Build a Quail Dust Bath Box

Build a simple dust bath box for ground raised quail. They love this addition and it's super easy to implement. #CoturnixQuail, #Homestead

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Build a Quail Dust Bath Box for your birds

The coturnix quail have their own way of doing things and where they love to make tunnels in the tall grass they also love to spin in the dirt and play in their food.

This got me thinking it was time to introduce a real dust bath; my hope is this box will detour the idea of food sifting.

I built the bath boxes from reclaimed wood; this project was so easy.  I’m not kidding when I say you can build this in minutes it’s true and these boxes were made with reclaimed wood.

I started with a 1 x 1 piece of plywood and four 2 x 2’s for the frame.

You could also use 2 x 3’s this would allow for a deeper box. I basically wanted something easy for these quail to get in and out of.

Building was fast and fun!

Once the frame was cut I connected the corners with screws and added the wood bottom with screws into the frame.  It’s a square shape so it goes together pretty quick.

If you’re thinking about raising quail, find quail coop building plans and tips for getting started in my book, Quail Getting Started.

The box is now ready for sifting ingredients.

I wasn’t sure if the quail would like this new addition so instead of purchasing a bag of sand I cranked up the tiller and simply broke up some ground.

I choose a spot where I knew the soil would be light and fluffy then filled the box and placed it in the coop.

Can you guess what happened?

For about 15 minutes nothing happened.  So, I moved the box against a wall where they would notice it without too much hesitation.

I waited and in a few minutes a couple started spinning while the others watched, there was almost a line waiting for their turn.

This made me realize I needed to build another one.

For now it looks like we have success!  These quail have tried to make their own dust bath in their coop and have been successful during the warmer months.  Now they don’t have to work as hard.

The dust bath box was a great solution for the coturnix quail and it gives them something to do because their kind of lazy birds.


Build a Quail Dust Bath Box for your birds


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  1. Marilyn says:

    My quail are in a hutch and I kept a tin feed pan of garden soil in there for them to dust bathe in. When winter hit, the dirt was freezing, so I changed to a bigger and deeper rubber feed pan. Since it’s a bit high for my quail, I put a brick in the back so they can hop on it and jump in their dust bath. I find them curled up together in there all the time. They love when I throw mealworms or some scratch grains in there as well. It satisfies their need to sift through their food. My spring goal is a daytime run for them or maybe even a permanent run and hutch.

    1. Carole says:

      What kind of quail do you raise? You will enjoy them so much more in a run set up. I have several examples under Quail Plus in Coops. When we move I’ll be building a new sanctuary and can hardly wait. Have some neat ideas to share in the near future. Love your Spring goal!!

      1. Marilyn says:

        I have four Coturnix Pharoah quail. I’d like to expand my flock this year. We don’t have more than very rudimentary building skills and our run has to be predator proof as we have fox, raccoon, and local farm cats in the neighborhood. I already lost one quail from my new hutch because the wire openings were too large and it was too low to the ground. She was pulled through the side of the run. I lifted the hutch up on bed risers and secured a smaller opening wire to the sides and the door panel. I haven’t had any issues since. I can’t wait until warm weather and sunshine. King Tut, my roo, loves to crow and it’s adorable.

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