Easy Apply Gel Stain on Wood Table

Garden Table Finished with Gel Stain

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Earlier this month on Instagram I shared a new table project.  This was a fun build, very simple for Robert and I so we can sit outside and enjoy meals together.

I’m finding it’s never too early to prepare for those warmer seasons and when spring finally gets here, I’m going to be ready.

The table sits in the garden near the Tiny House which is my favorite place because it’s full of inspiration. Robert happens to like this area too, he says my style for simplicity really shines and he likes the clean lines.

I wanted to share the staining process because this with a few steps this table came to life.

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Choosing Stain and Supplies

Choosing stain was the easy part because I went with “No Pain Gel Stain” From Dixie Belle.  This is an oil-based stain and I want you to notice the thickness on the brush.

The stain was heavy like gel which means there was s no running. Another thing I liked was this stain offers amazing coverage with very little applied.

I was able to cover this entire table with about half of that 8 oz. container.  Pretty Sweet!

Supplies for this project came from Dixie Belle Paint and can be purchased here.

  • No Pain Gel Stain – Color Maple
  • Mini Synthetic Brush – Amazing Brushes!
  • Rag – well that came from home.


Applying Stain

First things firsts, if your stain project has rough areas make sure to sand first and brush off the dust afterwards.

Applying the stain on a smooth surface is almost effortless and I finished in under an hour.  This was a one coat application beginning with brushing the stain onto the wood.

Notice it’s really dark when first applied, this is because the next step is to rub in the stain using a rag into the wood.  That’s when the grain of the wood surfaces and you have a nice natural appearance left behind.

Beautiful Wood Grain

There’s just something beautiful about new wood freshly covered in natural stain. I love that look and I’m thinking we’ll be doing wood counter tops in our Tiny House kitchen.

When finished with quality product, pine wood has a great way of surfacing natural beauty.

It took me about an hour to stain and building the table was about another hour.  So, in the period of two hours I was able to make a unique table for the garden area.

Simplicity – I just can’t get enough of absolute simplicity…

Finished Garden Table

A table for two where we can enjoy each other’s company, it’s perfect for us.  We are almost ready for Spring!

Think about trying Dixie Belle’s gel stain it’s fantastic and so easy to use.

They also offer Voo Doo Gel stain which is water based, this is also very easy to use and I recommend adding a clear coat or a wax finish especially if your piece is for outdoors.


Learn how easy it is to apply Dixie Belle Gel Stain to finish an outdoor table project for the garden. #OutdoorTable, #GelStain

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  1. I love gel stain. There are times to use liquid stain, but for big projects like this, gel stain is the way to go.

    That is one sturdy looking table!

    1. Carole says:

      Agree – kind of wish I would have made that table one more board wide but overall do like the simplicity of this project.

  2. Karen says:

    I love how the natural wood grain is even enhanced by this stain. Gorgeous project, Carole, and under two hours…perfect!

  3. Patti says:

    Oh, this is great. I love the Dixie Belle Paint line and now I’m excited to try their gel stain. Your table and adorable chair set looks great and I’m sure you are already enjoying it with Robert. Pinning for later!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes we have already enjoyed it to just sit. Looking forward to those warmer temperatures and thank you for pinning.

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