Easy Terracotta Saucer Bird Feeder

Make a super easy terracotta bird feeder using a saucer. drill and a little ribbon for details.

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Terra Cotta Tray Bird Feeder

This easy to make bird feeder tray was a quick project incorporated last weekend near the Startle Garden.

I love this space because there’s an abundance of natural life that energizes.

This feeder occupies what was a broken tree trunk that we planned to cut down but every time the chain saw was out Robert forgot.

Since I’m pretty sure it’s an expired trunk I decided to get creative and make this hip level bird feeder.

Project Supplies for Bird Feeder

Supplies and Materials

This quick project includes some very basic tools that you probably already have, if not don’t worry because they’re not that expensive if you need to incorporate a few.

  • Drill + Glass Cutting Drill Bit from Home Depot
  • Hand Saw
  • One screw and washer
  • Terracotta Saucer – any size
  • Scissors, raffia and fabric (Optional but it adds character)
  • Fruit and bird seed
  • A tree trunk or post to connect the saucer

Cutting the tree stem straight across

First cut the Trunk

Begin with taking the saw and cut a smooth surface; try to get it as straight as possible so the tray sits flat.

Move the saw back and forth and if your arm gets tired just take a break and smile because guess what?

Your building muscles!

Set up Drilling the terra Cotta Tray

Drilling Terra Cotta

Next, we drill a hole in the center of the saucer by first adding water, then slowly drilling with the glass bit.

The water keeps the bit from slipping and adds moisture to the saucer.

By adding water and drilling slow you detour the risk of breaking the saucer. This tip can be applied to all types of ceramic and remember to always drill slow.

Drilling and Connecting the tray to the post

Attaching the Saucer to the Wood

  1. After the hole is made remove the water and wipe the dish clean.
  2. Get your screw and washer and insert through the hole connecting to the tree trunk.
  3. Drill very slow or use a hand screw driver and don’t secure it tight.  If you twist the screw tighter than necessary the saucer may crack.


Adding Feed the Birds Love

Add Bird Food

Then add a nice combo of feed just enough to fill the bottom of the dish, I may have added a bit much here…

With the assortment of birds that visit I’m hoping it will disappear quickly.

Adding Bird Feeder Details

Finishing Up with Raffia and Fabric

With every bird project there seems to be a trend for adding some kind of personal touch.

I can’t help it and this time it was natural raffia and fringed fabric.  I just tied these elements around the base underneath the feeder and it was done.

This project was fun; a hip level feeder works here because I can add food while walking by in minutes.

We now have two active feeders that welcome the birds in addition to the food hunting they do while they visit which is pretty fantastic.

Feeding the birds is a favorite pass time, I really do try to stop, relax and appreciate our surroundings because the simplicity of our lifestyle helps me stay grounded.

Smiles and Sunshine, Carole

Terra Cotta Tray Bird Feeder


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  1. liz says:

    This is super cute! I love how you finished it with the fabric and raffia. Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

  2. Karen says:

    I love feeding birds in winter! This is a great way to use those terra cotta trays and I so appreciate the drilling tip. I haven’t tried drilling ceramic – now I can give it a go with confidence!

    1. Carole says:

      I plan to do a tutorial on that technique after we get the shed all organized. Out there this morning moving stuff around and hopefully cleaning out all the extra stuff we don’t need. Robert just looks at me like I’m the anti – hoarder so it’s been an interesting morning. I may be a little OCD as well.. LOL. Back to that feeder though I love it and the birds are having a blast. Then I got to thinking it would also be a neat little bird bath, so maybe I’ll add another with a bigger saucer come summer. You may see this project reinvented later on. Hugs!

  3. Patti says:

    Super simple and beautiful. I love the raffia. I’m thinking that comes from your days of flower arranging. I also love the idea of adding sliced fruit to the feeder.

    1. Carole says:

      You got it – I just keep going back to raffia because I love that wispy look. You’re starting to get me! Off topic but I have had to let you know your craft room project inspired me. I’m working in the shed getting my video/photo/create space all fancied up and I think I came up with a neat craft shelf I hope to make this week. Anyways thanks for the inspiration friend. -Carole

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