Gardening to Boost Your Immunity

Gardening tips and ideas for growing plants that can boost your immunity.

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Growing up everybody in the family had a garden.

Gardening centered around eating healthier and preserving this food so we had plenty over winter.


When we gathered, it was like a family food co-op.  Everyone shared their harvest and nobody went hungry.


I love to grow food, harvest and prepare, but I’m selective.

I place more effort on growing herbs, a few vegetables and fruits that are focused on boosting our immunity.


My attention has always been to keep our family healthy by preparing tasty food and it’s been working really well for years.


Today, I’m going to share my favorite gardening plants that are easy to grow, taste great and can help boost your immunity.

Grow Peppers to Boost Immunity

Let’s begin with Peppers, oh friends I absolutely love peppers of all kinds.  Mild, sweet and spicy bring it on!

This year I’m growing small sweet peppers, I’m getting a late start but pretty sure they’ll be worth the wait.

Peppers are easy to grow in warm climates and a great source of vitamin C.

To learn more, check out these two articles:

Beautiful Kale


Grow Healthy Greens to Boost Immunity

The green vegetables I grow are few and far between because my family was never a huge fan of greens.

The list was narrow so narrow that for a long time I focused my garden on just growing herbs and flowers.

The hope was by cooking with fresh herbs this would lead us to vegetables. Eventually it did and the greens we grow are broccoli, bok choy and kale for me…

These three contain a lot of vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, and fiber.

This is good for Robert and I because we prefer a high protein diet these days.

Additional good greens for boosting immunity include, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts.


Growing Herbs

I mentioned growing herbs, my love for herbs goes way back.

I cook with a variety of fresh every day and they remain in our diet because of their amazing flavor and health benefits that follow.

Strong immunity is one of those benefits and Garlic is my number one plant.

I was introduced to garlic from my grandmother and mom and what a game changer.  I cook with it almost daily in conjunction with a variety of other herbs.

To learn more, I’m going to send you to my book, Startle Garden Herbs.

Growing Strawberries in Raised Beds

Growing Berries

Fresh strawberries happen to be another good source of vitamin C and can be added to the garden in a variety of ways.


I love growing blackberries for flavor but did you know they’re also a great source of vitamin C and they protect against immune system deficiencies.

Blueberries and raspberries are also good boosters and I hope to add them in my next garden.


Perhaps instead of focusing on gardening for volume, maybe consider planting foods to boost your immunity.

I find when we consume the healthiest foods our bodies move through this life at a better pace.

Look at Robert and I, nothing slows us down and now you know why.


Gardening to boost immunity has kept us happy and healthy for almost 30 years.

Maybe it can do the same for you?


Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

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  1. Patti says:

    There is nothing like fresh produce and herbs in cooking. They always taste better than store bought. I do grow many herbs but I also try to buy other produce during the summer from all the farmers’ markets around here. Not sure how that will work this year but I hope to be able to continue. A strong immune system is so important for our bodies and mind. Great reminder Carole.

  2. Christine says:

    Love all of that you mentioned but Kale. Not a fan no matter how it’s prepared! I’ve not grown garlic but I found some at our local nursery while shopping for herbs and decided to plant it in our new raised beds. I could eat that in anything! Have a blessed weekend my friend! Hugs!

    1. Carole West says:

      Kale is all how you prepare it and would agree by itself it’s pretty nasty. I do like it mixed with cabbage but I don’t like to grow cabbage. Go figure…
      When I was a kid, my grandma taught me how to braid garlic after we harvested. Was a fun process, like braiding my dolls hair. LOL
      Hope you’re weekend is nice too Christine…

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