DIY Project Potting Shed Garden Sign

Make Fun Garden Sign using reclaimed wood, funky junk old sign stencils and gadgets for a unique design.

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This Potting Shed sign has been sitting on my work bench for weeks waiting to be finished.

Finally the urge hit and before I knew it there was another garden sign ready for the garden because adding flair to any outdoor space has become a bit of a hobby.

For this project I used a batch of scrap wood and more gadgets for the fun of it.

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Project Supplies and Tips

Like most of my sign scrap wood was the perfect fit and I even included some reclaimed from an old door.  This sign could be hard to duplicate because of the wood I used.

Keep in mind it would be easy to make something  similar if you like the concept.

To begin  I basically played around with wood pieces and then took the natural boards and started paint staining and stenciling.

When that was finished it didn’t take to long to dry and everything was connected from the back side using screws.


Adding Hardware

We had kind of a mix match look going with this sign so adding miscellaneous hardware seemed like the next best option.

I pulled pieces from the junk box, this included old screws and some of this stuff I have no idea what it was for.

Washer and bolts came in handy and before I knew it things were coming together.

The ribbon went on with outdoor glue followed by the hardware.

I love detail which is why there’s additional gadget pieces all over this sign.  But notice on the finished project I included these details only on the top and bottom borders.

Placement can sometimes be over done when making garden signs, I like to do a group setting so it doesn’t look busy.  Just remember to keep it simple and have fun with it.


A sign like this can hang anywhere in the garden or it would be perfect in a shed.  I like how there’s space to hang scissors and string so it’s easy to find later.

Making garden signs is just one of those fun activities that never get’s old.

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