Free Seasonal Garden Planner

Get this free Seasonal Garden Planner that's easy to use and will keep you from guessing what to do each season. Take a peak and get Free Download here.

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Seasonal Garden Planner From Garden Up Green

For me, gardening tends to be a year-round thing.

This is mainly because I love spending time in this space, even if it means just sitting.  I bet you can relate.

My garden is like therapy, it helps me relax and also nourishes my desire to keep learning in a way that’s natural and inspiring.

Even when sitting, I’m looking around to see how I can improve things from one season the next.


The 12 Page Garden Planner

This brings me to our 12-page Seasonal Garden Planner and I’m excited to share it with you because it’s awesome and it’s free.

Who doesn’t love something free, especially if it’s useful?

This planner isn’t like others because it begins with four seasonal pages designed to help you understand and prep for what’s to come.

These pages include: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer with space to write down your maintenance to do list.

That’s right, I’m a list checker and thought you might be too.

Garden Planner with a Weather Log

Garden Planner Pages

Then we go into my favorite area of gardening and that’s planning.  I included these sheets to help organize your space and future projects.

That project worksheet is sweet; I love these two pages because as you know I’m always working on something new.

Right now, this includes my future garden layout because Robert and I hope to buy more land, we can call home.  I’m excited about that new garden and it doesn’t even have a destination yet.

If you peek at my plans, you’ll see that I’ve organized a space with quail close by.

Garden Planner with a Weather Log

The Weather Log and More

This planner also includes a monthly weather log.  This page is so great because it allows you to record each month.

It’s hard to remember all that information so having a log is a nice bonus and good information to have when making future plans.

Additional pages include the book cover, journal, expense/supply log and a planting report.

All 12 pages can be printed as needed which is great and did, I mention the watercolor theme came from my own artwork.


How to Get Your Free Seasonal Garden Planner:

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  • Then, you’ll receive a welcome email with your free gift, that’s it!
  • If you’re already a subscriber, then make sure you go to our Resource Library and download for free.

This Seasonal Planner is the perfect companion for a Startle Garden, my favorite way to garden.  It’s my hope you enjoy this resource, I’m loving it and excited to share it with you.

Seasonal Garden Planner From Garden Up Green


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  1. Kim says:

    What a wonderful resource to have going into the planning season! I have a use for every single printable page–thank you so much. I especially like the weather log. I’ve been meaning to buy something to record weather in as I learned so much this year growing tomatoes. Tomato plants really rely on specific temperatures/weather to fruit as well as for the fruit to ripen. I still have tomatoes ripening and the temperatures overnight have been in the 40s with daytime temps in the 70s. The weather log will really come in handy. What a blessing to get something so useful and needed + beautiful (I love your watercolor artwork) for free.

    1. Carole says:

      I hope you enjoy it – I pretty much live by the weather for outdoor activity so it felt like it was a smart thing to include, especially when you go to plan for the following year. I keep the pages after they’re filled in plastic covers because I hope one day it will get passed along to another gardener. Enjoy!

  2. daisy says:

    What a fabulous resource!

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