focused on our project…


The vision was to create a Tiny Homestead Community.

A place where folks could purchase their own acre of land and live simple in the countryside.

We envisioned these 28 acres lots filled with a variety of folks.

  • Young peeps just starting out.
  • Weekenders looking for a place to relax.
  • Retired folks seeking to simplify their lifestyle.

The calling, was to provide country living via these acre lots so that anyone interested could make it their own.


I’m happy to say, we finally have our first property up for sale, it includes a Tiny House and can be viewed here.

We decided to let our realtor handle the sales side of everything to free up our involvement.


Century 21 First Group, Audra Huie is our representative and she can be reached here: 903-243 -2103.


Spring at Quail Grove

Spring at Quail Grove is a neat time of year…

The creek that runs through this first property is lined with gravel and flows with ease when it rains.

You’ll also notice the deer tracks which is an added bonus because Quail Grove has become a neat place to graze.


Every season is pretty sweet but what I love most is the simplicity this land offers.

The opportunity to just get away from everything and everyone is the best….


When you close out the constant noise, the soul has an opportunity to regroup.

You’re left feeling refreshed to shine again and friends, it’s pretty fantastic…


Pasture Grass

There’s plenty of spring pasture grass which is perfect for small livestock and man look at all that seed.


We’ll wait a few more weeks before cutting the field so the birds and wildlife can benefit from it.

Spring grass provides natural vegetation for wild life and it’s also great for people seeking to homestead.


I enjoy watching the grass move with the wind…



Realistically though you can’t leave all the grass tall.

This area is right off a nice shaded tree line that adds to the natural beauty on this property.

Out of all the lots at Quail Grove, this one is probably my favorite because there’s so much you can do with it.


Don’t get me wrong each property is sweet, this one offers additional character like having a creek on site is a nice perk.

Which takes us to Big Creek Lake…

Fishing at Big Creek Lake

There are times when Robert and I like to spend a morning or afternoon fishing.

When we’re at the property we don’t have to go far, about a half mile from Quail Grove you’ll find Big Creek Lake.

It’s open to the public with a convenient boat launch.  This is a great place to catch bass, crappie and some catfish.


If you might be seeking a neat getaway property, the current Quail Grove listing can be found here.


After this property is sold, we’ll begin phase two…

Which is to put in the main road and begin selling acre lots where folks can decide what living simple means to them.


If Quail Grove sounds like a neat place for you then please contact our realtor Audra Huie at 903-243 -2103.


Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West


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  1. M. Sansing says:

    How does a landowner get water for the tiny house?

    1. Carole West says:

      There are a variety of ways to get water. We wanted to leave that up to the new owner as this is an off grid property. Many people in the area use ponds to collect ground water. One might want to dig a well while someone else may want to collect rain water. Weekenders could haul in their water supply and avoid the expense of a permanent water system all together. We didn’t want to make that decision for new owners and force them to pay for something they may not have wanted.

      1. M. Sansing says:

        Is there access to an approved water supply? The shower and cooking will require quite a few gallons per visit. That doesn’t include a flush toilet.

        1. Carole West says:

          A pond or water well would meet those requirements. There’s no city water this far out, this is countryside outside of city limits.

        2. M. Sansing says:

          How far is your location from a county road?

  2. HI Carole!
    My question has nothing to do with this post. I have two pots with boxwood that still look dormant (kind of brown, but not brittle). When I snip off a stem it looks green on the inside, but they are not greening up. Any ideas? I love boxwood and surprised it grows so well in Colorado!
    xo laura

    1. Carole West says:

      Hey Laura – Is it possible they might be root bound or nutrition deprived? I would recommend transplanting directly in the ground. Shrubs always do better this way because containers limit their growth. Just make sure they’re planted in the correct hours of sunlight.

  3. mickie mclaughlin says:

    It’s great to see the first for sale house. Love that the property is close to a lot of outdoor stuff and the university. Congrats on seeing your dream take flight I am puzzled about your comment that you “recently visited to work”. I had the impression that you actually lived at Quail Grove property??

    1. Carole West says:

      Technically we do live there, moved on the property in 2017. Robert recently took a contract working on cargo planes (he’s does avionics) and I went with him. So, I’m growing on the go and discovering container gardening. A change of scenery has been good…
      I normally share these updates in my weekly newsletter, are you a subscriber? This email goes out Monday mornings and you may enjoy it.

      Right now, we’re working towards our next project as we wait for things to improve with the economy. I’m a believer God has a plan and part of that was for Robert and I move forward while the country was being shut down.

  4. Congrats! Here’s to many more sales.

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