Grit Magazine Backyard Quail Basics

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Grit Magazine Quail Basics

I’m excited about this article in Grit Magazine; I’ve been waiting for months to share it with y’all.  It’s my first published piece which is like a dream come true.  I wanted to freelance write so I could reach a larger audience and help others who have the desire to raise quail naturally.

This piece was in the works for several months and finally just in time for spring it’s here to help others interested in learning about quail and getting the basic information.

This article is a good introduction to raising quail in the backyard or homestead.

Enjoy this entire magazine by purchasing at local stores like, Walmart, Tractor Supply and Barnes n’ Noble.  Each avenue offers a nice variety of gardening and homesteading magazines.

Grit Magazine The Quail Basics


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  1. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I was thrilled to read that you are “PUBLISHED” You are such a remarkable woman. I was also happy to hear that the Grit magazine was still on the market. MANY years ago when I was a child on the farm, we got this magazine–I believe it cost 10 cents (maybe 25). I seem to remember it was a newspaper then….Anyway I always loved reading the articles. I will be finding out how to subscribe to Grit.
    Keep motivating us!!!!!!!!

    1. Carole says:

      You are so sweet- I’ve been sick this week so when I finally started feeling better I went back and did some posts so I could link to my 4 published articles, then I updated my about page. When feeling better I’ll get my hair trimmed and some new photos up too. This one was my first published article. You can find them all here>>

      Have a great weekend. I’ll get the newsletter out tomorrow but decided I was taking a few more days off so I’ll be back to writing again July 7. Have a Fantastic weekend Mickie!

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