Building Fence Walls – Part 1

Part one of building a successful garden fence proejct beginning with wall pannels.

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I started working on the garden fence and I’m so excited about this project.

This is going to be perfect for keeping the dogs out and the sheep for when I let them free range the yard. 

This will be a two part project beginning with how to build these fence wall which are a very basic design using wood and wire we already had. 


I started with 2 x 4’s to build one fence wall.   We’re working with a 3 ft tall structure which allowed me to use  two 8 ft. boards for cutting and another two for the width.

All the boards were cut using a table saw and if you want your fence taller well that’s easy enough to make happen.

Once the boards are cut, gather a drill because we’ll be connecting everything shortly.

I was building two walls so I have six boards laid out ready to drill pilot holes.  Two holes on each end is perfect and pilot holes keep wood from splitting when you drill the screws in place.

I always use screws because over time nails will become loose.

Now were going to lay the wood on a flat surface to make sure everything lines up correctly then we roll out the wire so we can attach the frame together.

Drill the corners first so the wire is between the wood.

This step will help hold everything in place and it’s a lot easier if you have help.  Make sure to add all three boards, two at the ends and one in the center.

Once the frame is stable and connected it’s time to finish connecting the wire.

Hammer the wire using galvanized staple nails, these can be purchased at any hardware or farm store and all you do is hammer them over the wire to connect to the wood.

Cut off any excess wire and keep building fence walls until you have the amount needed for your fence project.

I built six fence walls to close off the garden and made a gate using the same technique.

I even decided to leave the wood natural because I want a weathered finish.  For the The Fence Install click right here.

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  1. Nancy W says:

    Perfect timing for your post as I plan to build a few new fences for my garden this year! Thanks for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, I plan to feature your post tomorrow on the Hop. Stop by and share another post tomorrow! – Nancy
    The Home Acre Hop

    1. Thanks so much! – getting ready to get the tiller out next so I can finally get the garden planted. I'll see you tomorrow and Thanks for the feature – I'll get it all linked up tomorrow! -Carole

  2. Wonderful info! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

    1. Thank you Linda – Glad you could stop by. Carole

  3. Alison Agnew says:

    Great tutorial! We have some fence slats in our yard that need to be replaced. Always a job to do! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Thank you! So great that you stopped by. Today I finished my install that will be posted tomorrow. Needless to say my dog was a little sad once the gate doors went in. -Carole

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