Christmas Waffles in a Jar

Homemade Waffle Mix for gift giving that easy to make and healthy using oat flour so it's gluten free.

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Christmas is the time of year where giving and receiving goes hand in hand.

I enjoy sharing homemade gifts because they seem to bring out the good.

For years we’ve had a tradition in our home and it begins Christmas morning with a tasty farm breakfast revolving around waffles and whip cream.

I don’t really remember when this began I just know meal time at the table was something of importance we continue to keep alive.

Today I’m sharing how you can make waffles in a jar for Christmas giving, something family and friends will smile about.

Let’s first begin with the recipe.

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Christmas Morning Waffles

 Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth.  Let stand for a couple minutes before placing batter onto a heated waffle iron.

This recipe makes about 4 small waffles using a small circular waffle iron.

Serve with your favorite syrup, berries and whip cream.  This is a tasty breakfast served by itself or with bacon and scrambled farm fresh eggs.


NOTE: Remember to grease your iron before placing the batter inside.

Waffles in a Jar

This project begins with quart size Mason jars, some red chevron ribbon and natural twine for details.
Take the first six ingredients and place them inside the jar one at a time, I like the layered look but if you prefer to mixing is fine.


Gift Presentation

Getting this gift ready for giving is the fun part.   I just used some ribbon and fresh greenery then typed up an instruction card.

Parents and grandparents can make this project with the kiddos in an afternoon; it’s just simple, fun and a good time to create memories.

Make a stylish card that includes the recipe and cooking instructions.

You might even want to mention these waffles would be perfect for Christmas morning breakfast.

Then finish by decorating the jar after you fill it with the dry ingredients.

You may already have craft supplies around the house that would be perfect for dressing up the jar. I like to use natural elements because I love the outdoors.

I simply attached ribbon using hot glue and tied the card around the top with twine then the top of the lid is covered with ribbon to match theme.

Waffles in a jar are now ready to pass on to that special someone. Once the jar is empty it can be used as a vase or candle holder at the dinner table.

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  1. daisy says:

    Who doesn’t love waffles? And I love that these are gluten-free and can easily be made vegan by swapping out the dairy milk and eggs. A great stocking stuffer!

    1. Carole West says:

      Great ideas! We’ve changed how we eat these days – more protein, no sugar and very few carbs so I think this year I’m going to try this recipe with almond flour.

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