Capper’s Farmer Double DIY Projects

DIY Seasonal Projects for Fall and Christmas in Capper's Farmer Magazine by Carole West

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Capper's Farmer Magazine Carole West From Garden Up GreenExcitement surfaced when Capper’s Farmer contacted me last spring seeking a DIY project for their fall issue.

One project turned into 2 and before long I was working on both to meet a June deadline.

It reminded me when I was a florist in the early 90’s, I spent summers making Christmas decorations for a large shop in a warehouse.

The only difference was we didn’t have A/C and I had many shelves of merchandise to work from.

This time around I had to get really creative and forgot how difficult it can be to embrace the holidays when it’s 90 degrees outside.  Seasonal merchandise wasn’t available in craft stores, I was still at the farm where getting rid of things continued and moving boxes to storage was a daily activity.

Did I let all these distractions detour my focus?  Absolutely not because I love this magazine, it’s been around since 1893 and I was honored to be contacted.

I saw this as a gift and a reminder that no matter what you continue moving forward.  So, I let the country air inspire my activity and this is what happened…


Capper's Farmer DIY Decorative Fall Sign

Project #1 – Welcome Fall Sign

This project can be found on page 32; I was thinking of pumpkins during the creative process while using scrap wood because I didn’t want to move it.

I ended up donating this piece to my favorite resale shop in Greenville, here.

This is my donation destination for almost everything I make because keeping everything isn’t possible when you live Tiny.

The thing is, I still love creating so now that I’ve moved a little further north I may have to find a new organization to offer my donations.

Capper's Farmer Magazine - Terra Cotta Serving Tray

Project #2 – Terra Cotta Seasonal Tray

This piece can be found on page 78, it’s another favorite inspired by cedar trees and peppermint.  I remember texting a friend asking if she knew where to find peppermint sticks.  Pretty sure she thought I was crazy and eventually I found them at Cracker Barrel.

This project is made with two of my favorite elements, terracotta and copper, both are timeless and offer the beauty of simplicity to any lifestyle.  I didn’t donate the tray because I envisioned another use for it later.  Stay tuned!

Find Capper’s Farmer Magazine Here

This entire publication is filled with neat articles y’all will enjoy.  Find great tips for gardening with cold frames and soup recipes I can hardly wait to try.

Purchase Capper’s Farmer at stores like Tractor Supply, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and some supermarkets.

Or Subscribe here,  arrives each season in your mailbox, convenience is everything.


Capper's Farmer Magazine Carole West From Garden Up Green

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  1. Jane says:

    congratulations, Carole! You have the best project posts and to think that the magazine has been around since 1893.

    I’ll check it out next time I’m at Lowes…I bet they carry it

    1. Carole says:

      Yes I do think Lowes has it too.

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