DIY $10 Garden Caddy for Tools

Build and easy to make garden caddy using a fence board, stencil and copper to finish.

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Build and Design your own Garden Caddy

This box is designed for hand held garden tools and gadgets so they’re easy to find; I use my garden caddy daily and I absolutely love it.

You could also store craft supplies or house tools if gardening isn’t your thing.

The caddy is an easy project that allows incorporating your own creativity.

Even if you don’t have fancy carpenter skills it’s okay because with a little help you can handle assembly.

Tools and Supplies

Supplies are under $10 and tools or finishing touches would be additional; supplies can be purchased at home improvement or hardware stores. Once these elements are gathered measure the fence board prior to cutting.

  • 1 six ft. cedar fence board (1 in x 6 in.) – under $2.50
  • 1- 5/8 in. dowel Rod – under $4.00
  • Finishing nails – under $1.00
  • Electric saw
  • Drill with 5/8 in bit
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper


  • 2 at 12 inches – side walls
  • 1 at 10 inches – box bottom
  • 2 at 5 inches – handle ends
  • 1 at 2 inches – divider is optional
  • Dowel rode at 12 inches

If you want a smaller or larger box adjust the measurements according. Once the cuts are made drill the handle and pilot holes.  Learn more about pilot holes here.

After the holes are drilled sand each piece of wood.

Drill first then Sand and Begin Connecting

Take two end pieces at 5 inches and stack together, we’re going to drill these at the same time.  The end pieces have angled corners or make round, swirled, or cut a straight line if preferred.

Working with a large drill bit can be aggressive and dangerous if you’re not careful so remember to drill slow.  Once the boards are stacked drill the handle holes first by clipping the boards down with brackets.  If you don’t have clips then hold tight and DRILL SLOW!!!

  • Small pilot holes will be added to the end pieces prior to connecting the 10- in. bottom piece.
  • Sand then carefully hammer each end piece to the bottom of the box.

Connecting Piece by Piece

Notice the ends are a little slanted; this is okay because once the sides are attached it will no longer be an issue. Remember before connecting these sides make sure the ends are straight prior to attaching.

This means you may need to gently guild them.

  • Take two 12- inch box walls and line up one side first.
  • Incorporate additional pilot holes around the edges.

Connect the Walls

Connect the walls using the pilot holes and notice there is a slight overhang, this was intentional.  If you want this to fit corner to corner then mark the board and cut it again prior to attaching.

Once this side is attached repeat the process on the other side.

Finishing Touches and adding the Handle

  • You may need to sand the box one more time and make sure all the nails are connected properly.
  • Insert any dividers., this is step is optional.
  • Then measure and cut the handle, sand the inside of the holes and insert dowel rod.
  • It should be a tight fit if not – then add wood glue to secure the handle.

Garden Caddy is Complete Ready for Styling

The Garden Caddy is finished just waiting for finishing touches. Use new or recycled materials that represent your style and check out these additional ideas for inspiration.  I made a Toolbox here and these other garden boxes here.

With this caddy, I styled using white paint, old sign stencils and copper plumbing elements from the hardware store.

The most important part of styling is to have fun with it and let it represent your personality.

Build and Design your own Garden Caddy

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  1. Karen says:

    This is perfect, Carole, and something most any gardener could use. I spend plenty of time running back and forth to the garden shed for supplies.
    I love your building tutorials and you’ve really inspired me to learn to get comfortable with power tools and build a few things myself – and it’s addictive. A few successful raised beds and now I’m looking for new projects. Seems I have one now! 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      I keep my caddy right near the front door so it’s easy to grab and go on my way to the garden and I have to say I LOVE it. SO glad you found this helpful and using power tools is fun and yes addictive. Finding lately where I’m feeling led to build larger projects over the small ones so who knows what I’ll come up with next. Looking forward to see yo venture out and create using power tools.

  2. Jemma says:

    Great project Carole, and besides it being functional it is also pretty! Love the details you added to it too.

  3. daisy says:

    What a great gift idea!

  4. Stacey says:

    This turned out really cute! I love the one you made for me. 🙂

  5. Patti says:

    So cute and can be used for so many applications as you said. Definitely helpful in the garden but I also could see it as a pretty decor piece in the off season. I actually purchased a painted one of these years ago. You may it seem so easy to make yourself for much less.
    Maybe I need another?

    Have a great spring week!

    1. Carole says:

      I have a similar one for my stencil stuff too, I just love them! Raining here right now so I guess I’m enjoying those April showers.. Always nice to hear from you Patti.

  6. What a pretty and practical project! I’m inspired. No more garden tools all over the place.

    1. Carole says:

      I love that last part – garden tools all over the place one of the reasons why I made my caddy..

  7. Lisa says:

    I love this project and it just so happens my next door neighbors just took down their old fence. I think with a little sanding I could use the wood and the cost would be zero dollars!!!!

    Have a great day Carole!

    1. Carole says:

      Reclaimed would be awesome – you could probably use a heavy duty branch for the handle too and then your expense is minimal with hardware for assembly. Hope you have a great day too!

  8. Carole, the toolbox is really cute. I’ve never made pilot holes so I’m going to read your other post. Thanks for explaining the how~to.

    1. Carole says:

      Well I hope you checkout the other examples at the bottom – lots of fun possibilities with this project.

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